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Makuru-June-July 2016
Edition No 23

We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselves to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome again to the Newsletter.
Fairbridge Festival  15-17 April 2016
Australian Homoeopathic Association First Aid Tent
This year I have had the pleasure of being the Australian Homoeopathic Association First Aid Tent, AHA WA co-ordinator at the Fairbridge Festival 15-17 April 2016
This is the first year that the AHA WA has operated the First Aid Tent.
11 volunteers staffed the Aid Tent. All volunteered their time to provide homoeopathic health care services to festival patrons during the three day event.
Thank you to the team of  dedicated wonderful volunteers who gave of themselves. Without them we wouldn’t have had the First Aid Tent.
There were many conversations with the 8,500 festival patrons about how effective homeopathy is. Many people expressed gratitude that we were there and expressed their use of homeopathy in the past.  Other conversations centred around how Homeopathy may be able to help in more long term issues was shown and the AHA “Homeopathy works for me” hand out was provided to them to find a practitioner geographically near them so they could follow up with  homoeopathic support if they so desired. There was great interest in this service.
With a minimum of 1 practitioner and 1 support person on duty during each shift.
We had a total of 13 consults throughout the festival.
We were positioned on the main thoroughfare to Djindalux, the great circus tent, one of the largest music venues at the festival. So we had good exposure and great music to listen too.
A range of conditions were presented. Meeting the demands of acute prescribing while working under the constraints of a festival setting in a tent environment subject to weather condition provided the practitioners and support people with a positive unusual learning experience. Provision was made for first aid needs on wound cleaning and joint support also.
I hope to see you next year at the festival. I am hoping this will be an annual event on the AHA WA calendar and at the festival.
I would like to say thank you to
  • The AHA WA committee for their support
  • Our sponsors, Owen Homeopathic, Banovich Pharmacy, Martin and Pleasance, Emma Stanton and the AHA WA.
  • Fairbridge Festival organisers for their flexibility with our tickets.
  • Nicky Iliffe from AHA Qld, for all her sharing on Woodfords Homeopathic First Aid Clinic.
  • Again to the volunteer staff that made the First Aid Tent a success.
The Nyoongar Season –Makuru -
Cold and wet time of the year (fertility season)
June – July
Makuru is a time for a lot of animals to be pairing up in preparation for breeding. If you look carefully, you might now see pairs of 'Wardongs' (ravens) flying together.
There is less of the “ark arrrrrk' song that these birds commonly make. I am going to keep an ear out for the song changes and see if I notice them.
The Black Swan of Mali are also preparing their nests in the reeds alongside the rivers and lakes.
We look forward to sharing with you in the next newsletter.

The Nyoongar Season –Djilba-the growing season
August – September
Until then enjoy the fertility season
If you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional.
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