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St. Martin Parish Schools


Moving Forward with Team;
Enhancing the Vision!

JULY 2015

Message from the Superintendent

"Though no one can go back and make a brand new start; anyone can start now and make a brand new ending." `Nathan Panwar
As we make preparations for a new school year that begins August 4 with professional learning opportunities for various employee groups, it is important to reflect on past actions, so we can make changes essential to school improvement.  On June 1 and 2, school leaders participated in Data Fest activities that resulted in school action plans.  Following those two days of activities, educators traveled to New Orleans for additional professional learning on June 3, 4, and 5.  Additionally, educators participated in a Summer Professional Learning Summit (two days) and a Technology Boot Camp (two days).  As late as July 13-15, educators continued to prepare for the upcoming school year by participating in professional learning activities. These professional learning opportunities are valuable to school improvement efforts.  Consequently, I want to commend those who participated in these activities.  I realize personal time with family and friends was relinquished and I appreciate those who made these personal sacrifices. 
In June, we bid farewell to many employees who decided to retire.  Although bittersweet, I recognize these individuals based their decisions on what was best for them or their families.  I also recognize that each takes away a wealth of knowledge and expertise.  I often say we can fill the positions; however, we can never replace the distinct personalities and attributes each retiree takes away when they exit the school system.  I want to reiterate my appreciation to each for a job well done!  I especially want to thank Mrs. Bonnie Thibodeaux, Elementary Supervisor, for her 28 years of service to the St. Martin Parish School System. She is to be commended for her professionalism, work ethic, and passion for educating children.  
As we move forward to fill the positions vacated by each retiree, I am equally delighted to welcome our new hires as we prepare for the 2015-2016 school year.   I want to welcome Mrs. Phyllis Landry as the new Elementary Supervisor.   She will be housed at the Department of Administration, 625 Corporate Blvd., Breaux Bridge.  Mrs. Landry brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the school system; she has worked as a classroom teacher, school administrator, and director of curriculum and instruction. 
In closing, with a new school year, it is certain there will be new challenges.  As stated earlier, we can't revisit the past with a new start, but we can start now planning for a brand new ending! Best wishes for a happy, productive and highly effective school year!

August 5, 2015
5:00  P.M.
St. Martin Parish
School Board
Department of Administration

625 Corporate Dr.
Breaux Bridge
The St. Martin Parish School Board meeting was called to order by Mark Hebert, Board President.  The prayer and pledge of allegiance were offered by Dr. Lottie P. Beebe, Superintendent.  Accolades were presented as follows:     
     Ms. Tonia Smith, Teche Elementary, July Employee of the Month
     Congratulations were extended to assistant principals appointed to the following positions:
Kevin Bonhomme--Breaux Bridge Jr. High
John Chevalier---Cecilia High
Tiffany Francis--Cecilia Primary.
 These individuals were introduced to the school board and members of the audience.  For more information regarding the board agenda, please click here.  
New administrators assigned to St. Martinville Jr. High were presented to the school board; they are Edward Boyd, Interim Principal, and Ms. Katherine Freshley, Assistant Principal.  Mr. Boyd has served the Breaux Bridge Jr. High School Faculty, Staff, and Students for approximately five years.  Ms. Freshley was a former Math teacher at BBHS and assistant principal.
 Edward Boyd is a married to Tashana Broussard Boyd and they have two sons:  Cohen (11) and Carter (2).  Mr. Boyd is the son of the late Mr. and Mrs. John Alvin Boyd.  He has served St. Martin Parish Schools in various positions.  He has served as a SPED teacher at the Juvenile Detention Center for 5 years.  Then  he took a break from education and worked as an administrator for the St. Martin Parish Sheriff Office.  Mr. Boyd returned to education and has served as a Math Teacher and recently as Behavior Interventionist at Breaux Bridge Junior High.  He believes his diverse work history, knowledge and trainings have prepared him for the challenges of being the administrator of St. Martinville Junior High.  He is looking forward to making a positive difference and Moving St. Martinville Junior High Forward in the next school year.
Ms. Katherine Freshley began her career in education ten years ago at Breaux Bridge High School, where she taught Algebra 1, Geometry, Introduction to Business Computer Applications and Journey to Careers.  Upon earning a master’s degree in Educational Leadership, she was appointed Assistant Principal at Breaux Bridge High and served in that capacity for the last three years.  On July 1 of this year, Ms. Freshley was transferred to St. Martinville Junior High, where she will continue her administrative responsibilities as the Assistant Principal.  Ms. Freshley welcomes the opportunity to work with Mr. Edward Boyd and the faculty and staff of St. Martinville Junior High to facilitate school improvement.
Lastly, a  Resolution of Sympathy was approved for the family of Trey Goodrich, a 2014 graduate of the Youth Challenge Program. 
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  • Message from the Superintendent
  • Board Meeting Update
  • BESE Update
  • Employee of the Month
  • College & Career Readiness
  • Registration Information
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Virtual Learning
  • Condolences
  • Professional Development
  • Federal Programs News
  • School News

Click here to view the 2015-2016 District Calendar.

  1. Educational diagnosticians
  2. School Psychologist
  3. Speech Therapist
  4. Para-professional/Special Services students:  Parks Primary
  5. Licensed Electrician—Maintenance Department
  6. Full-time School Nutrition Tech.  Cecilia Primary
  7. Middle or High school certified:  ELA and READ 180:  Two teachers needed at St. Martinville Junior High
  8. Middle school or high school science and SPED:  Breaux Bridge Junior High
  9. Health and PE:  Cecilia High School
  10. Middle school or high school certified ELA teacher:  Catahoula Elementary
Visit the Human Resources Page on our District Website for more details. 


Any parent wishing to register a student within St. Martin Parish Schools should contact or report to the school where the child/children will attend during the 2015-2016 school year.  The following documents will need to be presented during registration:
1. Two proofs of residency (gas, electric, water)
2. Withdrawal form from previous school
3. Shot records
4. Birth Certificate
5. Social Security Card
6. Photo I.D. of parent or legal guardian 
Bond Dollars at Work: Preparing Our Schools for the Future
Your bond dollars are preparing our schools for future technology. The 2013 bond provides funds for technology to upgrade ALL schools' wiring and cabling. 
Five schools in the district rewiring and cabling for future technology has been completed, and the rest of the schools in the district are in the midst of the upgrades. The cabling and wiring project allows for a cleaner and more efficient district network. 
The wiring and cabling upgrades opened up the opportunity for managed wireless networks at the schools. Five schools in the district wireless network has been completed as well. The wireless network in these schools is a centralized, managed system with a complete netted coverage of the entire campus. This configuration allows for uninterrupted coverage while connected to the network even while moving throughout the campus. The wireless network opens up curriculum and learning opportunities for all students and instructors on the campus.
Stay tuned as we provide you continued updates on the progress of the technology upgrades for ALL schools in St. Martin Parish School District.

On June 18th and 19th, St. Martin Parish held its annual instructional Mini Summer Summit at Parks Primary. Several of our own teachers, administrators, supervisors, and directors led the professional development sessions. Best practices in math, writing, classroom management, and student engagement were presented, just to name a few. Representatives from Assistive Technology Regional Centers, Curriculum Associates, and Zaner-Bloser were on-site to provide additional professional development. There were approximately 140 participants who attended the professional development sessions. Thanks to Melanie Taylor for organizing the event and to all who attended and helped make the event a success.
 Many thanks to the participants, presenters, and partners for making the first St. Martin Parish Technology Boot Camp a Success!  Our Partners are the best and we cannot thank them enough for the awesome contributions they made to this event!
Blanchard's Office Supply â—Š Breaux Bridge Junior High â—Š Breaux Bridge Visitor Center â—Š CBM â—Š Copy and Camera â—Š Cox Communications â—Š DELL â—Š DETEL â—Š Domino's â—Š Edgear â—Š Edgenuity â—Š ESP â—Š Frontline â—Š Gaggle â—Š Gallagher â—Š Imagetek â—Š Interactive Achievement â—Š Knovation â—Š Lafayette Schools Credit Union â—Š Louisiana Association of Educators â—Š Louisiana Federation of Teachers â—Š MidSouth Bank â—Š Oncourse Systems â—Š Pearson â—Š Pizza Hut â—Š Promethean â—Š Renaissance Learning â—Š RYTEK â—Š Scholastic â—Š Shamrock Office Supply â—Š Solu Vista

St. Martin Parish School Board would like to extend condolences to the family of Trey Goodrich and Kaleel Demouchet.


Breaux Bridge Primary
Lydia Capdepon, Principal
Tashonna Hypolite, Asst. Principal
Breaux Bridge Elementary
Joy Cormier, Principal
Lisa Thibodeaux, Asst. Principal
Breaux Bridge Junior High
Denise Frederick, Principal
Kevin Bonhomme Asst. Principal 
Breaux Bridge High
Louis Blanchard, Principal
Ronald Poland, Asst. Principal
Shirley Thibodeaux, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Primary
Suzanne Leboeuf, Principal
Tiffany Francis, Asst. Principal

Teche Elementary 
Latonia Cretian, Principal
Angela Watson, Asst. Principal
Cecilia Junior High
Charee Theriot, Principal
Eileen Rowe, Asst. Principal
Cecilia High School
Daniel Leboeuf, Principal

John Chevalier, Asst. Principal
Nicole Usie, Asst. Priincipal
Catahoula Elementary
Annette Baudoin, Principal
Parks Primary
Julie Laviolette, Principal
Tassala Jones, Asst. Principal
Parks Middle School
Dr. Wanda Phillips, Principal
Cheryl Mitchell,  Asst. Principal 
Early Learning Center
Jessica Landry, Principal 
St. Martinville Primary
Sarah Allen, Principal
Jill Bozeman, Asst. Principal  
St. Martinville Junior High
Edward Boyd, Interim Principal
Devi, Asst. Principal  
St. Martinville Senior High
Michael Kreamer, Principal
Ginger Francis, Asst. Principal
Kevin Dugas, Asst. Principal
Stephensville Elementary
Bryan Staton, Principal
St. Martin Parish College &  Career Readiness Center
Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, Principal


Dr. Lottie Beebe, Superintendent
Al Blanchard, Dir. of Human Capital
Dr. Gail Dalcourt, Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction
Kara Meaux, Dir. of Federal Programs
Casey Broussard, CFO
Anthony Polotzola, Supervisor of Organizational Structures and Human Capital
Henry Derouselle, Supervisor of Operations
Christine Foster, Supervisor of Computer Services
Phyllis Landry, Supervisor of Elementary Education
Laura Turpeau, Supervisor of Secondary Education
Redell Louis, Supervisor of Educational Technology
Kellie Leblanc, Supervisor of Virtual Learning
Frederick Wiltz, Supervisor of Child Welfare & Attendance
Mary Journet, Truancy Coordinator
Khristy Hulin, Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator
Adrienne Huval, Health Centers Coordinator
Clair Blanchard, Supervisor of School Nutrition
Pamela Jordan, Title I Supervisor, 5-8
Melanie Taylor, Title I Supervisor, K-4
Nicole Angelle, Supervisor of Early Childhood and Family Involvement
Leah Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, PK-4
Mike Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, 9-12
Bridget Bergeron, Special Education, Supervisor, 6-8
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The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE)  will convene a retreat in Baton Rouge at the Claiborne Building on Monday, August 10th. The Board Committee Meetings are slated for Tuesday, August 11th.  BESE will convene its formal meeting on Wednesday, August 12th.  Agendas are  accessible at the following website: 
The committee meetings and official board meeting are live-streamed and can be accessed during board deliberations.  If you are unable to tune in during scheduled meetings, you may view agenda items and videos at the following website:
Ms. Tonia Smith, Teche Elementary School, is the recipient of the June, 2015 Employee of the Month award. She has been an employee of the school district for approximately 9 years.   She was nominated for this prestigious honor because of her untiring efforts, patience and compassion, and the dedication she displays in the school setting.  She was nominated by her principal, Mrs. Latonia Cretian, Teche Elementary.  Her efforts and professionalism are greatly appreciated.
Congratulations to Mrs. Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, new administrator of the new St. Martin Parish College and Career Readiness Center.  Mrs. Thibeaux-Clay will provide oversight to the following programs: 
Cosmetology, Bonita Latiolais and Michelle Allemand, Instructors; T-2 Oil and Gas, Thomas Hollier, Instructor; Electrical, Cornelius Martinez, Instructor;  Pro-Start, Sharon Courville, Instructor; and Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Patricia Gail Mello, Instructor.  The JROTC Program will also be housed at the College and Career Readiness Center--(existing Breaux Bridge Elementary site, West Bridge Street).   Instructors are Major David Terrell and Sergeant Vincent Starwood.  Services in all programs will be extended to students enrolled in grades 11 and 12 at the Parish High Schools.  Transportation will be provided to students with morning and afternoon sessions offered.
St. Martin Parish Virtual Learning Program is starting its Fourth year of operation.  The program has expanded to include students in grades kindergarten to twelve, with over 200 students taking advantage of this opportunity, with no added cost to the parent. Students in kindergarten to fifth grade use Connexus as the learning platform. Our students in sixth grade through twelfth grade use Edgenuity as the learning platform.  All students enrolled in the program kindergarten to eighth grade must be full time virtual students, meaning all classes must be taken virtually.  High school students have the option of being full virtual, with all classes taken virtually or blended with some classes taken virtual and some traditional.
 Our Virtual Program gives our students the opportunity to attain accredited courses, while having the advantages of homeschooling with students taking all course requirements online.  Course content is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week for students online.  Students have the opportunity to attend and participate in all extra-curricular and sports activities at their enrolled school.
 We will begin accepting applications for enrollment in the Virtual Learning Program for the 2015-2016 school year on Monday, August 3, 2015 through Wednesday, August 5, 2015.  Parents and/or guardians will need to report to the Virtual Learning Center at 328 North Main Street, Breaux Bridge, to complete an application and receive a short orientation on how our program works. If you have questions, please email Kellie LeBlanc, Virtual Learning Supervisor at or call 332-2105 ext. 2851.
Summer Professional Development
“I loved having time to network with teachers from across the state and learn from them. The practical ideas and tips that were shared can be used in my class this year,” Sara Devillier, ELC first grade teacher, commented. The Louisiana Department of Education, through the Cain Center at LSU, offered a summer institute for teachers throughout the state to focus on math instruction in grades kindergarten through high school geometry. Several teachers and administrators from St. Martin Parish participated in the two-day institute in Lafayette and additional members will attend a training in Baton Rouge in late July. The focus of the training was recognizing the shifts in math instruction across grade bands (K-2, 3-5, 6-8, Algebra 1 & Geometry), as well the major areas of focus within the grade level. Presenters shared resources and suggestions for activities that could be used in the classrooms. Cheryl Landry, Parks Middle School teacher, stated, “We were able to spend time digging deeper into the standards and understanding the expectations for the grade level.”
Title I News
The Title I department would like to thank all of our principals and schools for their positive attitudes and creative thinking in the face of monetary cuts to their budgets.  St. Martin Parish has experience cuts in almost all Federal Program funds. However, Title I funding has felt the brunt of the cuts.  In collaboration with our principals, we have made adjustments to continue viable and effective intervention and assistance programs for our students.  We will continue to afford equal access to quality education for all students in need of assistance across the district.
Migrant Education Program News
 Starting with this upcoming school year, 2015-2016, St. Martin Parish will receive and administer the Migrant Education grant funds. We are happy to welcome Andrea Roberts into our system. She was working in this capacity on our behalf through Iberia Parish, and has recently been hired by the district to continue to identify, recruit, and provide support to migrant students and families.  Ms. Roberts will also assist with homeless and LEP students by providing interventions and resources to ensure academic success.  She has already begun to work closely with Melanie Taylor, who is the contact person for our Migrant Education Program. They organized St. Martin Parish’s first Summer Migrant Education Camp, which is taking place during the weeks of July 13-17 and 20-24 at Cecilia High School. The camp is open to all students that have been identified as migrant. The purpose of this camp is to provide additional support in the English language, and with ELA and math skills. For more information on our Migrant Education Program, contact Melanie Taylor at 337-332-2105.
Limited English Proficient (LEP) Program News
 Pamela Jordan, our supervisor contact for LEP provided a summer enrichment and remediation program for our LEP students. The primary goal is to work with our LEP students who demonstrate difficulties in reading and math in an effort to improve skills to a point that students can function effectively in a regular school program. LEP Summer Remediation began on Monday, June 8, 2015 and extended until Thursday, June 28, 2015. Each student received 12 days of reading and math instruction with the utilization of Rosetta Stone and IREADY Intervention programs. Students were instructed by a certified teacher and a certified teacher/translator of the Spanish language.  Based on student needs, classes were offered in the Cecilia and St. Martinville areas. For more information on our LEP Program, contact Pamela Jordan at 337-332-2105.
Early Childhood News
This past year has been an exciting and busy year for our Early Childhood Program in St. Martin Parish.  All districts are now part of Early Childhood Networks across the state.  In our network, we have continued to work collaboratively with all program partners to ensure that early childhood teachers are trained in the Louisiana Birth to Five Standards, Teaching Strategies Gold and the CLASS observation tool. 
We had our first coordinated enrollment efforts through two road shows that were held in the spring.  Parents of Pre-K students were able to come and see all of the available programs that are operating in St. Martin Parish.  Next year, we are planning to expand our road shows to include community partners and share valuable information with parents.
St. Martin Parish is now the Lead Agency for the St. Martin Parish Early Childhood Network. We will now utilize a Pre-K Resource/Technical Assistance Facilitator to ensure that early childhood educators in our network receive the support needed to continue to make improvements in early childhood in our parish. We are pleased to welcome Melissa Arnaud, who will serve in this position. She has already started collaborating this summer with Nicole Angelle, supervisor for Early Childhood to plan professional development opportunities and activities and for our early childhood teachers and students.  It has been a wonderful learning year and our team is eager to continue the journey with a unified effort. For more information on our Early Childhood Network, contact Nicole Angelle at 337-332-2105.
Special Education News
 Our Special Education Department has been busy this summer. Again, our Extended School Year Program is up and running successfully. Thanks to Dyane Knot for organizing this program for our students. Several special education teachers, aides, and speech therapists participated in professional development sessions over the summer furthering their knowledge and use of communication apps and the Unique Learning program for students with significant disabilities.  The sessions were insightful and productive. Thanks to our supervisors for organizing and bringing innovative programs to our teachers and students. Thanks to all presenters and participants!
The St. Martin Parish School Board Talented Program has formed the St. Martin Arts Collective, which will serve to provide extra-curricular exposure to the arts for the students of St. Martin Parish.  With the assistance from the Al Berard Memorial Music Foundation, we have kicked off a pilot program this summer. An Introductory Music Skills Camp at Cecilia High in Mr. Berard’s hometown, for students entering the 3rd and 4th grade during the week of July 13-17, 2015 is underway.  This is a pilot program, which the St. Martin Arts Collective hopes to expand to include more students and all areas of the arts.  Special thanks to Talented Arts Teacher, Ashley Berard for organizing the program, Callie Smith, Talented Music Teacher for teaching and planning, and Jonothan Frishberg, Talented Music Teacher for his input and guidance. For more information on our Talented Program, contact Michael Hebert at 337-332-3388.
St. Martin Parish School System Opts in for 2015-2016
Community Eligibility Provision for Qualifying School Sites
 The St. Martin Parish School Nutrition Program is pleased to inform you that the following qualifying schools will be implementing a new option available to schools participating in the National School Lunch and School Breakfast Programs called the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) for School Year 2015-2016.  The qualifying schools are:

For more information click here.

Breaux Bridge High School 

     Breaux Bridge High School's Freshmen Orientation will be held on Tuesday, July 28, 2015 from 2:00 to 5:30 PM with a parent meeting starting at 5:00.  Students must be in school uniform to attend (khaki pants with maroon or white polo style shirt).   
     Breaux Bridge High School's Connections Program Orientation will be held on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 from 9:00 A.M. to 11:30 A.M. with a parent meeting starting at 9:00.  Students must be in school uniform to attend (khaki pants with maroon or white polo style shirt).    
     Breaux Bridge High School will be distributing upperclassmen (10th - 12th grade) schedules to all students on Thursday, July 30, 2015 from 8:00 am  until 12:00 pm. Uniforms not required for schedule pick up.
  Teachers will give students a supply list on the first day of school.   

Parks Primary 
Parks Primary Open House will be on Monday, August 3rd from 5:30-6:30 for grades 1-4.  Please bring all of students' school supplies to open house.  Pre-K and Kindergarten parents will meet with the teacher's individually for testing.  
St. Martinville High School
St. Martinville Senior High School's Freshmen Orientation will be held on Thursday, July 30, 2015 from 8:30 to 12:30.  Tenth through twelfth grade students can pick up schedules between 9:00 and 11:00 on Tuesday, July 28, 2015. 
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