Issue 5
3rd - 9th November 2012
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Distinguished Visitor Lecture
Vicky Pryce

In the first of the distinguished visitor lectures, Vicky Pryce will talk about her new book “Greekonomics: The Euro Crisis and why Politicians Don’t Get It”.

Thursday November 8th

M1, Radcliffe Teaching Centre

Economist Vicky Pryce argues that, given the flaws at its conception, the eurozone has been doomed from the very start. Politicians ignored common sense and deliberately created a system based on political not economic motives. They failed to provide firewalls for inevitable crises and placed little emphasis on practical structural reforms for the countries that needed them. It was a recipe for disaster and Europe now reaps the whirlwind.

Is it time for a Greek exit? Focusing on Greece – not only her home country but perceived as the main threat to the euro’s survival – Pryce explores the history of the eurozone, the causes of the crisis and, damning the proposed official solutions as counterproductive, suggests a way out of the current mess. 

Open to all MSc, PhD and faculty members within Economics

The Festival of Social Sciences is a nationwide event organised by the ESRC and aims to celebrate the diversity of ESRC funded research. Events are focussed on engaging the public and young people, as well as the business, policymaker and third sector communities.

Within this remit, CAGE and Warwick Economics Department are organising two events as part of this festival: 

Economics and the Real World

This special event, designed specifically for A level economics students, will demonstrate how research carried out by Warwick economists addresses real world issues.  Featuring talks from Nick Crafts, Mark Harrison, Michael McMahon, Robin NaylorKim Scharf and Daniel Sgroi the event will not only help pupils appreciate the importance of Economics but also arouse an interest in studying the Social Sciences at University. Chaired by Sascha O.Becker, the event will last for 1 hour and include the opportunity for questions and answers from the students.

Thursday November 6th

Cinema, Warwick Arts Centre

This event is by invitation only. Please contact for further information.

Religion, Gender, Education and Economics

In this lecture Sascha O.Becker will present recent research findings looking at the historic and current role of religion in influencing education and its consequences for economic outcomes.

This research, based on Prussia and Germany, shows that after the Reformation, Protestant areas put more emphasis on education, thus giving them a head-start on Catholic areas. Professor Becker will be using this as a basis to look at how religion, education and economics interact.

This lecture is free and open to all. 
Advanced registration is required. Please e-mail



Daniel Sgroi's and Andrew Oswald's paper, "How should peer review panels behave?", has been accepted in the Economic Journal.

Presentations by Department Faculty

Nick Crafts will deliver a keynote lecture on "Medium-Term Growth Projections: What Difference does History Suggest that the Crisis will Make?", at the FRESH conference at University of Groningen, Netherlands on Thursday November 8th.

Nick Crafts will present his paper, "Long-term Growth in Europe: What Difference does the Crisis Make?" at the CEPR Conference, Growth in Mature Economies in Modena, Italy on Friday November 9th.

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Upcoming Workshops & Seminars

Sean Gailmard (Berkeley)
4pm, S2.79
Political Economy Workshop

Nico Voightlander (UCLA)
1pm, S2.79
CAGE Seminar

Takashi Hayashi (Glasgow)
4pm, S2.79
CRETA Seminar

David Butler (Murdoch)
2.30pm, Wolfson Research Exchange
DR@W Forum

Pedro Gomes (Universidad Carlos III Madrid)
4pm, S2.79
Macro Seminar

Jennifer Smith has been appointed part-time Consultant at the Bank of England until May 2013. Jennifer will be working on the project "Assessing Wage Rigidity in the United Kingdom" alongside members of the Costs and Prices Team of the Structural Economic Analysis Division of Monetary Analysis.

On the Horizon

Warwick International Development Summit 2012

16th-18th November
Maths & Stats Building

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