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Djeran - Ant season - Midway through-May 2016
 Edition No 22

We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselves to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome again to the Newsletter.
 Argentum Nitricum or Nitrate of Silver.
Commonly called Arg Nit
I have used this remedy personally on a many occasions.
  * Especially useful when you are beginning a new venture and you are
terrified of what might happen.
  * Or from worry and hence over studying and brain fag has crept in
  * The first time you fly on a plane and are soo scared you are trembling.
  * When I was in India and indulged too much in the sweats and ended up on the toilet with loose bowels and was worried about how I was going to make it through a whole day of adventures without embarrassing myself when I couldn’t find a toilet quick enough. No problem Arg Nit eased my worries and my bowels.  With lots of gratitude and promises not to indulge ever again.
  * When your throat is soo sore from speaking or singing as you have strained your vocal cords.
The Nyoongar Season –Djeran - Ant Season 
April - May
The Nyoongar Season –Djeran
Ant season (season of the adulthood) April - May

Djeran season, at last sees a break in the really hot weather.
The winds have also changed, especially in their intensity, with light breezes generally swinging from southerly directions.
You may have noticed the flying ants in the light winds. Westerners call them white ants.
Djeran is a time of red flowers especially from the Red Flowering Gum (Corimbia ficifolia), as well as the smaller and more petite flowers of the Summer Flame (Beaufortia aestiva). As you travel around the Perth area, you may also notice the red 'rust' and seed cones forming on the male and female Sheoaks (Allocasuarina fraseriana).
In May the Banksias start to display their flowers, ensuring that there are nectar food sources for the many small mammals and birds that rely upon them.
The Nyoongar Season –Makuru -Fertility season is next. 
We look forward to sharing with you in the next newsletter.
Until then enjoy the first summer season.

If you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional.
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