Issue 23
20-26 May 2013
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A round-up of what's happening in the Department of Economics this week...

Happy faces
Happy people are more productive

In a business education special in the FT this week, Andrew Oswald is interviewed about the latest findings of his wellbeing research. Andrew discusses how increased happiness among employees directly impacts on their productivity, and talks about how diet and exercise improve not only health but also happiness.  In an article to accompany the business special, the FT draws on a variety of academic wellbeing research, which shows increased energy, health and productivity in contented staff, and concludes that employers and policy makers must harness the happiness effect in order to become more profitable and strengthen the economy. 

Top teaching from Robin Naylor

Congratulations to Robin Naylor who has just been named a winner of the Warwick Awards for Teaching Excellence (WATE) 2013. The awards recognise and reward staff who have had an exceptional impact on the student learning experience at Warwick. Nominations are made by students and colleagues across the University. The winners each receive £5,000 funding to spend on further enhancing their teaching practice for the benefit of students. Robin was one of three academics to win this year's award, which he will be presented with at the Summer Degree Congregation. Robin has worked at Warwick for 28 years and his teaching excellence has been recognised on previous occasions, including winning the national Higher Education Academy Student Nominated Teaching Award.

Carroll Round success for Warwick Economics students

Two Warwick Economics students were accepted to present their papers at the Carroll Round Conference at Georgetown University this year. The conference provides a unique forum for research and discussion among the world's leading international economics and political economy undergraduates. Matthew Bailey (BSc Philosophy, Politics and Economics) presented his research on 'Asset bubbles and post-earnings announcement drift in an Anchored Sentiment-regime Dependent Natural Expectations (ASDNE) framework, and Ilyas Zhukenov (BSc Economics) presented a paper on 'The Effect of EU Enlargement on International Student Mobility'. Watch out for the full feature on the Carroll Round Conference on the departmental website shortly...

In the department this week...

We are delighted to be welcoming Debraj Ray from NYU to the department this week. Debraj is one of the giants in development economics and in several areas of microeconomic theory. He will be in Room S1.136 all this week. You can email him to arrange a time to meet up at

On the horizon...

On Tuesday 11 June George Akerlof, Koshland Professor of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley will give an Economics Postgraduate Distinguished Visitor Lecture. Professor Akerlof is the author of 'The market for lemons: Quality uncertainty and the market mechanism'. He won the Nobel Prize in Economics with Michael Spence and Joseph E. Stiglitz in 2001. His most recent work introduces social identity into formal economic analysis, creating the field of 'identity economics'. Professor Akerlof will present his lecture (title of the talk to be confirmed) from 4.15-5.15pm in room M1 of the Radcliffe Teaching Centre, followed by a drinks reception where you will have a chance to talk informally. There is no need to register, just turn up on the day. 

Presentations & external events

Christopher Woodruff will be speaking at the World Bank on Tuesday 21 May on the topic, 'Identifying gazelles and their constraints to growth'.

Eugenio Proto will be presenting the paper 'An exploration into the idea of genetically happy countries' to the conference on 'New scholarship on happiness' at Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Science on Thursday 23 May.

Christopher Woodruff, Rocco MacChiavello, Robert Akerlof, James Choy and Marina Halac (currently at Columbia University and arriving at the University of Warwick in autumn) will participate in the National Bureau of Economic Research workshop 'Organisational economics meets development' in Cambridge, Mass., this week. The event is sponsored by Private Enterprise Development in Low-Income Countries (PEDL) programme, which Professor Woodruff directs for the UK Department for International Development.

This week's events, workshops & seminars

Mon 20: 4-5.30pm S2.79
Valentino Larcinese (LSE)
'Enfrachisement and representation: Italy 1909-1913'
Political Economy Seminar

Tues 21: 2-6pm S2.79
CAGE workshop: Institutions and political economy
2pm Ken Shepsle (Havard) 'Breaking rules'
3pm Price Fishback (Arizona) 'Development of social insurance and poverty programmes'
4.30pm - Debraj Ray (NYU) 'Uneven growth and social conflict'
7.30pm - dinner
CAGE Departments Workshop

Wed 22: 8.30am-6pm Scarman House
CAGE International Trade Research Day
8.30am - Xiaopeng Yin (UIBE) 'Intermediated trade, processing trade and unresolved export puzzle: Theory and evidence from China'
9.15am -Xianhai Huang (Zhejiang University) 'Intellectual property rights protection, market competition and export sophistication: The empirical study based on China's high-tech industry'
CRETA Seminar

Wed 22: 5-6pm S2.77
Price Fishback (Arizona)
Economic history workshop

Thurs 23: 2.30-3.345pm
Anandi Mani (Warwick)
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