Issue 22
13-19 May 2013
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A round-up of what's happening in the Department of Economics this week...

Cognitive Economics Lecture Series
Cognitive economics lecture series

We are delighted to welcome Miles Kimball, Professor of Economics and Survey Research at the University of Michigan, to the department this week. Over the next five days Miles will be delivering a series of special lectures on 'Cognitive economics' for faculty and research students, including 'Defining cognitive economics', 'The price theory of happiness', 'Constructing a national wellbeing index', 'The elation theory of happiness', 'Rational expectations and infinite regress problems', 'Cognitive household finance', and 'Survey measures of preference parameters'. The lectures will take place daily between 11am-1pm in Room S2.79 (Room S0.19 on Thursday) and everyone is welcome to drop in.

Miles will also be delivering a special evening lecture for staff and students at 5.30pm on Wednesday 15 May in Room S2.79, The lecture will be based on the policy ideas he will be presenting to the Bank of England. In his paper, 'Breaking through the zero lower bound', Miles investigates ways dealing with the current economic problems, including eliminating the zero lower bound on nominal interest rates. This will be followed by a drinks reception in the Cowling Room (S2.77).

You can keep track of Miles' musings in his blog 'Confessions of a supply-side liberal'.

Happiness - Warwick Alumni Day 2013

This year's Warwick Alumni Day focuses on 'The happiness effect', with economics playing a key part in the day. Providing an economic perspective on the topic will be Tim Harford, Financial Times columnist and Radio 4 presenter, Andrew Clark from the Paris School of Economics, and Nick Powdthavee from LSE. Warwick's Andrew Oswald will moderate a panel discussion on 'The Happiness effect: from the individual to the societal' and deliver a keynote speech on 'Understanding the midlife crisis'. There will also be a Department of Economics stand in the Students Union atrium throughout the day, to showcase our work. All economics colleagues are very welcome to participate in the day and meet with Warwick alumni.

On the horizon

A Public Economics UK (PEUK) Conference on 'Administrative data in the social sciences', sponsored by Warwick, ESRC and CAGE, will take place at Scarman House on 18 and 19 June. The audience will be a mix of academics, PhD students, policymakers and practitioners. The aim of the conference is to help the ESRC identify priority research areas for future 'data' funding opportunities. If you are interested in attending part of all of the conference, please email Jane Snape.

Visiting the department this week...

This week, we're delighted to be welcoming the following academics and economists to our department: Miles Kimball (Michigan), Stephan Heblich (Stirling), Edward Cartwright (Kent), Luigi Pascali (UPF), Asen Kochov (Rochester), Pierre Chandon (INSEAD) and Marianna Kudlyak (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond). If you would like to arrange a meeting with any of our visitors, either in your office or over lunch or dinner, email Rachael Brogan.


Nick Crafts' paper, 'Long-term European economic growth: What difference does the crisis make?' has just appeared in the May issue of the National Institute Economic Review.

Kris Mitchener's paper, 'Shadowy banks and financial contagion during the Great Depression' (joint with Gary Richardson), will be published in the May issue of the American Economic Review, Papers and Proceedings.

Presentations & external events

On Tuesday 14 May, Peter Hammond will give a seminar on 'Characterising the constrained pareto efficiency properties of dynamic stochastic general equilibrium' at Carlos III in Madrid. 
Nick Crafts will be giving a presentation on ‘Economic growth: Some basic ideas and applications to the UK’ for economists at DEFRA on Thursday 16 May.

Dennis Novy will present his paper on 'Trade and uncertainty' at the University of Oxford on Tuesday 14 May and at the CESifo Area Conference on Global Economy in Munich on Friday 17 May.


Well done to Warwick Economics PhD student Andreas Mezel, who has won a place on the 2013 National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) Entrepreneurship Boot Camp to take place in Cambridge, Massachusetts in July. Andreas will receive an intensive introduction to leading research topics in the areas of entrepreneurship economics and entrepreneurial finance. Warwick professor, Chris Woodruff will be one of the academics teaching at the camp, which is funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

This week's events, workshops & seminars

Mon 13: 11am-1pm S2.79
Miles Kimball (Michigan)
Cognitive Economics lecture

Mon 13: 4-5.30pm S2.79
Stephan Heblich (Stirling)
'E-lections: voting and the internet'
Political Economy Seminar

Tues 14: 11am-1pm S2.79
Miles Kimball (Michigan)
Cognitive Economics lecture

Tues 14: 1-2pm S2.79
Edward Cartwright (Kent)
Theory Workshop

Tues 14: 4-5.30pm S2.79
Luigi Pascali (Universitat Pompeu Fabra)
CAGE Seminar

Weds 15: 11am-1pm S2.79
Miles Kimball (Michigan)
Cognitive Economics lecture

Weds 15: 4-5.30pm S2.79
Asen Kochov (Rochester)
CRETA Seminar

Thurs 16: 5.30-6.30pm S2.79
Miles Kimball (Michigan)
'Breaking through the lower zero bound'
Cognitive Economics lecture

Thurs 16: 11am-1pm S2.79
Miles Kimball (Michigan)
Cognitive Economics lecture

Thurs 16: 1-2pm S2.77
Julia Cajal Grossi (Warwick PhD)

Thurs 16: 2.30pm-3.50pm, Wolfson Research Exchange, 3rd Floor, Library
Pierre Chandon (INSEAD)
'How package design makes us fat'
DR@W Forum

Thurs 16: 4-5.30pm S2.79
Marianna Kudlyak (Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond)
'Systematic job search: new evidence from individual job application data'
Macro/International Seminar

Fri 17: 11am-1pm S2.79
Miles Kimball (Michigan)
Cognitive Economics lecture

Fri 17: 1-2pm S2.77
Tony Liu/Christina Ammon (Warwick PhD)
Macro Workshop

Sat 18: Various times - Copper Rooms 1
Tim Harford (Financial Times/Radio 4), Andrew Oswald (Warwick), Andrew Clark (Paris), Nick Powdthavee (LSE)
Alumni Day
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