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You Know Daft Punk right ? Yeah that french electronic band. 20 years ago exactly (well last week but hey I'm late as always) they issued their first album, Homework. That album with Da funk and Around the world. Yeah you're that old.

But you probably never listened to that album as a whole. Electronic albums of that era were thought to be listened to that way. Like the chemical brother's albums. Not just a collection of potential singles mixed with filler song. But songs that respond to each other. And it's a very interesting experience to do, so, let's do this together. 

I talked about Beats1's radio shows before, there's one I like particularly, Gonzales's Music is cool. There's an episode about Daft Punk. At one point Gonzales talk about the use of filter, and how it was used cleverly throughout the album. So listen to that bit, or maybe the full episode, and then come back to listening to the full album with me.

Listen to Music is Cool by Chilly Gonzales

It's a long album 1h and 18 minutes. 16 tracks.

It starts with Daftendirekt a repeating filtered sample span the whole song. a simple beat, a catchy bass. it's simple but you're already nodding to the rhythm.

Wdpk 837 FM starts right away and that's the only interlude of the whole album. mimics a radio jingle and it's kind of the introduction of the album really. Now you know you're in the 90's and FM radios were still a thing. itsamles Daft Punk's own Musique

And you hear a bass in the background, and some people talking. it's definetely a block party, or something, some sirens are whaling, people scream, and the police come to burst the party. So you think it's over ? but it's just starting 909 Revolution. If you didn't know the 909 is a classic drum machine. So classic that you probably know it's clap. and it's snare. so that revolution? it might be House music.

DA funk ? You know that one. Do you remember the video with the guy with a dog face and a cast ?

Daft Punk - Da Funk
Yeah THAT dog.

Classic 90's house music, Phoenix. Wait till that bass drops.

Fresh is the time to catch your breath. that might be a guitar or not. but it's definitely the sea. This song is a glimpse of the future sound of daft punk. and it reminds me of Cut Copy.

Around the World, Around the wooooorld. the video by Michel Gondry is also a classic.

Aaaaah ! Rolin' & scratchin', if you did listen to Gonzales's music is cool, you'll know the trick with this one. It's just one note through out the song and it's still interesting. probably better enjoyed on drugs during a 90's rave party.

TeachersI talked about that one alreadySoulwax remade this one. So did Mumbai science, but as a joke, Models.

Mumbai Science - Models (official video)
Funny stupid video. Models by Mumbai Science.


Now back to the album, High fidelity. Includes an odd sample of Billy Joel's The Stranger

Rock n Roll, you can skip this one it's pretty irritating. And it has NOTHING to do with Rock n Roll

Oh Yeah kind of has the same distortion as in Rock n Roll but here it's more of a Hip hop vibe. And the girl says Oh Yeah? That's cool

You've been rollin', you've been scratchin', Now you should start Burnin'. That bass is killer.

This track is probably one of my favourite of the album, the groovy distortion on top is so strange and makes it so danceable, at least to me.Indo Silver Club is kind of Superheroes elder's sister.

Alive, ah well. Not my favourite of the album, I must say. kind of a long burner.

Funk ad. OHHHH it's Da funk Backward!! Get it ? But also work for funk After Death. And Funk is pretty much alive still, thanks to Daft Punk. Don't you agree ?

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