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February 2015

Message from the Superintendent

"Become a possibilitarian.  No matter how dark things seem to be or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities--always see them, for they're always there." ~Norman Vincent Peale

     Concerns continue to evolve within the education arena as many parents and education stakeholders across Louisiana communicate their frustrations relative to the PARCC assessments that are scheduled to begin on March 16 and will continue through early May.  These concerns are not unique to Louisiana.  There is a national "OPT-OUT" of testing movement that has gained momentum in our state.  It is important that education stakeholders understand the challenges we face within school systems as we move forward with the administration of PARCC testing.
      As you are aware, there has been much debate relative to the standards being part of a national agenda and available research that confirms that many of the K-3 standards are not age and developmentally appropriate.  Much of the pushback to the standards is attributed to the following:  approval by BESE in 2010 with little public input or knowledge, faulty implementation of the standards, inadequate timeframe for transitioning to the standards, no vetting of the standards, and stakeholders recognizing the standards are part of a money-making venture favorable to big business.
     Regardless of the side of the debate you are on, we can all agree the implementation of standards in Louisiana was faulty. As many educators were initially informed that there would be a timely transition to the PARCC assessment, the transition period was shortened. When concerns are raised relative to the lack of resources and adequate guidance, Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) officials are quick to respond that guidance has been provided. While guidance has been offered to school systems, this guidance has not been timely and effective. For example, changes to assessment guides and the release of practice test items have been made as late as the end of January, 2015.  The 'build the plane as you fly it" sentiment continues with educators not truly knowing "the destination."  Because this is the first administration of the PARCC assessment in Louisiana, many school officials and educators have valid fears, particularly, when it is a known fact that there was a 70% failure rate among New York students.  (Only 30% of the students received a proficient rating--passing).  This fact alone is enough to create great anxiety for educators, students, and parents. Professional learning opportunities have been provided to our educators.  While we recognize that challenges exist, I want to encourage our teachers, students, and school administrators to continue to visualize "the ship sailing with passengers including the St. Martin Parish School System along with other districts in the state." The goal is for the St. Martin Parish School System to remain competitive for these challenges are not unique to the St. Martin Parish School System.
     I am certain many educators, students, and parents are wondering what lies ahead as we continue test preparations.  My response is that we cannot afford to allow distractions to deter us from providing the best educational services to our students.  We will continue our efforts to fulfill BESE's charge.  WE  do know that students who opt out of PARCC will earn zeros and those zeros will be tallied to calculate school and district performance scores.  There will be on-going discussions among superintendents to determine what consequences will be imposed on students who choose to opt of testing.  I strongly believe that school system officials should not be compelled to make decisions in absence of BESE policy that mandates a consistent process across the state addressing the consequences rendered to students who opt of testing.  Efforts will continue to ensure that our legislators and school board members are fully aware of the challenges we face with PARCC testing.  I have requested and will continue to ask for a moratorium on the assignment of letter grades. I have included an agenda item on the March BESE agenda.
     In closing, we must continue our efforts to do our very best as we reflect on the words of Norman Vincent Peale:

"Become a possibilitarian.  No matter how dark things seem to be ...or actually are, raise your sights and see possibilities... for they're always there."
      A flag presentation was facilitated by Mr. Al Blanchard at 4:00 P. M. Woodmen of the World representatives were acknowledged for their generous donation of a flag pole.  Following the flag presentation, a finance committee was called to order to discuss the consideration of bus purchases.
     After the finance committee adjourned, the Board meeting was called to order at 5:00 P. M. on Wednesday, February 4, 2015, with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance offered by Dr. Beebe.  Mr. Louis Blanchard, BBHS Principal, was recognized as the January Employee of the Month and received a plaque from Dr. Beebe.
     Resolutions of Sympathies for the families of Mr. Thibeaux, Mr. Leblanc, and Mrs. Geraldine Hebert were approved by the Board.  Click here for the full agenda.
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March 4, 2015
5:00  P.M.

St. Martin Parish School Board
Department of Administration

625 Corporate Dr.
Breaux Bridge


Energy/Maintenance Department Manager
As many of you may be aware of, Mr. Olan Granger retired last month after over twenty years of service as the Energy/Maintenance Department Manager.  With Mr. Olan’s retirement, interviews were held to find a suitable replacement.  There were several applicants, all bringing with them different experiences and qualifications.  The decision was difficult but after conducting interviews, the committee recommended Mr. Ferrell Hoskins to replace Mr. Olan.
Mr. Hoskins comes to us with over thirty five years of experience in the plumbing and floor covering business.  Mr. Hoskins worked as a licensed plumber in the south Louisiana area and later was the owner of his own plumbing company providing service to the area in both commercial and residential construction.  Mr. Hoskins also worked for some time in north Louisiana in construction.
Mr. Hoskins has hit the ground running and is quickly learning about the maintenance issues with our facilities and the new construction taking place around the parish from the 2013 bond.  Mr. Hoskins is energetic and jumped right into the job and is handling issues as they arise.  It was difficult to see Mr. Olan leave but we welcome Mr. Hoskins to the St. Martin Parish School Board family.
St. Martin Parish School Board would like to extend condolences to the families of Geraldine Hebert, Horace Thibeaux, and Andy LeBlanc, Sr.

St. Martin Parish School System
Bids Farewell
to a Retired Educator/Board Member


 Rodney J. Ledoux (“Coach Ledoux”) passed away on January 31, 2015 at the age of 84.  Mr. Ledoux taught and coached at Breaux Bridge High School for 24 years.  Mr. Ledoux also served on the St. Martin Parish School Board as the District 6 Representative for 23 years.  As long as Coach was physically able, he continued to support high school athletics in St. Martin Parish.  As a way of honoring his legacy, his family has established a scholarship fund in his name.  Our heartfelt condolences are forwarded to his family and loved ones. 


Breaux Bridge Primary
Lydia Capdepon, Principal
Lisa Thibodeaux, Asst. Principal

Breaux Bridge Elementary
Joy Cormier, Principal

Breaux Bridge Junior High
Denise Frederick, Principal

Breaux Breaux Bridge High
Louis Blanchard, Principal
Ronald Poland, Asst. Principal
Katherine Freshley, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Primary
Suzanne Leboeuf, Principal
Jill Bozeman, Asst. Principal

Teche Elementary 
Latonia Cretian, Principal
Angela Watson, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Junior High
Charee Theriot, Principal
Eileen Rowe, Asst. Principal

Cecilia High School
Daniel Leboeuf, Principal
Nicole Usie, Asst. Priincipal

Catahoula Elementary
Annette Baudoin, Principal

Parks Primary
Julie Laviolette, Principal
Tassala Jones, Asst. Principal

Parks Middle School
Dr. Wanda Phillips, Principal
Cheryl Mitchell,  Asst. Principal

Early Learning Center
Jessica Landry, Principal

St. Martinville Primary
Sarah Allen, Principal
Tashonna Hypolite, Asst. Principal

St. Martinville Junior High
Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, Principal
Devin Baltazar, Asst. Principal

St. Martinville Senior High
Michael Kreamer, Principal
Ginger Francis, Asst. Principal
Kevin Dugas, Asst. Principal

Stephensville Elementary
Bryan Staton, Principal

Shirley Thibodeaux,  Asst. Principal


Dr. Lottie Beebe, Superintendent
Al Blanchard, Dir. of Human Capital
Dr. Gail Dalcourt, Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction
Kara Meaux, Dir. of Federal Programs
Casey Broussard, CFO
Anthony Polotzola, Supervisor of Organizational Structures and Human Capital
Henry Derouselle, Supervisor of Operations
Christine Foster, Supervisor of Computer Services
Bonnie Thibodeaux, Supervisor of Elementary Education
Laura Turpeau, Supervisor of Secondary Education
Redell Louis, Supervisor of Educational Technology
Kellie Leblanc, Supervisor of Virtual Learning
Frederick Wiltz, Supervisor of Child Welfare & Attendance
Mary Journet, Truancy Coordinator
Khristy Hulin, Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator
Adrienne Huval, Health Centers Coordinator
Clair Blanchard, Supervisor of School Nutrition
Pamela Jordan, Title I Supervisor, 5-8
Melanie Taylor, Title I Supervisor, K-4
Nicole Angelle, Supervisor of Early Childhood and Family Involvement
Leah Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, PK-4
Mike Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, 9-12
Bridget Bergeron, Special Education, Supervisor, 6-8
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The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE)  met in Baton Rouge at the Claiborne Building on Tuesday, January 13 and Wednesday, January 14th.  Minutes and videos are  accessible at the following website:  BESE will convene its meetings on Thursday, March 5th, and Friday, March 6th.  As a BESE member, I requested the addition of this item:

Discussion of the opt-out of testing option and clarification of consequences for students opting out; and consideration and approval of a moratorium on the assignment of letter grades.

The March agenda has not yet been published.  Again, I encourage you to educate yourself to the concerns of educators and others.  You may access the BESE agendas at the following website:
Mr. Louis Blanchard, Breaux Bridge High Principal, is the recipient of the January Employee of the Month award. Mr. Blanchard has been an employee of the school district for approximately 20 years, serving as a teacher, assistant principal, and currently, as a principal.  He is in his second year as principal of BBHS.  He was nominated for this prestigious honor for his effective services and is to be commended for his efforts to facilitate school improvement at Breaux Bridge High School.
For the most up to date information regarding testing for Grades 3-8, click here.
Congratulations to all participants.  Click here for a listing of winners.
The St. Martin Parish School Policy includes opportunities to provide educational programs for students on the basis of individual interests, values, abilities and potential.  Career Connections took place at the Cajun Dome on January 29, 2015.
 Career Connections is a program that has taken place for sixteen years to provide 10th grade students with an opportunity to experience activities that may assist them with the actualization of their full measure of human potential. It is an interactive 10th Grade Career Expo.  Students from St. Martin, Lafayette, Iberia and Vermilion Parishes attend.  This year 2,376 students were in attendance.  Read more...

St. Martin Parish Science Fair

The 2015 St. Martin Parish Science Fair was held at St. Martinville Senior High School on January 30, 2015.
Students who have an interest in science set up exhibit boards and proved to be knowledgeable about the research they had done to finalize their chosen project.  Judges chose 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners based on students’ ability to explain their hypothesis and conclusion based on the research they had done.
Divisions included Grades 4 - 5, 6-8 and 9-12.  Trophies were given to each winner.  Trophies were also given for Highest Participation by Percentage, Highest Participation by Total Number and Over Winner: Most Winners at the Science Fair.  Click here for a complete list of the winners. 

Breaux Bridge High School

During the January 26, 2015 basketball game against SMSH, Breaux Bridge High School Cheerleaders presented a check for $269. 14 to Susan G. Komen.  Donations were collected from students and fans to support the fight against breast cancer.

On September 19 Breaux Bridge High School French teacher Cynthia Gathe was presented a plaque for the Cox Teacher of the Week, and senior Alex Lear was presented a plaque for Scholar of the Week.

Cecilia Primary 
Cecilia Primary was awarded a check in the amount of $500 from the Little Capitol Exxon in Henderson, LA. The award is given through the Educational Alliance program which seeks to "encourage the next generation to pursue studies and careers in fields involving math and science." The money will be put to use purchasing resources and supplies which advance the cause expounded by the Educational Alliance program. It is through the efforts of community supporters like Diesi's Little Capitol that Cecilia Primary is able to improve the educational opportunities of our students.
Suzanne LeBoeuf, Principal and Olivia Carroll, Lard Oil Company 
Breaux Bridge Junior High
Miss Tyler Shello (an 8th Grade student at Breaux Bridge Junior High) won 2nd Place for her essay she entered in the V.F.W. of Louisiana Patriot's Pen Youth Essay Contest at the Regional Level.

Parks Primary
Parks Primary celebrated the 100th Day of School on Friday, January 23, 2015.  The theme was "Jog into the 100th Day of School". Students were allowed to wear jogging suits to go with this year's theme. We also celebrated with prizes and special games throughout the day. PPS is proud to be 100 Days Smarter! 

Stephensville Elementary
Stephensville Elementary students and teachers celebrate 100 Days of School. 

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February 16-18, 2015
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