Olive Homoeopathic Healing Group Newsletter
Bunuru - Second Summer  - Febuary - March 2015
 Edition No 12
We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselve to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome again to the Olive Homoeopathic Newsletter. This being the 12th  Edition which concludes the second year of newsletters.
The recognition of homeopathy as a science by the scientific community has been problematic.
The paradigm that only material, physical and chemical things can be the object of science is blocking it’s recognition.
This materialism paradigm though is un-necessary for science when it suits itself.
When adversaries of homeopathy are attacking it one of their first remarks is that “there’s nothing in homeopathic remedies”. 
And in a sense they are right: there’s “no thing” in it.
Homeopathic remedies are chemically not very interesting.
BUT they have that in common with many things in our culture like, books, magnetic cassettes, CD’s and DVD’s.
CD’s are chemically all the same, but we use them for many different purposes like music, movies and software.
The similarity is that all are interesting and varied for the information that is within the carrier.
In books ink is spread on paper in such a pattern that it contains information.
On cassettes magnetic fields are impressed in special patterns.
On CD’s little holes are burnt in a special pattern.
In homeopathic remedies a pattern is impressed within the  carrier.
When we absorb this pattern of information and it is similar to our own pattern then a balancing occurs.    
An easing of our symptoms occurs.
When we listen to a CD's information and it is similar to your own pattern we experience something that is not material, physical and chemical.
We experience emotion. Now, something like the emotion of joy may  not be very scientific, but how sweet it is and how much richer our lives are for it.
This newsletter has been inspired by the homoeopath  Jan Sholten.
The Nyoongar Season – Bunuru 
Second Summer    Febuary - March 2015

Bunuru is the hottest time of the year with little to no rain and hot dry weather conditions. Much of lifes activity was centered aroundwhere t here was water thus the gnamma holes and rivers.
 The seeds of the female Zamia (Macrozamia riedlei) change from green to bright red, indicating their ripening. Traditionally these ripened red cornels were collected in the reed bags made in Birak season and a treatment process was started to remove the toxins, so that the seeds could be used to make flour in the following seasons.
The ants too become busier, gathering as many food stores as they can for when the wet weather returns. Ants provide a valuable role in aerating the ground, dragging and collecting seeds underground so that they might germinate after the rains begin in....
Djeran - Ant Season  April - May
As this is the 12th edition this newsletter also concludes a 2nd full year of Aboriginal seasonal cycles. 
I hope this has been bring you some joy.

We look forward to conversing with you again.
Until then enjoy the season.
If  you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional

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