Olive Homoeopathic Healing Group Newsletter
Bunuru - Second Summer (Season of Adolescent)
February/March 2016
  Edition No 18
We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselves to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome again to the Newsletter.
As you know one of my aims is for the general public to feel comfortable to use self help tools for their own empowerment and better health. Sometimes we forget that we kneed to share our knowledge and to be reminded of it. How often has a friend said quietly on the side to you in a time of difficulty,
" just keep breething, it will ease soon."


Prana means life force. Yama means to control or take charge.
Pranayama thus means to take charge of your life force.
Our normal breathing patterns are such that we generally only breathe into the middle section of our lungs, this is a form of shallow breathing.
Pranayama aids in extending the volume within your lungs. Teaching us to use all of our lung capacity, upper, mid and lower areas of our lungs. Learning to extend our breath, calming our mind, nerves and how to oxygenate our lungs, brain and selves.
I had the great honour to spend time learning Pranayama with my late yoga teacher Isabelle.  I found the exercises easy to do and noticed differences quickly with my nerves easing, and a greater  awareness of my breathing. There was a sense of gaining some control over myself and hence the situations I were in that were stressing me.
Here is one of the techniques that Isabelle showed me for aiding reducing blood pressure.
Brahmari or Bee Breath
Place your fingers on your ears so as to block outside sounds.
Breathe in slowly and hum till the breath is full.
Breath out without humming and relax
This is round 1
You can do 10 rounds at any given time
I am happy to aid some one with some gentle guidance in this and other pranayama breathing exercises for support in reducing blood pressure, calming the nerves and increasing the likely hood of sleep.
A session includes hand outs to take home.
Enjoy Breathing
The Nyoongar Season –Bunuru 
Second Summer  (Season of Adolescent)   February - March 2015

Bunuru is the hottest time of the year with little to no rain and hot dry weather conditions. 
(Although this year seems a little different as the weather patterns seem to be changing)
There is relief on the coast from the sea breeze
This is the time of white flowers. The Jarrah, Marri, Pricklybarks, Coastal Blackbutts and Ghost Gums all come into full bloom with their white flowers. A busy time for the native bees.
Waiting for the weather to cool a little we then move into
Djeran - Ant Season  April - May
We look forward to sharing with you in the next newsletter.
Until then enjoy the second summer season.

If you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional.
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