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Moving Forward with Team;
Enhancing the Vision!

MAY 2014

Message from the Superintendent

"Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."
     `Lyndon Baines Johnson
As we make our final lap in the 2013-14 school year, we can learn from our experiences and hope that we have done our best to yield positive student outcomes.  Test scores are expected mid-May and we are hopeful that the results are reflective of the teamwork expended in an effort to attain success. 
I realize this school year proved to be extremely challenging, particularly, with the numerous changes in administration, the exodus of quality teachers, and the implementation of rigorous standards with very little guidance from the Louisiana Department of Education.  Despite these challenges, the St. Martin Parish educators, students, and support personnel stood tall in responding to the reform initiatives. As reflected in the aforementioned quote by former President Johnson, the past is the past.  We are survivors and will continue our quest for educational excellence.  We will focus on tomorrow as we begin the preparations for the 2014-2015 school year. 
As I complete my first year as superintendent of schools in St. Martin Parish, I want to reiterate my appreciation to all of the hard working employees and students.  I want to thank those employees who are retiring or who have chosen to leave the St. Martin Parish School System for their services to the district.  It is also with great pleasure that I congratulate the 2014 St. Martin Parish Graduates, their parents, grandparents, and family members. 
I wish you much happiness and success in your future endeavors. 
Moving Forward…
Plans are underway for the 2014-2015 school year.   The St. Martin Parish School Board approved Dr, Beebe’s request to fund English/Language Arts (ELA) and Math textbooks purchases. With this expenditure, professional learning opportunities will be offered to teachers and administrators during the summer.   Thanks to all educators and parents who took the time to review textbooks. This review enabled the district level staff to act expediently to provide teachers and administrators the resources they need to ensure successful student outcomes. 
Additionally, during the first week in June, a group of St. Martin Parish teachers/leaders will join approximately 4000 Louisiana educators to participate in professional learning during a statewide conference in New Orleans.  Additional professional learning opportunities will occur throughout the summer as we prepare for PARCC—the student assessment. 
 Quality Enhancement Program
One of the greatest concerns we have within the traditional public education arena is our failure to “market our success.” We recognize perceptions may not always be reality, but it is our responsibility to know what the concerns are, so we can address them accordingly.  At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, surveys were administered to education stakeholders as part of a quality enhancement program.  Mr. Polotzola administered a climate and culture survey.  Mrs. Meaux surveyed special education programs and homebound services.  Mrs. Broussard issued a survey relative to group health.  The feedback from these surveys proved to be quite beneficial as we moved forward to provide support and assistance to our school personnel and students.   
Often there are concerns that fail to be communicated to those directly responsible for making corrections, or improvements. Simply put, we want to know your concerns, so we can address them.   As a district, we want to ensure quality services and satisfaction.  Consequently, we are going to expand the survey to include the community and welcome feedback that will allow us to move forward with school and district improvements. We want to hear from you and welcome feedback as you complete the survey at the following link:
The deadline for completing the survey is June 30th.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 

A school board finance committee meeting was held at 4:00 P. M. at the Breaux Bridge City Hall. The board heard a presentation made by Dr. Beebe, Ms. Casey Broussard, CFO, and other staff members relative to the purchase of textbooks. The Finance Committee members recommended the approval and expenditure of approximately 1.7 million dollars regarding the purchase of English/Language Arts and math textbooks.  The committee also recommended the purchase of Subfinder Software which will aid in substitute tracking and the award of Student Accident Insurance to Regions Insurance.  There will be a savings of $10,000 regarding the student accident insurance premiums.   
The St. Martin Parish School Board convened its meeting of May 7 at 5:00 P. M.  with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance led by Dr. Lottie P. Beebe, Superintendent.  For more information, please click here
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  • Message from the Superintendent
  • Board Meeting Update
  • Education Updates
  • School Board Meeting Date Change
  • Employee of the Month
  • Department of Administration
  • Principals of the Year
  • Regional Social Studies Fair
  • Fine Arts Fair
  • State Art Winners
  • State Art Teacher of the Year
  • Public Library Summer Schedule
  • Red Carpet Gala
  • Farewell and Condolences
  • Civics Students Witness Oral Arguments
  • Employee Open Enrollment
  • Mini-Summit
  • St. Martin Parish School News
The St. Martin Parish School Board approved a request made by Dr. Lottie P. Beebe, Superintendent, to change the June School Board  Meeting initially scheduled on June 4th to June 11.   The St. Martin Parish School Board will convene its June meeting on June 11th.  Retirees will be honored at this meeting which will be held at 5:00 P. M. at the Breaux Bridge City Hall, 101 Berard Street, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517. 
Michael Kreamer
High School Level
Principal of the Year

I am both honored and humbled to be named the St. Martin Parish High School Principal of the Year! It has truly been a privilege to serve as principal of St. Martinville Senior High for the last 13 years. Every day of my tenure has been an honor and joy to serve the students and community of St. Martinville.
My vision for SMSH is to make it the best school it can be! I view St. Martinville High as the “Flagship” school of St. Martin Parish and work daily with faculty, staff, students and the community to achieve this status. It has been this desire to achieve that has allowed our school to achieve the greatest improvement in cohort graduation rate in the state and a School Performance Score of B according to the LDOE grading system.
However, St. Martinville High means so much more to the community than simply being the local high school. It is a place where students can feel safe, cared for, and secure. I am proud of the fact that our students know there is always someone here that will be there for them in their times of need.
Although my career and years at St. Martinville High are winding down and coming to a close, I am secure in the knowledge that I will leave it in a better place and ready to take on the challenges of the future and prepare our students for success in life. This should be the ultimate goal of education!
Charee Theriot
Middle School Level
Principal of the Year

Cecilia Junior High is a great source of pride for me.  In the last three years we have worked together as a team to build our school academically and socially. We have challenge classes in ELA and Math at each grade level; we offer Algebra I via virtual school; and we also offer a remediation elective as an intervention for struggling students. Our team has utilized Google Drive very effectively so that there is transparency when it comes to the academic and behavioral needs of our students. Our school's Parent Teacher Organization has become a vital part of our school culture. The "B" grade we earned from the state was confirmation of our efforts towards school improvement. I am so very grateful to work everyday at a job I love with peers, students, and parents that inspire me to be a better leader and person. 
Pennye Huval
Elementary Level 
Principal of the Year

Ms. Pennye Huval has officially announced her retirement from the education profession.  She has served 28 years in the education arena, serving as a teacher, behavior interventionist, assistant principal, and principal. Upon serving as principal at Breaux Bridge Primary for 9 years, she has made a lasting impression with all students who attended BBP, parents, teachers, and other education stakeholders.  She has worked closely with community leaders and others to make Breaux Bridge Primary School an environment conducive to learning.  She and her team have established high expectations.    As Ms. Pennye prepares for another endeavor outside of education, she is confident student success will continue in her absence.  Her retirement is indeed bittersweet; yet, she is confident great things will continue to happen.  After all, Breaux Bridge Primary is a nationally recognized high poverty/high performing school –the place where all students can learn! Principal Pennye Huval states, “Our school’s success is our vision!” Our vision is achieved through good behavior from our Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program and by our staff and administration effectively communicating high expectations to students to reach their full potential through a rigorous academic curriculum.   
Proposal Ranks 5th among 79 8(g) Competitive Grant  Proposals submitted to LDOE

Congratulations to  Mrs. Redell Louis for her efforts to secure approximately $900,000 in a competitive grant endeavor. Although the proposal was not funded, Mrs. Louis' efforts are appreciated. The name of the proposal submitted by her on behalf of the district is iExcel 24-7.  Had the proposal been funded, it would have afforded students attending two of the district's lowest performing schools access to technology equipment, the Internet, and online curriculum 24-7.   Mrs. Louis was recognized by Dr. Beebe at the May 7, 2014 St. Martin Parish School Board meeting for her efforts. 

Public Library 
Summer Reading Schedules

Registration begins Saturday, May 17 at all parish branches. Prizes, gifts, and great fun @ your library.  Click below for more information. 

Arnaudville Branch
Breaux Bridge Branch
Cecilia Branch
Parks Branch
St. Martinville Branch
Our Career Tech students have opportunities to take part in two summer programs:
AHEC of a Summer   provides an opportunity for seven students who are interested in the medical field to be health care volunteers for 90 hours.  Students will earn a ½ credit and will visit hospitals, dental offices and other medical sites.  They will be home based at St. Martin Hospital in Breaux Bridge. 
The program takes place May 27-June 9, 2014.  Ms. Tyranny Taylor,  Science  teacher at St. Martinville High, will supervise the students.
Students who are interested in the field of welding will be given the opportunity to strengthen their skills in welding. 
The program starts on May 27 and ends on June 9, 2014 and will be held at St. Martinville Hill.  Mr. Johnny Leday, welding teacher at St. Martinville Hill will be the instructor.

The St. Martin Parish School System Bids Farewell to a Retired Educator

 Mrs. Edmonia Lee Jackson, a retired teacher and administrator, passed away on April 16, 2014. After teaching in another parish for 12 years, she began her tenure in St. Martin Parish at St. Martinville Senior High School.  She taught there for four years before accepting an assistant principal's position at Cecilia Junior High School.  Two years later, she was named principal of St. Martiinville Elementary.  Her last position with the St. Martin Parish School Board was that of a Supervisor in the Curriculum and Instruction Department, where she remained until her retirement.  Mrs. Jackson will be remembered by the many lives she touched in the educational family and community.  
St. Martin Parish School Board would like to extend condolences to the family members of the following individuals:  
Edmonia Jackson
Joseph Gaston John, Sr. 

Corrine Morris
Stella D. Polotzola
David Thibodeaux

Report Card Day
May 23rd


Breaux Bridge Primary
Pennye Huval, Principal
Lydia Capdepon, Asst. Principal

Breaux Bridge Elementary
Joy Cormier, Principal

Breaux Bridge Junior High
Denise Frederick, Principal

Breaux Breaux Bridge High
Louis Blanchard, Principal
Ronald Poland, Asst. Principal
Katherine Freshley, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Primary
Wanda Guidry, Principal
Suzanne Leboeuf, Asst. Principal

Teche Elementary 
Latonia Cretian, Principal
Angela Watson, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Junior High
Charee Theriot, Principal
Eileen Rowe, Asst. Principal

Cecilia High School
Daniel Leboeuf, Principal
Nicole Usie, Asst. Priincipal

Catehoula Elementary
Annette Baudoin, Principal

Parks Primary
Julie Laviolette, Principal
Tassala Jones, Asst. Principal

Parks Middle School
Dr. Wanda Phillips, Principal
Cheryl Mitchell,  Asst. Principal

Early Learning Center
Jessica Landry, Principal

St. Martinville Primary
Sarah Allen, Principal
Tashonna Hypolite, Asst. Principal

St. Martinville Junior High
Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, Principal
Devin Baltazar, Asst. Principal

St. Martinville Senior High
Michael Kreamer, Principal
Ginger Francis, Asst. Principal
Kevin Dugas, Asst. Principal

Stephensville Elementary
Bryan Staton, Principal

Shirley Thibodeaux,  Asst. Principal


Dr. Lottie Beebe, Superintendent
Al Blanchard, Dir. of Human Capital
William Greig, Interim Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction
Kara Meaux, Dir. of Federal Programs
Casey Broussard, CFO
Anthony Polotzola, Supervisor of Organizational Structures
Henry Derouselle, Supervisor of Operations
Brenda Courville, Supervisor of Personnel/Recruiting
Christine Foster, Supervisor of Computer Services
Bonnie Thibodeaux, Supervisor of Elementary Education
Laura Turpeau, Interim Supervisor of Secondary Education
Redell Louis, Supervisor of Educational Technology
Kellie Leblanc, Supervisor of Virtual Learning
Frederick Wiltz, Supervisor of Child Welfare & Attendance
Mary Journet, Truancy Coordinator
Khristy Hulin, Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator
Adrienne Huval, Health Centers Coordinator
Clair Blanchard, Supervisor of School Nutrition
Pamela Jordan, Title I Supervisor, 5-8
Melanie Taylor, Title I Supervisor, K-4
Nicole Angelle, Early Childhood and Family Involvement Coordinator
Leah Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, PK-4
Mike Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, 9-12
Bridget Bergeron, Special Education, Supervisor, 6-8

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BESE submitted a Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) resolution to the Louisiana Legislature. The resolution, however, was not without controversy and led to Mrs. Jane Smith’s recommendation for established guidelines.  Mrs. Smith, former Louisiana Legislator, took issue with the approval of the MFP resolution without written amendments provided to all BESE members for their review.  Mrs. Smith was unable to attend the special called meeting at which BESE was asked to approve the resolution.  However, she was informed of the procedural concerns and requested an agenda item to communicate these concerns.  I voted against the resolution for several reasons and objected to the hasty approach utilized to approve it.   I have since learned the MFP resolution was deferred by Senator Conrad Appel.  I was told he has no desire to move forward with the MFP resolution. This ultimately means school districts are in “limbo” as we await a response to the deferred action.   As a BESE member, I have not been informed of any pending action relative to the BESE approved resolution.    
Peyton Chaisson, the BESE 2013-2014 student representative who resides in BESE District 3, bid farewell to BESE members and those present at the April meeting.  His departure from BESE is bittersweet. However, I do realize he is destined for greater experiences.  He is succeeded by Ms. Hayley Campbell, the 2014-2015 student representative from Sulphur, Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish.  BESE members welcomed Ms. Campbell and look forward to her services on the board. Additional information regarding BESE action can be obtained from the following:
Mrs. Bonnie Thibodeaux, St. Martin Parish Elementary/Accountability Supervisor, is the recipient of the April, 2014 St. Martin Parish School Board Employee of the Month Award.  She was nominated by Mr. Wiliam Greig, Interim Director of Curriculum and Instruction, for her exemplary performance and work ethic.  She has been an employee of the St. Martin Parish School System for approximately thirty years and is completing her first year as a district level supervisor.  She is to be commended for her leadership and efforts towards improvements in district and school performance scores.

Thanks to St. Martin Parish taxpayers, the school system will see greater efficiency with the majority of supervisory and clerical staff operating within one facility.  We are looking forward to a new work environment.  The anticipated move-in date for district supervisory and clerical staff is July 1, 2014.  Plans are underway for a ribbon cutting event.  Additional information will be provided at a later date.   




Click here to view list of all winners.

STATE WINNERS:  DIVISION I - Hayden Menard - 2nd Place, Avlyn Latiolais - 4th; DIVISION II - Tori Frederick - 1st Place and Madison McNeese - 5th Place. 

The Fine Arts Fair is an annual district-wide competition and showcase of our students’ talents in the areas of drama, music, art, French, spelling, and writing.   The 2014 St. Martin Parish School District Fine Arts Fair was held at Cecilia Jr. High on Wednesday, April 30, 2014.   A total of 621 students participated in the Fine Arts Fair representing the primary, elementary, junior high and high schools in our district. The experience that our students receive from this type of competition is a valuable part of their education.
 Many thanks go out to all who work so hard to make this event a huge success every year. Thanks to the parents, teachers, and administrators for the effort involved in preparing students for the fair, the personnel who served as judges, Mrs. Kara Meaux for her guidance and expertise in developing the fair over the years, and to Mrs. Charee Theriot and the staff at CJH for hosting the fair.

Mrs. Deidre Robertson, St. Martin Parish Art teacher, was recognized on Monday, May 5th,  by the Louisiana House of Representatives as the Louisiana Art Educators' Secondary Art Teacher of the Year.  Representative Mike Huval, D-St. Martin Parish, invited Mrs. Robertson, her art students, Dr. Beebe, and others to the full House for introductions.  Two of four students are shown in the photo with Mrs. Robertson; they were also recognized for their artwork.  Mr. Russell Foti, School Board President, Dr. Beebe, Superintendent, Senator Bodi White, and others were on hand to celebrate the success of St. Martin Parish art teacher, Deirdre Robertson,  and students.  Mr. Foti was also a participant in the Board Member Day at the Capitol. 

The St. Martin Parish School System’s first annual Red Carpet Gala was held Tuesday, May 6th at the Cade Community Center from 6:00 P. M. to 8:00 P. M.   Students, Teachers, Principals, and Support Personnel of the Year and employees with perfect attendance were honored for their outstanding services within the St. Martin Parish School System.  These individuals are representatives of the quality team members that exist within the school district.  They possess numerous attributes worthy of celebration.  They display professionalism, commitment, success, an exemplary work ethic, and are passionate regarding educational outcomes within the district.  A special thank you is in order for their family members who offer them support. 
Mrs. Brenda Courville is to be commended for her facilitation of the Red Gala event –one that will be fondly remembered for years by those who were honored recipients.  The entire central staff team is to be commended for their efforts in making the RED Carpet GALA an event—extraordinaire!


On April 7th and 8th, Civics students from all three St. Martin Parish High Schools attended the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals Oral Arguments. Third Circuit Judges participating in the process visited all three schools prior to the proceedings to discuss the cases with the students.The students were very intrigued and enlightened by the process. 

Open enrollment for employee benefits is currently underway. Click here for additional information.  
St. Martin Parish School District will be offering an Instructional Mini-Summit on June 18 & 19, 2014 at Breaux Bridge High School.  Click here for a list of sessions.  


We have experienced many opportunities to further improve a very good school. The community support on the part of the Stephensville Elementary parents is overwhelming. The faculty and staff are first class in every way. All of the students work very hard to improve and learn on a day to day basis. Everyone is to be commended for making Stephensville Elementary an outstanding place to work and learn. Thanks to everyone. This is a recap of a few of them.  For a complete list, click here.  
  • Stephensville will have a Parish Health Unit beginning next school year housed at Stephensville Elementary
  • In cooperation with Tri-City Swim Club, the boys and girls of Stephensville will have a swim team in the fall.
  • Stephensville will have a bowling team in the fall thanks to the efforts of parents and students who want to bowl.
  • The students at Stephensville Elementary have been invited and will participate in Quiz Bowl sponsored in part by TV 22 in Morgan City. The quiz bowl matches will be televised. Check local listings for broadcast times.   


Members of the SMSH Dead Poet's Society participated in St. Martinville's first annual Poetry on the Square sponsored by the City of St. Martinville and the St. Martinville Parish Library.  The event took place on Wednesday, April 16th in honor of National Poetry Week/Month, at local landmarks such as Acadian Memorial, the African American Museum, Clambeaugh's Restaurant, Le Petite Paris Cafe, and Maison Duchamp.  The Dead Poet's Society performed original poetry written from the heart and life experiences, as well as poetry from such poets as Julie Kane, Louisiana's poet laureate from 2011-2013.  The event was derived from a poetry workshop held last summer by St. Martin Parish Librarian, Sandra Solomon and from the Dead Poet's Society performances at Grand Coteau's Festival of Words.
Two St. Martinville Senior High School students visited Washington, D.C., after being chosen to participate in the Save the Children Advocacy Summit.  As youth advocates of Save the Children, Juniors Alli Douet and Vanel Porter learned how to use storytelling and social media to persuade their friends and lawmakers back home to act on issues important to them.  Read more.




Cecilia High School has been granted charter membership in the National Speech & Debate Association (National Forensic League).  Charter membership reflects sustained commitment to speech and debate education over several years.  As a result, it is the highest level a program may achieve within the high school honor society.   
The National Speech & Debate Association is the largest interscholastic speech and debate organization serving middle school, high school, and collegiate students in the United States.  The Association provides competitive speech and debate activities, high-quality resources, comprehensive training, scholarship opportunities, and advanced recognition to more than 130,000 students and coaches every year.  For nearly 90 years, the National Speech & Debate Association has empowered more than 1.4 million members to become engaged citizens, skilled professionals, and honorable leaders in our society.
 Our congratulations to Ms. Norma Harman for another stellar year with our speech team and for building up a program worthy of national attention.

Cecilia High dominated in all events except two in the recent Fine Arts Fair held at Cecilia Junior High.  We are proud of our FAF Sponsor Norma Harman who did an excellent job preparing our students for the annual competition.  We are especially proud of our students who represented Cecilia High so well.

Spelling Bee:
Hali Louviere:  2nd

Humorous Interpretation:
Ashlyn Vitte:  1st
Kristen Lanerie:  2nd
Individual Dramatic Interpretation:
Grace Baum: 1st
Abbie Duncan:  2nd
Poetry Interpretation:
Dilan Patin: 1st
Craig Watson:  2nd
Writing (Narrative Essay)
Michael Clause:  1st
Writing (Descriptive Essay)
Trent Garrett: 1st
Writing (Persuasive Essay)
Jonathan Fackler:  1st
Prose Interpretation:
Seth Latiolais:  2nd
Duet Acting:
Kaitlyn Kidder/Arroneisha Chevalier: 1st
Danielle Charles / Daphne Charles:  2nd




On Wednesday morning March 26th, Jandy Tyl's Aerobics class was selected by Meteorologist Dave Baker to be featured on the new "COOL SCHOOLS" segment of GMA.  Ms. Tyl has been busting it up, building up this new elective since its inception in January. She's transformed the girls' activity room into an aerobics/workout studio and secured several local fitness instructors to visit the class in an effort to help motivate and mentor female students. The class also has taken two exciting field trips to Lafayette's City Club and Red's. Several community partners in education have sponsored the class and helped to make this happen. Kudos to Ms. Tyl for making a difference in these girls' lives, instilling in them a positive attitude, and building their self-confidence.

 Amy LeBlanc's Speech II and Broadcasting students at Breaux Bridge High School went on a field trip on April 9th to the KATC TV 3 studio where students had the opportunity to meet and visit with reporters, anchors, and a sales account executive; tour the studio; operate the cameras; read from the teleprompter at the anchor desk; check out the control room; try out the green screen for a mock weather cast; and so much more. After KATC, they visited the Louisiana Immersive Technologies Enterprise (LITE), and students were able to experience an AMAZING 3-D rendering of the solar system, operate the "Egg's" connect controller, and interview students and teachers at the the Academy of Interactive Entertainment (AIE) while learning about careers in video game design, motion picture special effects, and programming. 
 KATC's Dave Baker decided to spotlight Breaux Bridge High School AGAIN on Good Morning Acadiana's COOL SCHOOLS segment on Thursday, April 17th. This time he chose to highlight Amy LeBlanc's recent class trip to KATC and LITE.
Louisiana FBLA Member of the Month Kade Fontenot  
Introduction to Technology Concepts Tori Laviolette 1st Place
Introduction to Technology Concepts Chazz Boyd 8st Place
Desktop Publishing Team Ryan Broussard &
Derek Broussard
3rd Place
Banking and Financial Systems Team Ryan Broussard, Briley Bernis-Bergeron, and Alex Lear 8th Place
Healthcare Administration Amber Bearb 8th Place
Introduction to Business Communication Tori Laviolette 5th Place
Spreadsheet Applications Amy Ho 4th Place
Word Processing Lyndsy Caillier 7th Place
Pictured are those who placed at the state FBLA Leadership Conference Front Row: Ryan Broussard, Chazz Boyd, Tori Laviolette, Amy Ho, and Lyndsy Caillier.  Back Row: Kade Fontenot, Briley Bernis-Bergeron, Amber Bearb, Derek Broussard, and Alex Lear
The St. Martin Parish Coalition Meeting was held on Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 10:45 P.M. to 12:00 noon at Poche’s Fish-N-Camp.  10-15 high school students and chaperones from each of the three area high schools were invited to attended the meeting.   Pictured are BBHS students with Ms. Katy Freshley.
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