Issue 12
26th January - 1st February 2013
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Sascha O. Becker's paper "Endogenous Product versus Process Innovation and a Firm's Propensity to Export" (with Peter H. Egger) just came out in Empirical Economics, 2013, Vol. 44(1): 329-354.


Kimberley Scharf will be presenting "Impure pro-social motivation in charity provision and technical efficiency: Implications for public funding of non-profit organisations" at the ESRC/HMRC/HMT Tax Administration Research Centre's Inaugural Workshop in Exeter on January 28th and 29th. 

The CAGE/CEPR conference "Long-Run Growth: Unified Growth Theory and Economic History", organised by Sascha O. Becker, Steve Broadberry, Omer Moav and Kevin O'Rourke, will take place at Scarman House on January 29th and 30th.

For more information visit:

The European Union: Crossroads
Monday January 28th
Woods-Scawen Room (ACCR)

As the crisis in the Eurozone continues unabated, and with its effects being seen and felt across the world, the key debates that face the European Union are considered to threaten all nations in today’s increasingly interconnected world. With Southern members like Greece and Spain being forced to take harsh austerity measures in order to regain ‘competitiveness’, the evident insufficiency of these attempts have brought the Eurozone to a critical crossroads. 

‘Eurocrats’ must now decide whether to pursue tighter integration, whereby core countries like Germany will shoulder a larger share of the burden, or disintegration, resulting in a symbolic defeat for the European project. In this context, the reluctance of German taxpayers to bail out Southerners, whom some regard as spendthrifts and grifters, has also raised fundamental questions about European identity. 

This talk takes place at a point where each moment may hold the making or breaking of this economic giant so we ask our experts: what is next for the European Union?

Speakers include:

Herakles Polemarchakis (Former Chief Economic Advisor to the Prime Minister of Greece / Professor of Economics, University of Warwick)
Nurşen Numanoğlu (Deputy Permanent Delegate of Turkey to the EU)
Albena Azmanova (Senior Lecturer in International Relations, University of Kent, Brussels School of International Studies)
Tony Barber (Europe Editor, Financial Times)
Anthea McIntyre (Conservative MEP)

This talk forms part of One World Week

Upcoming Job Talks & Seminars

Ann Carlos (Colorado)
1pm, S2.79
Economic History Workshop

Guillermo Noguera (Columbia)
4pm, S2.79
Junior Job Talk

Marina Halac (Columbia)
4pm, S2.79
Junior Job Talk

Tali Sharot (University College London)
2.30pm, Wolfson Research Exchange
DR@W Forum

Michel Serafinelli (UC, Berkeley)
4pm, S2.79
Junior Job Talk

Giammario Impullitte (Cambridge)
1pm, S2.77
Macro Workshop


The National Student Survey 2013 Survey opens on 4th February for all final year undergraduate students. If you teach on a final year module, please take a moment to remind students about the importance of their responding to the NSS at:
We will be emailing relevant staff with a paragraph providing more details. Also, please accommodate any student representative who might want to make a brief announcement on this at start or end of one of your lectures over the coming weeks.
Robin Naylor (DUGSE) and Jeremy Smith (Deputy HoD)

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