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October, 2014


Message from the Superintendent

"The minute you make up your mind that what you do makes a difference, it will make a difference in what you do." H. B. Gelatt
     With the haste at which policies were thrust upon the education community in recent months, there is little time to waste complaining about those things that are beyond our control.  I realize it is human instinct for us to challenge, or question.  Yet, at the end of the day, we must embrace the changes and move forward to do the best job we possibly can. Our students deserve no less than our best.  
     On September 24th, there was a Minimum Foundation Program (MFP) Task Force meeting held in Baton Rouge.  There was a discussion of the areas that will be the focus of the MFP task force. Discussions will address Special Education funding, Act 3-Early Childhood Initiatives, Student Count Methodology, and final recommendations will be offered at the December 16, 2014 MFP meeting.  There is continued emphasis among education stakeholders to address special education funding.  There are currently 82,279 students with disabilities in Louisiana's public schools and this is representative of 12% of the entire student population (678,570 students).  The national average of students with disabilities represents 13%.
     Currently, there is a base cost and a weight (150%) applied to address the extra costs associated with providing educational services to students with disabilities.  The base weight (1.0) + Special Education Weight (1.5) =2.5, or 250%.  The discussion also included five tiers of service intensity; within each tier, there would be an assigned weight and a focus on instructional minutes.  The debates will continue as the MFP Committee contemplates the best approach to address the MFP and school funding.
     Act 833 (Special Education) continues to be a challenge as evidenced by the concerns communicated by special education advocates and other education stakeholders.  The Louisiana Department of Education has developed a preliminary response to the legislation approved in 2014 and has pledged to provide guidance to school systems as we move forward with the implementation of the law.  Webinars are slated for September 29th and 30th (Graduation) and October 9th and 10th (Promotion). Please check the LDOE weekly newsletter or the LDOE website for further information. 
      On Thursday, September 26, the Accountability Commission convened in Baton Rouge at the Claiborne Building.  The purpose of this commission is to review COMPASS (the teacher/leader evaluation program).  The focus will be on student learning targets and the teacher value-added model (VAM).  It is worth noting that some legislators who attended the meeting indicated the intent of COMPASS was never to be punitive. I strongly encourage those who have strong feelings relative to COMPASS/VAM to email your legislators, specifically--Representative Hoffmann, author of Act 54.  On September 26th, I did inform the committee that in April, 2012, during my visit to Washington, D. C., a representative of the National Governors' Association (NGA) stated that no state should implement a 50% value-added model, particularly, with the roll out of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and the rigor of PARCC.  I also pointed out that with millions of dollars invested in COMPASS, teacher performance results are similar convincing me that there should not have been a rush to implement an evaluation program that continues to be a "source of contention" for many and responsible for a large exodus of quality teachers from the education profession.
     In the spring of 2012, Governor Jindal and Superintendent White toured the state touting that 98% of Louisiana's teachers received satisfactory ratings. Both stated this was unacceptable! In my opinion, it can be debated that there was the "intent" to convince the public that teachers were to blame for Louisiana's educational ranking when compared to other states in the nation.  Let's take a short trip down memory lane.  Remember the television ads in 2012 that highlighted students "banging their heads against lockers." 
      Millions of dollars later, the percentage of teachers receiving ineffective (unsatisfactory) ratings was 4% and effective (satisfactory) was 96%.  There is also the concern that only one-third of Louisiana's teachers receive a value-added (VAM) score.  With the mass exodus of teachers from traditional public schools, we have a responsibility to speak up to the inequities and cite the research that states VAM--due to a lack of reliability and validity--should not be punitive or used to remove teacher licenses.  There are too many external variables for which teachers have no control.  Again, this is your opportunity to have your voices heard without fear of retaliation.  You are encouraged to reach out to members of the Accountability Commission to share your concerns.  Representative Hoffman did state that if ACT 54 proved to be ineffective, or flawed, he would address it.  Act 240 of the 2014 Legislative session established a subcommittee consisting of 1) all Accountability Commission members, 2) a member of the House of Representatives and Senate, and 3) six school teachers.  They will "report on and make recommendations regarding the overall effectiveness of the evaluation program, including but not limited to any recommendations for changes to board policy or state law with respect to":
a) "value-added assessment model"; b) "measures of student growth for grade and subjects for which value-added data are not available and for personnel for whom value-added data are not available," and c) "elements of evaluation and standards for effectiveness as defined by the board."
 Here is the contact information for the members of the Accountability Commission:
 Brett Duncan, School Board Rep. Chair of the Commission, Tangipahoa Parish;
Jeanne Burns, Board of Regents Rep.; burnsj@REGENTS.LA.GOV
Laurie Carlton, Curriculum Coordinator, Plaquemines Parish;
Stephanie Desselle, Community Rep. (CABL);
Giselle Juneau, Pupil appraisal, St. John,
Mickey Landry, Charter School Rep.,
Anna Larriviere, Nonpublic school Rep.;
Sandra McCalla, Principal, Caddo Parish;
Debbie Meaux, LAE President,
Steve Monaghan, LFT President,
Brigitte Nieland, Community Rep., LABI;
Carol Price, High School Math teacher, Zachary HS;
Patrice Pujol, Superintendent of Schools, Ascension;
Debbie Schum, Principal Rep., Principal's Association;
Brandy Thomas, Parent Rep; Allen Parish;
Judy Vail, LEA Administrator, Calcasieu Parish; 
Lee Ann Wall, A+PEL Rep.;
Legislators who are members of the subgroup committee are as follows: Frank Hoffmann, House of  Representatives;  and Conrad Appel, Senate;
      Putting aside the challenges within the education community, members of the supervisory staff and I have been most impressed with the positive actions of our administrators, teachers, support personnel, and students.  During our site support visits, we have observed great lessons, students engaged in learning, and evidence of teamwork and collaboration.  A district instructional leader team has been identified. The purpose of this team is to provide monthly professional learning to a designated representative from each school who will provide turnaround professional learning sessions to educators at their respective schools. There is much work to be done in preparation for 2015 spring testing. 
      In closing, remember our goal is to be "sailing in the ship along with other school systems who face the same challenges we face within the St. Martin Parish School System."  TOGETHER WE CAN! 
                                      YOU DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! 


The Board meeting was called to order at 5:00 P. M. on Wednesday, October 1, 2014 with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance offered by Dr. Beebe.  Stephensville Elementary Bus Operators, Shelby Davis and Carolyn Guidry, were acknowledged as co-employees of the month by Dr. Beebe.  Accolades were extended on behalf of Mrs. Melba Malveaux, the 2014 Part-Time Adult Educator of the Year.  Mrs. Malveaux was honored by the Louisiana Association for Public, Community, and Adult Education Conference held recently in Marksville, Louisiana.
Dr. Beebe also acknowledged the most recent accomplishments attained by Ms. Vanel Porter, a St. Martinville High student.  Vanel was recently selected for membership in the esteemed organization of the National Society of High School Scholars (NSHSS).  In a letter provided by NSHSS, Founder and Chairman, Mr. Claes Nobel, wrote that Vanel  “has demonstrated leadership, scholarship, and community commitment.  Vanel  is now a member of a unique community of scholars—a community that represents our very best hope for the future.”
Candidates vying for District Judge appeared before the Board announcing their candidacy, qualifications, and experiences.  They are as follows: 
Mr. Dean Wattigny, Candidate for Division A,
Ms. Alicia Butler, Candidate for Division H, and
Mr. Curtis Sigur, Candidate for Division G
For a review of the October 1, 2014 school board agenda, please click
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November 5, 2014
5:00  P.M.

Education Committee Meeting
October 15, 2014
4:00 P.M.

St. Martin Parish School Board
Department of Administration

625 Corporate Dr.
Breaux Bridge

Accolades were extended on behalf of Mrs. Melba Malveaux, the 2014 Part-Time Adult Educator of the Year.  Mrs. Malveaux was honored by the Louisiana Association for Public, Community, and Adult Education Conference held recently in Marksville, Louisiana.
During Parent-Teacher Conference, October 23rd and 24th, we are encouraging the participation of all parents in completing an online survey at all schools with grades 3-12.  Data collected will help to make improvements to better service our students. If you have more than one child, we are asking that you complete the survey at each school that your children attend. Thank you in advance for your participation.
Thursday, October 23, 2014 (Evening)
Friday, October 24, 2014
Check with your child's school for specific times. 
Looking for funds and/or resources to build capacity in your classroom?  Visit the Educational Technology Webpage.  Grant Opportunities are posted weekly.  In addition to easy to write grants, you can find a plethora of teacher resources at the click of your mouse.
St. Martin Parish School Board has renewed its membership to LRCE for the 2014-2015 school year.  As members, teachers have access to virtually unlimited classroom resources for all grades -- all subjects!  Click here for additional information or visit them at
Registration is now open for the fall Smartboard Class.  Visit the Educational Technology Webpage for more information.
St. Martin Parish School Board would like to extend condolences to the family and friends of Kim Berard and Malba Fontenot.


Breaux Bridge Primary
Lydia Capdepon, Principal
Lisa Thibodeaux, Asst. Principal

Breaux Bridge Elementary
Joy Cormier, Principal

Breaux Bridge Junior High
Denise Frederick, Principal

Breaux Breaux Bridge High
Louis Blanchard, Principal
Ronald Poland, Asst. Principal
Katherine Freshley, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Primary
Suzanne Leboeuf, Principal
Jill Bozeman, Asst. Principal

Teche Elementary 
Latonia Cretian, Principal
Angela Watson, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Junior High
Charee Theriot, Principal
Eileen Rowe, Asst. Principal

Cecilia High School
Daniel Leboeuf, Principal
Nicole Usie, Asst. Priincipal

Catahoula Elementary
Annette Baudoin, Principal

Parks Primary
Julie Laviolette, Principal
Tassala Jones, Asst. Principal

Parks Middle School
Dr. Wanda Phillips, Principal
Cheryl Mitchell,  Asst. Principal

Early Learning Center
Jessica Landry, Principal

St. Martinville Primary
Sarah Allen, Principal
Tashonna Hypolite, Asst. Principal

St. Martinville Junior High
Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, Principal
Devin Baltazar, Asst. Principal

St. Martinville Senior High
Michael Kreamer, Principal
Ginger Francis, Asst. Principal
Kevin Dugas, Asst. Principal

Stephensville Elementary
Bryan Staton, Principal

Shirley Thibodeaux,  Asst. Principal


Dr. Lottie Beebe, Superintendent
Al Blanchard, Dir. of Human Capital
Gail Dalcourt, Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction
Kara Meaux, Dir. of Federal Programs
Casey Broussard, CFO
Anthony Polotzola, Supervisor of Organizational Structures and Human Capital
Henry Derouselle, Supervisor of Operations
Christine Foster, Supervisor of Computer Services
Bonnie Thibodeaux, Supervisor of Elementary Education
Laura Turpeau, Supervisor of Secondary Education
Redell Louis, Supervisor of Educational Technology
Kellie Leblanc, Supervisor of Virtual Learning
Frederick Wiltz, Supervisor of Child Welfare & Attendance
Mary Journet, Truancy Coordinator
Khristy Hulin, Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator
Adrienne Huval, Health Centers Coordinator
Clair Blanchard, Supervisor of School Nutrition
Pamela Jordan, Title I Supervisor, 5-8
Melanie Taylor, Title I Supervisor, K-4
Nicole Angelle, Supervisor of Early Childhood and Family Involvement
Leah Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, PK-4
Mike Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, 9-12
Bridget Bergeron, Special Education, Supervisor, 6-8
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The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) will meet in Baton Rouge at the Claiborne Building on Tuesday, October 14 and Wednesday, October 15.  Agendas are accessible at the following website: 
Shelby Davis and Carolyn Guidry are recipients of the September, 2014 Employee of the Month award.  Both bus operators were nominated for their exemplary performance and work ethic by their immediate supervisor, Mr. Bryan Staton, Stephensville Elementary Principal.  They are to be commended for their efforts to make the St. Martin Parish School System a viable system.  

14th Annual Back-to-School Summit

St. Martin Parish eighth graders were included with nearly three thousand student attendees who received informational brochures along with school supplies from various agencies.  Parishes in attendance included Acadia, Allen, Avoyelles, Evangeline, Lafayette, Pointe Coupee, St. Landry, St. Martin and Vermilion.  The summit took place at Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette.
Students, faculty and staff received valuable information from motivational speakers such as Lt. General Russel Honore, Danna “Dr. Truth” Andrus and Senator Elbert Guillory.
The theme this year was: “Healthy Actions Produce Positive Youth” (HAPPY).
This annual summit is organized by Southwest Center for Rural Initiatives, the satellite arm of the Southern University Agricultural Research and Extension Center. The goal of the program is to give young people health alternatives in life.  Eighth graders are targeted because they are borderline teenagers. 
Isiah Marshall, St. Martinville Junior High, said he was happy for the opportunity to be there.  His take home message was to develop self-confidence, have a goal and stick to it.  Mystique Dufort, Catahoula Elementary, said the main lesson she learned was to believe in herself and not get misled by peers. 
All teachers in attendance received a personalized autographed copy of Lt. General Russel Honore’s book, “Leadership in the New Normal.”

In advance of National 4-H Week, two high school students, Paige Babineaux and Devin Leblanc, shared their experiences relating to activities sponsored by the LSU Ag Center at the School Board Meeting.   Representatives, Mr. Gauthier, Ms. Bambaugh, and Ms. Hope Guidry were also in attendance.  

Parks Primary

On Monday, September 8, 2014, the principal of PPS accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Mrs. Julie was doused in front of the student body, much to their enjoyment! The Parks Primary School community raised over $800 to donate to the ALS Foundation! Thanks to everyone who donated to such a worthy organization!!  

 During the week of September 22, Parks Primary students participated in Good Character week. The students learned about a positive character trait each day and were challenged to take on these traits in their daily lives. Throughout the week students were visited by various community leaders to learn how these traits are important for becoming a good citizen. Second grade students were treated to a discussion with officers from St. Martin Parish Sheriff's Department on Thursday, September 25th. Officer Dodge, Officer Lagrange and Officer Savoy discussed with the students ways to implement good character into their lives. On Friday, September 26, Judge Tai Porter-Green visited Parks Primary School. Fourth grade students were privileged to attend a discussion with Judge Green, where she discussed traits of good character and good citizenship. Parks Primary would like to extend our thanks and gratitude to all of the community leaders who came out to help educate our students.

Breaux Bridge High

KLFY Friday Night Football Road Show came to Breaux Bridge Sr. High on Friday September 19th.  They conducted their entire news, weather, and sports live from the stadium at 5 P.M. and 6 P.M.   They interviewed Louis Blanchard, BBHS Principal; Dr. Lottie Beebe, St. Martin Parish Superintendent of Schools; Ronald Poulan, Assistant Principal; Joshua Laviolette, BBHS Teacher of the Year; and the BBHS Prowler Dance Team.
Also included in the broadcast were the following:
  • Profile story on the history of the school.
  • A profile story on five outstanding students who have maintained a 4.0 GPA while taking the honors curriculum and who are also very active in extracurricular activies: Lyndsy Callier, Taylor Gary, Alexander Lear, Cassidy Melancon, and Amy Ho.  Click here for video.
  • A profile on Breaux Bridge High School's Teacher of the Year, Joshua Laviolette.  Click here for video.
  • A profile story on the BBHS Alumni Band and Tremaine Rossyion, a former band member who started the Alumni Band.  Click here for video.
  • A profile story on the 2nd annual BBHS Homecoming Parade in downtown Breaux Bridge along with an invitation to paint the town maroon.
  • A profile story on numerous students from BBHS who have qualified for regional or national competitions: BBHS Prowler Dance Team; Tori Laviolette, Future Business Leader Association National Qualifier; Devin Leblanc, Southern Regional 4-H Teen Leadership Conference.  Click here for video.
  • A profile story on the BBHS football team.

Stephensville Elementary

On Tuesday, September 9, 2014 former SES student and cast member of Swamp People, Duggie Acosta, visited Stephensville Elementary Gators to show them his catch of the day.  This 11 foot 8 inch gator was caught in the area that morning.
Thanks for sharing your adventure with the students.

St. Martinville Senior High
 Senior, Vanel Porter, was recently recognized for superior academic achievement by the National Society of High School Scholars.  In addition to earning a score of 34 on the ACT, Vanel is very active in various clubs and organizations at St. Martinville Senior High, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA.  Way to Go, Vanel!

Cecilia Primary
Buckskin Bill  use to end his TV program with the signoff " You are never completely dressed until you put on a smile." On September 4th and 5th,Cecilia Primary students got a chance to "dress up" their smiles when the Dental Bus visited our school.The Dental Bus, affiliated with the Louisiana Department of Health and the LSU Dental school,  is a mobile dentist office used to help improve the oral health of young children.  The program provided  dental screenings to our 1st and 2nd graders. Second graders were also provided with sealants for their teeth if needed. Parental permission was received prior to the screening process. Students enjoyed the opportunity to not only see the bus but also serve as dental assistants. This opportunity was suggested by our School Based Health Center Coordinator, Ms. Adrienne Huval.This is a perfect example of school, state, and community working together to improve the quality of lives for our children.

Left to right the people in the first  picture: Suzanne LeBoeuf, Mechaune Butler(Dept. of Health), Tiffany Bertrand( CP School Nurse) and Sarah( Dental Bus Assistant).  Second picture includes a student helper with the Dental Bus Assistant.

Elaine St. Julien delivered complimentary dictionaries to the sixth grade class at Catahoula Elementary School. These were donated by the Kiwanis Club of St. Martinville and Breaux Bridge as well as from the Rotary Club of St. Martinville.
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