Issue No. 5 Community Voices in Health Professional Education at UBC

JULY 2014

Issue 5

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Reaching over 1000 people in the community and university, this newsletter promotes patient and community involvement in health professional education at UBC.


Journal publishes article by UBC Health Mentors and students

An article co-written by mentors and students about the UBC Interprofessional Health Mentors program has been published in the July 2014 issue of the medical education journal, The Clinical Teacher.

Towle A, Brown H, Hofley C, Kerston R, Lyons H, Walsh C. (2014). The expert patient as teacher an interprofessional Health Mentors programme. The Clinical Teacher, 11: 301-306.

Health Mentors needed for September 2014!

Do you have a chronic condition or disability? Share your experiences with students in the UBC Health Mentors Program. Read more...

Video: Faculty, Mentor and Student Experiences 

Download an application form here.
Deadline to apply July 31, 2014.


Dialogue lays foundations to co-design pilot projects

A group of 13 representatives from UBC and non-profit community organizations met on June 26 to develop project ideas that will see more involvement of patients and community in health professional education.

The project ideas came from a series of research reports of interviews and dialogues with key informants from the community and university. The ideas will be developed into proposals for pilot projects at community-university dialogues planned for the Fall. The work is part of 3-year project funded by the Vancouver Foundation.


Help shape UBC's community engagement strategy

The UBC Community Engagement Newsletter will keep you updated on events, provide a platform to share your community engagement work, and provide opportunities to participate in and influence UBC's Community Engagement strategy. 

To learn more about UBC’s approach to Community Engagement, visit; to subscribe to the newsletter, click here.

Patient & Community Voices workshops reach 90+ students

The end of the 2013/2014 series of community-led interprofessional workshops is upon us. Thank you to the community educators who volunteered their time and shared their stories with UBC students!

This year's series included 6 workshops in partnership with: Positive Living BC, The UBC Aphasia Mentoring Program, The Residential School Survivors Society, BC Epilepsy Society, and the Recovery Narrative project.

92 students from over 10 disciplines (Audiology, Dietetics, Medicine, Midwifery, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Public Health, Speech Language Pathology and Social Work) took part in the workshops. Read more...

Recent Publication: Towle A. & Godolphin W. (2013). Patients as educators: Interprofessional learning for patient-centred care. Medical Teacher, 35: 219-225.

Save the Date! Allies in Health 2014

6th Annual Allies in Health Fair
Wednesday, October 29
th 2014
UBC Life Sciences Centre

The Community and Patient Fair is an annual, one-day interprofessional event that connects community-based organizations, patient support groups and individuals involved in these agencies with students and faculty at UBC. It is part of UBC’s Celebrate Learning Week.

For more information contact

View 2011 Community & Patient Fair video here.

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