Issue No. 30 Community Voices in Health Professional Education at UBC

august 2016

Issue 30

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Reaching over 1400 people in the community and university, this newsletter promotes patient and community involvement in health professional education at UBC.

Mentors' Wisdom Helps Students See Patients' Point of View

Sophia Park, a 2nd year medical student, spent the summer interviewing medical residents to find out what they remember from the Health Mentors Program and how it has shaped the way they treat patients now that they are in practice.

18 medical students, from the first 2 cohorts of the UBC Health Mentors program, participated in the study. Preliminary analysis shows that the students, who are now in residency programs across the country, retained a deep respect for the work involved in managing chronic disease and its impact on patients' lives outside of health care.

A key message that stuck with students is to try to keep the patient's point of view in mind. Read more...

2016 'Community as Teacher' Cultural Camps

This summer 19 UBC students from medicine, pharmacy, social work, midwifery, audiology, dentistry, and nursing took part in the 'Community as Teacher' cultural camps program to learn about the traditional lifestyles of Aboriginal Peoples. The camps are sponsored by Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children & Family Services Society and include teachings about the medicine wheel, cultural beliefs and practices.

"I believe that this camp will help me be more approachable to members of the First Nations community and innovative in my practice to find primary healthcare solutions that are tailored to the community." said one student participant.

According to camp Elders, the UBC students are good role models of life long learning for youth at the camps - an important cultural teaching. Over 180 UBC students have participated since the program began in 2006.

Working to make BC’s Health Care System Better!

The Patient Voices Network is a community of patients, families, and caregivers working together with health care partners to improve our health care system. This collaboration results in improved patient safety, better health outcomes, reduced health care costs, and better decision-making. It leads to better care experiences for patients and care providers.

What are some ways you can help make a difference?

Together, patients and health care partners know best how to improve health care. If you join the Patient Voices Network as a Volunteer, you will be able to participate in projects that aim to make health care better.

Please learn more and sign up at


Building the Bridge to Quality: A Call to Educators!

This special two-day quality improvement and health professions education conference, held just prior to the 2016 International Conference on Residency Education, will bring together thought leaders, learners, frontline clinicians and policy makers from around the world.

“The focus of this conference is to recognize there is a current gap in the quality of care – and the way we teach and train residents is a key enabler to closing this gap,” says Building the Bridge to Quality chair, Brian Wong, MD, FRCPC. 

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