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Birak -First summer (season of the young) December - January 2015/16 Edition No 17
We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselves to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome again to the Newsletter.
Mummy’s Little Helper Pack 

ABC mix

Homoeopathic Pain and Fever Relief
  • ABC remedy ( Aconite, Belladonna, Chamomilla 30c )
  • ABC information sheet
  • Food introduction chart for babies and toddlers
  • The Golden Book. From real mum’s and dad’s to other real mum’s and dad’s:
    • Great recipes and food tips. Gluten free options
    • Children activities to do
    • Remedy information.
Great for new mum’s, families & Christmas  

$5.00 from every sale goes to the Aurum Project Homeopathic Research into child health.

a great suprise christmas sharing time or
gift voucher

Ear candling has been practiced for more than 1500 years. The ancient Egyptians, Chinese, Sumerians, Indians, Tibetans, North American tribes, Aztecs and the Mayan cultures all practiced ear candling.
The warmth flowing into the ears from the candling softens the wax, making it easier for the smoke to gather it up and gently burn it. Energy points in and around the ear are stimulated, improving circulation to the area.
Having your ears candled aids improvement in hearing and balance. It supports reducing the frequency and severity of ear infections. It is complimentary for other treatments of ear aches, sinusitis, headaches and tinnitus. It is a great way to prepare for long flights where you can get negative effects from the changes in cabin pressure.
Ear candling is a lovely caring relaxing activity for both, the giver and the receiver. The activity takes less than an hour and the ear candles are easy to use and cheap. You can do this at home watching a good movie or on the veranda lounge at sunset on a warm summers evening together. A great way to treat each other and your children to time together
and look after your health.

The Nyoongar Season –Birak -
First summer (season of the young)
December - January
The reason that this season was called the "Season of the Young" was due to the young hatchlings and young animals becoming active and playful. They are now leaving nests and their mothers sides and venturing a little further. The Nyoongar people used this season to take their children out to teach them hunting skills on the young game. This included kangaroos, emus and swans. Then, in February we move into...
Bunuru - Second Summer, the Season the Adolescence
We look forward to sharing with you in the next newsletter.
Until then enjoy the first summer season.

If you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional.
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Jala Neti
Ear Candling

Mummy's Little Helper

$5.00 from every sale goes to the Aurum Project Homeopathic Research
into child health.

$25.00 a Pack

$9.00 a pair
with instructions or
inclusive in a session


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