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Makuru- Ant season - Midway through-July 2016
 Edition No 24
We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselves to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome again to the Newsletter.
 Arnica or Leopard’s Bane.
The Latin name being Arnica Montana.
I consider that Arnica should be in every household. An injury or shock remedy per excellence. A remedy that everyone no matter what age will need at some time in their lives.
  * Over exertion, post-surgery, sprains dislocations, knocks and falls. From the minor to the major.
  * Where there is bruising of any part of your body this remedy can help.
  * The person who has had the fall will say “I am fine” Are they really? Look at their swollen ankle. They do not want you to come too close, you might hurt the injury. They will flinch if you go to touch.
  * They are bruised, sore, the bed is too hard. Ever heard someone say the beds are hard or uncomfortable when they are in hospital?
  * A great remedy to ease the trauma both physically and mentally from a hard or fast birth. From bad news that has shocked them, such as in the case of being told someone close to you  has had a accident and is in hospital or has died.
  * A great remedy to speed recovery from any kind of operation where the ligaments, tendons, muscles or organs have been worked on. It helps with the tissue repair. It helps the traumatised person settle back into their body and then they are in a much better position to deal with their reality and life.

I hope you don't need it too often.
I hope you are enjoying the newsletters
The Nyoongar Season –Makuru -
Cold and wet time of the year (fertility season)
June – July
Makuru is a time for a lot of animals to be pairing up in preparation for breeding. If you look carefully, you might now see pairs of 'Wardongs' (ravens) flying together.
There is less of the “ark arrrrrk' song that these birds commonly make. I am going to keep an ear out for the song changes and see if I notice them.

The Black Swan of Mali are also preparing their nests
 in the reeds alongside the rivers and lakes
We look forward to sharing with you in the next newsletter.
The Nyoongar Season –Djilba-the growing season
August – September
Until then enjoy the fertility season


If you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional.
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