Issue No.21 Community Voices in Health Professional Education at UBC

November 2015

Issue 21

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This special issue covers the 2nd international conference 'Where's the Patient's Voice in Health Professional Education - 10 years on?' 

'Patient's Voice' brings 260 to Vancouver

On November 12-14th, 260 delegates from 15 countries gathered in Vancouver for the 2nd international conference on 'Where's the Patient's Voice in Health Professional Education - 10 years on?' 

The conference featured over 150 presentations of patient and public involvement from across the globe and was well attended by patients, students, health professionals and academics alike. 

Participation of students, patients and community representatives was supported through bursaries provided by the Gold Foundation, Vancouver Foundation and Hamber Foundation. Many of the students and patients who received bursaries presented at the conference.

To view speaker presentations (powerpoints) click here.


'Patients Voice' hits twitter

Conference delegates took to twitter to share conference highlights starting with the conference opening blessing by Elder Roberta Price.

Check out conference tweets at #WTPV.

UBC Programs Applauded

In two separate plenary sessions and a workshop, UBC students, community and faculty shared their experiences with patient involvement in health professional education at UBC.

"It's [the patient's voice] part of a good education" said one student.

Panelists represented a range of programs including: Health Mentors, Aboriginal Community as Teacher, Allies in Health Fair and Patient & Community Voices workshops.

UBC programs were applauded as good examples of how academic institutions can involve patients as equal partners in the 'co-production' of education and research, a key theme at the conference.

Special thanks to: Sonja Bobovic, Stephanie Chauhan, Phoebe Cheng, Dan DeBeyer,Trevor Evangelista, Linh Huynh, Cheryl Johnson, Darren Lauscher, Kent Loftsgard, Diane Mcphee, Bonita Sawatzky, Rebecca Schnurr-Howsam, Annes Song, and Angela Towle for sharing their experiences at the conference.

Student Networking Lunch

Over 20 students took part in a special luncheon funded by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation to share innovative educational practice from across the USA and Canada.

Students talked about the impact of the patient's voice during their training, believing it helps them to see patients a partners in health care. They also expressed a desire for more patient involvement, especially in assessment, interprofessional learning and curriculum development. 

A key development was the role their student associations could play in championing the patient's voice in education. “We should feedback to faculty the importance of patient input." said one student.

Over 50 poster presentations

Over 50 posters were presented at the conference. The posters made the perfect backdrop for the conference reception. 

Check out the abstracts in the conference syllabus.

Impact & Sustainability Study

In the weeks leading up to the conference, delegates were surveyed about the impact and sustainability of patient-as-educator initiatives for a study funded by the Association for Medical Education in Europe (AMEE). Results were shared at the conference by co-investigator Jill Thistlethwaite. 

Blue areas of the map above show the countries of the delegates who responded to the survey. The majority of respondents said their programs had been running between 6 to 10 years and had grown since they began. 

The greatest growth was in the number of patients involved. Interest by patient educators, student interest and funding were the top 3 drivers while funding, workload and institutional support were the top 3 barriers to sustainability. Read more...

The Vancouver Declaration!

On the final day of the conference, over 90 delegates came together to develop a consensus statement to influence decision-makers to incorporate the autonomous and authentic voices of patients, service users, carers, family members and community representatives into the education of current and future health professionals.

The conference committee will work with the input to create and disseminate the conference statement. 

'Where's the Patient's Voice?' on facebook

Many at the conference identified a need for a network to keep everyone connected. As a first step, conference organizers have created

You are invited to use this page to network and promote the involvement of patients in health professional education.

Organizers aim to develop regional, national and international networks to share innovations and outcomes. Stay tuned!

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