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Kambarang - October - November 2013
 Edition No 4
We, all life choose by our intent what we give
of ourselve to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

As October / November is the season of birth, I cannot resist to chat a little about this joyful intense time. For myself birthing has been a time where the preparation thru pregnancy culminates in a day of labour. Yes this is a "pun"
My Birthing Kit is designed to support mum and dad through the birthing process, taking  into consideration caesarean births.  Many mums say that it is the longest and hardest day of work they have ever done albeit with the best rewards.
Whether sore, bruised, needing stitches or just plain exhausted some Arnica will help here
  For the baby it is through the passage of the mother that they arrive on planet earth and continue their grounding through love and breast feeding. 
There are many remedies that can help this process go smoothly. 
Such as  the tears and confusion of the 3rd day when the  milk comes in  can be eased by Pulsatilla.
 A little Rescue Remedy and cabbage leaf application can allow the mum to relax both emotionally and physically to feed her new joy from those beautiful growing breasts.
Rescue Remedy can also be used for dad's nerves in labour when it seems not enough support for him to just say
"Your doing fine Honey"
Rescue Remedy is also great to help settle the baby if they are a little fractious after the birth and in the early weeks. This can be done by popping a few drops in the baby's bath water just before sleep time. It is a great way to drop any tension picked up through the day, settling them for a restful sleep.
Birthing Kits are avaliable through the clinic so if you know someone who is having a baby give us a ring.
Gift Vouches are available
The Nyoongar Season –Kambarang
Wildflower season (season of birth)
October - November

This is a time of striking displays of wildflowers.  Australian Christmas Tree (Nuytsia),  Acacias, Banksias Kangaroo Paw and Orchids
For the animals, October is also the most likely time of the year that you'll encounter a snake awakening from their hibernation. Many young families of birds will be singing out for their parents to feed them. Koolbardies (Magpies) will also be out protecting their babies. As the season progresses and the temperature rises and  the rains ease we move towards
  Birak -First Summer

We look forward to conversing with you via the next newsletter. Until then enjoy the season of birth.
If you are unsure or your symptoms continue then contact your health professional

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