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St. Martin Parish Schools


Moving Forward with Team;
Enhancing the Vision!


Message from the Superintendent

“Year's end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.” `Hal Borland

     Happy New Year and welcome back!  I hope the holidays were joyful affording you quality time to spend with family and friends. As we tuck away memories of 2015, we will begin a new journey into 2016.  As Hal Borland, (May 14, 1900- February 22, 1978) a well-known American author and journalist, has suggested, we can celebrate as we continue our educational journey via the wisdom garnered through our experiences.  Simply put, we can improve ourselves and our school system through teamwork and a continued focus on the following goals:
GOAL I     Embrace the Louisiana Department of Education’s Eight Critical Goals;
GOAL II    Create a Climate and Culture of High Expectations;
GOAL III   Recruit and Develop Stability with High Quality Staff;
GOAL IV  Enhance Professional Learning Opportunities for Education Stakeholders;
GOAL V   Provide efficient and effective administrative operations
                 which meet school-based needs; and
GOAL VI  Enhance Communication and Collaboration.

     As you are aware, letter grades/SPS/ and District performance scores have been made public.  While the district performance score decreased by 1.5 points resulting in a letter grade of C, there is still reason to celebrate when one considers the 3-8 grade assessment administered this past school year was a completely different instrument. The state even acknowledges that it is not possible to compare apples to apples from the 2013-2014 test scores to the 2014-2015 test scores for this reason.  This year’s assessment was much more rigorous, and school systems were given assessment guidance as late as February, 2015 to prepare our students for the Spring,2015 assessment. So, the normal growth that we would hope to have each year was somewhat challenging to attain.   Even though the state was late in giving assistance, we as a team researched, planned, provided resources and professional development to assist teachers and students to ensure they would be prepared.  The state’s SPS dropped 0.4 points from 89.2 to 88.8, and St. Martin’s SPS dropped 1.5 points from 85.7 to 84.2.  Although we dropped by 1.5 points, we moved from a B to a C.  Last year, we were a low B (.6 away from a C).  (The cut off for a B is 85.)  I am not happy that we dropped, but it is important to recognize that the state’s SPS dropped and compared to five parishes within our region, our growth rate exceeded two of them.  
      Additionally, the SPS scores take into account more than just test data.  Along with test scores, the graduation rate, graduation cohort, the ACT scores, progress points, and bonus points are included in the SPS.   The state also curved the scale for the schools, but did not curve the district scores.  The District/School SPS does not represent only test scores. The percent proficient scores show how many students are scoring at the basic and above level on the assessments, and I feel that this is a better representative of how well we moved our students on these tests.  According to the state department, St. Martin Parish ranks 12th in the state of districts showing the greatest gains by moving up 10 percentile points in their ranking.  This growth is proof that we are making gains with our students. Last year, three schools were assigned letter grades of D; that number has been reduced to one. The district now has 3 schools that were assigned a grade of B.  The district has reclaimed an A school.   I hope this news and explanation serve to motivate you as we move forward into the spring, 2016.  We will remain intent on improving student achievement in the St. Martin Parish School System.  I appreciate each of you who contribute to the strength of our team!  It is your efforts that make the St. Martin Parish School System unique!    
Special commendations to the following school teams: 
Parks Primary –A
Parks Middle –B
     Moving forward into 2016, it is evident that we are not where we should be, or where we want to be regarding our district performance score. It is my belief that our educators, students, and support team are just as capable as those residing in higher performing school districts.  We must be committed to school improvement efforts and do everything possible to make our school system competitive to neighboring school districts.  This is my challenge for you—the team—as we continue our journey in the 2015-2016 school year!  Happy 2016!
February 3, 2016
5:00  P.M.
St. Martin Parish
School Board
Department of Administration

625 Corporate Dr.
Breaux Bridge
Update from the January 6, 2016 St. Martin Parish School Board Meeting and Finance Committee Meeting:
   A Finance Committee was held and the Board approved a January sales tax supplement of $500. The $500 supplement will be awarded to all employees.  Prior to the awarding of future supplements, the Finance Committee will revisit.  More information will be provided as we move into the school year.  Mrs. Christine Foster provided a presentation relative to projects that will be funded through E-Rate. Additionally, a proposal was approved for a Request for Proposal (RFP) for medical and pharmacy administration for the group health benefit plan.  This action is based on a desire to explore options to ensure the best opportunities are in place.  Currently, Web TPA and Southern Scripts are medical and pharmacy third party administrators, respectively. 
    The St. Martin Parish School Board meeting was called to order by Mark Hebert, Board President.  The prayer and pledge of allegiance were offered by Dr. Lottie P. Beebe, Superintendent. As we begin a new year, Board officers were elected.  Mr. Mark Hebert, District 10 Board Member, was nominated and received a unanimous endorsement to continue his reign as school board president.  Mr. Russel Foti, District 5 Board Member, was nominated and received a unanimous endorsement from his colleagues to assume the position of vice-president.  Congratulations to Mr. Mark Hebert and Mr. Russel Foti.
    Accolades were presented as follows:
 Dr. Beebe, Superintendent of St. Martin Parish Schools, acknowledged Mrs. Kara Meaux for her 23 years of service to the school system. Mrs. Meaux is retiring from the school system and will pursue other endeavors.  She has served as a teacher, assistant principal, principal, and a director of federal programs. She has an impeccable work ethic and will be greatly missed.  Her departure from the school district is bittersweet.  She will be greatly missed. Dr. Beebe wished Mrs. Meaux much success as she closes one chapter and begins another. 
    2013 Bond Projects and other items were addressed and can be found on the board agenda that can be accessed via the following link.
     The Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) is scheduled to meet in Baton Rouge at the Claiborne Building on Tuesday, January 12, 2016; the Board Committee meetings are scheduled on the aforementioned date with the formal meeting of BESE held on Wednesday, January 13, 2016.   Agendas are accessible at the following website:
     The committee meetings and official board meeting are live-streamed and can be accessed during board deliberations.  If you are unable to tune in during scheduled meetings, you may view agenda items and videos at the following website:
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Click here to view the 2015-2016 District Calendar.

Visit the Human Resources Page on our District Website for more details. 
The St. Martin Parish School District recently received a $70,928 grant from the Louisiana Department of Education to expand career training and opportunities for students with disabilities. 
The goal of the project funded by this grant is multi-faceted, as it is designed to do the following(1)  increase the percentage of students graduating with a Career Diploma (LAA-1) and JumpStart Diploma;  (2) increase the percentage of students with disabilities earning credits in  workforce-readiness or career courses; and (3) foster greater collaboration between the general and special education teams at the district and school level and the JumpStart team to provide meaningful career preparation experiences for students with disabilities.  
The funds received through this opportunity will be used to purchase curriculum and equipment designed to assist the teachers and students in increasing student achievement within the aforementioned student population. 
Happy New Year!  Welcome back for the second half of the 2015-2016 school year.  The Human Capital Department is gearing up for the spring recruiting season and we are anxious to begin meeting our young perspective teachers.  As we do every spring, we will be attending job fairs at local universities in hopes of recruiting many new teachers.  In addition to recruiting new teachers, we are always interested in hiring seasoned educators who are interested in returning to St. Martin Parish.  Please let any friends or family members, who may be interested in working in our district, know that we would be excited to interview them for a position with St. Martin Parish.
The Operations Department is wrapping up classroom additions at Cecilia High School, Breaux Bridge High School, and Cecilia Junior High School.  In addition, the drainage improvements to the baseball field at Cecilia High School are also complete.  We will soon be starting the roof repairs on the Breaux Bridge Junior High School Gym, the new classroom addition at Parks Middle, and the new dressing rooms at Breaux Bridge High School.  We have several other smaller projects to begin as well as having some projects in the design stage.  We are looking forward to continued progress.

The St. Martin Parish School Board Bids Farewell to a Former Educator

Matthew Harman taught special education at CJH for several years and later moved to Lafayette Parish where he taught and served for some time as a school administrator.  Approximately one year and a half ago, Matt was diagnosed with a terminal illness.  In December, he passed away. He leaves behind two children who are enrolled in Cecilia schools.  He was married to Mrs. Norma Harman, CHS Speech Teacher.  On behalf of the St. Martin Parish School Board and the entire school district’s educational family, I want to offer our sincere condolences to Mrs. Norma Harman, her children, and other family and friends of Matt Harman. 


Breaux Bridge Primary
Lydia Capdepon, Principal
Tashonna Hypolite, Asst. Principal
Breaux Bridge Elementary
Joy Cormier, Principal
Lisa Thibodeaux, Asst. Principal
Breaux Bridge Junior High
Denise Frederick, Principal
Kevin Bonhomme Asst. Principal 
Breaux Bridge High
Louis Blanchard, Principal
Ronald Poland, Asst. Principal
Andria Navarre, Asst. Principal

Cecilia Primary
Suzanne Leboeuf, Principal
Tiffany Francis, Asst. Principal

Teche Elementary 
Latonia Cretian, Principal
Angela Watson, Asst. Principal
Cecilia Junior High
Charee Theriot, Principal
Tiedra Hawkins, Asst. Principal
Cecilia High School
Daniel Leboeuf, Principal

John Chevalier, Asst. Principal
Nicole Usie, Asst. Priincipal
Catahoula Elementary
Annette Baudoin, Principal
Parks Primary
Julie Laviolette, Principal
Tassala Jones, Asst. Principal
Parks Middle School
Dr. Wanda Phillips, Principal
Eileen Rowe,  Asst. Principal 
Early Learning Center
Jessica Landry, Principal 
St. Martinville Primary
Sarah Allen, Principal
Jill Bozeman, Asst. Principal  
St. Martinville Junior High
Edward Boyd, Interim Principal
Katherine Freshley, Asst. Principal  
St. Martinville Senior High
Michael Kreamer, Principal
Ginger Francis, Asst. Principal
Kevin Dugas, Asst. Principal
Stephensville Elementary
Bryan Staton, Principal
St. Martin Parish College &  Career Readiness Center
Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, Principal
Cheryl Mitchell, Asst. Principal


Dr. Lottie Beebe, Superintendent
Al Blanchard, Dir. of Human Capital
Dr. Gail Dalcourt, Dir. of Curriculum & Instruction
Pamela Jordan, Dir. of Federal Programs
Casey Broussard, CFO
Anthony Polotzola, Supervisor of Organizational Structures and Human Capital
Henry Derouselle, Supervisor of Operations
Christine Foster, Supervisor of Computer Services
Phyllis Landry, Supervisor of Elementary Education
Laura Turpeau, Supervisor of Secondary Education
Redell Louis, Supervisor of Educational Technology
Kellie Leblanc, Supervisor of Virtual Learning
Frederick Wiltz, Supervisor of Child Welfare & Attendance
Mary Journet, Truancy Coordinator
Khristy Hulin, Safe & Drug Free Schools Coordinator
Adrienne Huval, Health Centers Coordinator
Clair Blanchard, Supervisor of School Nutrition
Vacant, Title I Supervisor, 5-8
Melanie Taylor, Title I Supervisor, K-4
Nicole Angelle, Supervisor of Early Childhood and Family Involvement
Shirley Thibodeaux, Special Education Supervisor, PK-4
Mike Hebert, Special Education Supervisor, 9-12
Bridget Bergeron, Special Education, Supervisor, 6-8
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The St. Martin Parish School System’s employee of the month for December, 2015 is the entire  Cecilia Jr. High Faculty and Staff.  Mrs. Theriot and the CJHS staff were nominated by Mrs. Nicole Angelle, Early Childhood Supervisor.  What began as a simple request for names of students to have “Santa” deliver presents turned into a major achievement with “Santa” delivering presents to all of the 561 CJHS students.  Congratulations to the entire faculty and staff!  Their efforts and team work are greatly appreciated.
St. Martin Parish School Board College and Career Readiness Center held their Ribbon Cutting Ceremony & Open House on Thursday, December 10, 2015. The public was invited to participate in their ribbon cutting ceremony, tour the school, and meet the faculty members and students. The College and Career Readiness Center has a variety of courses that meet the needs of all high school students in the St. Martin Parish School System. The students earn Industry Based Certification and College Credit. The College and Career Readiness Center has the following programs:
ProStart is a nationwide course that develops the best and brightest talent into tomorrow’s restaurant and foodservice industry leaders.
The Nursing Assistant course provides the students with the knowledge and skills to successfully pass the State Nursing Assistant certification test.
The Oil and Gas course gives the students the general understanding of oil and gas production processes. In addition, the students achieve industry certification in Production Safety Systems (T2).
The Cosmetology I course and Cosmetology II course provide the students with an introduction to haircare, skin care and nail care. 
The Electrician course provides students with the National Center for Construction Education Research core curriculum, which is a prerequisite to all level 1 craft curriculum. Also, the program prepares student to work in the electrical field.
The JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) teaches cadets character education, student achievement, wellness, leadership, diversity, and promotes citizenship.  
St. Martin Parish School Board College and Career Readiness Center is located on 702 W. Bridge Street Breaux Bridge, LA 70517. The College and Career Readiness Center has begun enrolling students for the spring semester. For more information students and parents may call the school at (337) 332-5924 and speak to Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Thibeaux-Clay, Principal or email
Students at Breaux Bridge Primary were rewarded special "cub coins" for exceptional behaviors demonstrated around campus during the week of December 7th-11th.  Students traded in their cub coins for ornaments to decorate the Christmas Tree in the front office. 

Third grade students honored their grandparents by singing special songs then playing Bingo.

Members of numerous Breaux Bridge community organizations donated funds to Breaux Bridge High School for the school to purchase Christmas gifts for students who are less fortunate. Organizations making contributions included St. Francis of Assisi Knights of Peter Claver Council 49, Breaux Bridge Kiwanis Club, and Knights of Columbus Council 2398.  On hand for the donation were teacher John Lemaire, Kiwanis member Tina Begnaud, Kiwanis member Ashley Courville, Principal Louis Blanchard, Knights of Columbus member Pat Arceneaux, Student Council President Paige Segura, Student Council Treasurer Chazz Boyd, teacher Jackie Dauterive, and Kiwanis member Brenda Hobbs. 

Parish Social Studies Fair Results: Everyone that presented a project at the Parish Social Studies Fair placed and qualified to participate in the Regional Social Studies Fair.
And the winners are:
Lily Hebert and Lillian Babineaux won 3rd place in the Anthropology Group category.  Seth Poirier won 2nd place in the History Individual category.  Korey Louis and Kynnedy Louis won 1st place in the Anthropology Group category. Alicia Miller and Hunter Chauvin took home 3rd place in the Economics Group category.  Shelby Trahan and Emily Guidry captured 3rd place in the History Group category.
A drawing was held for students at S.M.J.H who participated in Accelerated Reading by reading informational text.  The winners were rewarded with Christmas gift bags on December 18, 2015.

The winners of the St. Martinville Jr. High School Science Fair are pictured with the judges.


Written and Illustrated by Mrs. Landry’s Class   2015-16
Our mission as educators is to develop “Creative Minds” and Mrs. Georgia Landry does just that on a daily basis. Mrs. Landry, as do so many great teachers, teaches reading, writing, and arithmetic and she goes beyond. She is routinely searching for interesting and unique projects for the students. This year is no different. The first grade class at Stephensville Elementary wrote and illustrated their own book.
According to Mrs. Landry, “The first grade students at Stephensville Elementary School are now officially published authors. Read more.
ELC in the Christmas Spirit with Santa!!!

Mr. Tommy Hollier and Mr. Cornelius Martinez, instructors at the College and Career Readiness Center were awarded the Society of Petroleum Engineers Science Education Grants. Mr. Hollier was awarded $300 from the Society of Petroleum Engineers to fund the supplies to build a 3-phase horizontal separator for the Oil and Gas course. Mr. Martinez was awarded $200.00 from the Society of Petroleum Engineers to fund the Veggie Power project kits for the Electrician course.
Mrs.Sharon Guillory, an instructor at the College and Career Readiness Center, and her ProStart students have been invited to participate in the Louisiana Restaurant Association's Louisiana Seafood Partnership. They were awarded a $500.00 stipend from the LRA Education Foundation and the Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board. The students will be exposed to demonstrations and lab activities that incorporate Louisiana Seafood that is native to Louisiana such as alligator, crab, crawfish, fin fish, shrimp, and oyster.

Congratulations to the CHS Speech Team members who competed at the 2015 Comeaux Classic on Dec. 4-5th.  Jessica Duncan (far left) placed 3rd in Declamation and 1st in Junior Oral Interpretation.  Blake Lalonde (second from left) placed 3rd in Junior Duet Acting with Trevor Huval (front and center).  Noah Pontiff (back center) placed 1st in Senior Duet Acting with SethLatiolais (second from right).  Seth also placed 3rd in Senior Dramatic Interpretation.  Abbie Duncan (far right) placed 3rd in Original Oratory and 3rd in Senior Duet Acting with Jessica Duncan.  The CHS Speech Team also earned 3rd Place Sweepstakes Honors. 
The CHS Speech Team competed against 52 schools from 8 different states at the 37th Annual Newman Invitational at Isidore Newman on December 11-12th.  Seth Latiolais (far left) placed 4th in Dramatic Interpretation.  Abbie Duncan (second from left) placed 4th in Duo Interpretation with her partner Grace Baum (center).  Brannigan Harman (second from right) placed 1st in Declamation and 6th in Duo Interpretation with her partner Jessica Duncan (far right) who also placed 2nd in Declamation.  The team as a whole earned 4th place sweepstakes honors.
The following students were awarded the Citizen of the Month of November at Catahoula Elementary School:
Pre-K- Kinley Hebert ~ K-Joseph Vaughn ~ Grade 1 - Aubree Guidry ~
Grade 2- Mia Bonin ~ Grade 3- Clayton Spell ~ Grade 4- Claire Savoy ~
Grade 5- Crisdany David ~ Grade 6- Harbor Pellerin ~ Grade 7- MorganBoudreaux ~ Grade 8- Corey Broussard

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