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Djeran - April - May 2013 Edition No 1
We, all life, choose by our intent what we give
of ourselve to create collectively
what life is on this planet.
This is the legacy that we provide for tomorrow.

Welcome to the first edition of the
 Olive Homoeopathic Healing Groups' Newsletter.

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I hope that you enjoy this newsletter and all editions following. I hope that it encourages you to explore this gentle, safe and cost effective path to improving and maintaining your health.       
What is Homoeopathy and How does it work?  Homoeopathy uses herbs and minerals to restore and maintain health in an effective and safe way.  In Homoeopathy the diagnosis is on the emphasis of the individuals symptoms. No two colds are alike in symptoms, as no two people are alike.  So by matching the similarity of symptoms that you are experiencing with a remedy the immune system is stimulated and a return to good health progresses…... This is an extract from the Homoeopathy and the Respiratory System  E Book that is being launched as we speak. Please click on the link here to down load your own FREE copy Read my e book
 I am very happy for you to pass this booklet, and or, its link to your friends and any one you feel may like to explore the benefits of Homoeopathy.
 This booklet is designed as an initial educational and self help resource for respiratory issues using Homoeopathy.
 Within the E Book the Helios 36 Remedy Kit is used as the basis for the first aid support
The Nyoongar Season –Djeran
Ant season (season of the adulthood) April - May
The clinic is based in the south west of Australia. This area was originally habitated  by the Nyoongar aboriginal people. I will  be following these peoples' seasons with the newsletters as a show of respect to the Nyoongar people.  They had a seasonal calendar that includes six different seasons in a yearly cycle.  Their calendar closely followed the seasons of the areas weather, land and animal interactions.  The Nyoongar people used it as a guide for their lifes activities. For example this season we are entering now is Djeran -  The extreme  heat has left us and as the season progresses, the nights become cooler and damper along with some rainy days. Traditionally it is time to repair and waterproof  dwellings  in preperation for the following wintery months. For us it is a time to take stock with cooling nights and rug up when necessary and protect ourselves from chills. Best to check there are no leaks in the roof as well.

Services Available
Jala Neti
Ear Candling
First Aid Kits
(Helios 36 Remedy Kits)
Neti Pots for sinus  and respiratory issues
are available thru the clinic
Health fund Rebates are available for Homoeopathy
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