Here's an example of a recent phishing email, and some information on defending your network against malware. 

Defending Against Phishing Emails

What You Need to Know

Hi <<First Name>>,
We wanted to make you aware of a recent phishing scheme that may make its way to your mailboxes. Below is an image of an email presumably sent from DropBox about a file sent to the receiver.
In actuality, this is a phishing email waiting for you to click on the embedded link, which will then infect your machine with malware.  

Phishing emails are becoming more and more popular – here are some ways to defend against the potential malware infection that comes from them:
  1. Be mindful. it's important to remind all users not to click on a link or open an attachment unless they know who sent it and are expecting it. If something seems off, verify with the sender that they intended to send you the contents of the email.
  2. Have the right tools.Your anti-spam filter will catch the majority of threats that go through their system, but there’s always the chance that some, like the one above, may make it to your inbox. Having anti- virus and malware installed on all machines will help in the detection and removal of malware.
  3. Know your options. Proof Point and Mimecast are two anti-spam solutions that have add-on services which can help prevent an infection if the malware is sent via a link in an email. This “URL defense” will redirect all links within emails through the threat engine for analysis in real time, and block the link if it’s infected.
If you’d like to learn more about these add-on features, or discuss cyber security in general, please feel free to contact me.
Thank you,

Dan Krutoy
Principle Consultant
o: 212.282.0322
24/7 212.282.0300

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