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Djeran Ant season - April-May 2015
 Edition No 13
We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselve to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome again to the Olive Homoeopathic Newsletter.
World Homoeopathy Awareness Week

10-16 April 2015
In celebration of all those who have healed with Homeopathy.
Beginning on Dr. Samuel Hahnemann's Birthday, the founder of Homoeopathy.
42 countries around the world are active in celebrating  WHAW

12 Good reasons to use Homoeopathy
    A preparation process called potentisation removes all toxicity from each substance. It is safe for all ages and during pregnancy.
    Healing through homeopathy is a gentle process and results are often powerful and long lasting.
    Homeopathy considers and addresses the whole person.
    Remedies usually cost less than prescriptions, herbs and supplement medication.
    By boosting the immune system and overall health, homeopathy improves a person’s resistance to infections and possible illnesses.
    All homeopathic medication is tested on healthy humans.
    The remedies are given as small pleasant tasting pillules which dissolve in the mouth, through olfaction, or in liquid form. Granules, powders & drops are also available.
    A homeopath’s job is to guide you towards your own improvements in lifestyle and general health.
    Remedies can be safely used to treat bruises, minor burns, sprains, insect bites, gastric upsets and more.
    With over 3000 homeopathic remedies and new remedies being made all the time, Homeopathy is a growing health modality.
    Growing evidence of the safety and effectiveness of Homeopathy: 163 randomized controlled trials (RCT’s) have been published in peer-reviewed journals.  (source: BMJ Clinical Evidence).
    Recent research in the areas of electromagnetic fields, water and nano-particles are offering explanations about how Homeopathy’s sub-molecular medicines work.
All contents is adjusted from the WHAW website.
All contents copyright © World Homeopathy 2013

The Nyoongar Season –Djeran
Ant season (season of the adulthood) April - May

 A key indicator of the change of season to Djeran is the cooler nights that have brung a dewy presence for us to discover in the early mornings.
Bulbs and seeds are collected for food now. One plant  that is common along fresh water streams and banks around the Perth area is "Yanjidi". It is an edible root of a species of flag (Typha angustifolia) and is in season in April and May.

The broad leaves will have been burned by the summer fires which improve the taste of the root.
The starchy tubers are pounded and roasted before eating. The stems and young spikes can also be eaten.
The Nyoongar Season –Makuru -Fertility season is next.
We look forward to conversing with you again.
Until then enjoy the season.
If  you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional

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Jala Neti
Ear Candling

First Aid Kits
Helios 36 Remedy
available thru the clinic

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Homoeopathic Flu Support is designed to relieve the symptoms of Influenza.
Jala Neti
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Hair Mineral Analysis Available

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