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People do sports for many reasons. But there are two main ones: Passion, and Competition. For some, learning the art and receiving the health benefits are enough. They are passionate about it, and love to practice it daily. Then there are some who take that passion and apply it in the ring. To compete in Muay Thai, one must be passionate about it. To ultimately test your skills, your heart, and your perseverance by stepping up and stepping in the ring.
I personally asked some of our Kombat Arts Athletes who compete in Muay Thai, “What made you decide to compete”.  For the most part, they all wanted to reach that next level in their training. They all had their own personal reasons, but the common thread was challenging themselves to become better at the sport they love.  To challenge themselves to become better mentally, physically, and spiritually. Read more.

Muay Thai Mississauga - KOMBAT ARTS - Muay Thai 4 Count Variations

Muay Thai 4 Count Variations

In this short training video Amelia and Samantha demonstrate the different variations of the Muay Thai 4 count that we use at the KOMBAT ARTS.

The key thing is to not rush through the combinations.  Make sure to have a good base and be well balanced to allow a hard kick.

You can find more drills like this in our eBook, Drillers are Killers

2X World Champion Amir Khan at KOMBAT ARTS | Boxing Classes Mississauga

2X World Champion Amir Khan at Kombat Arts

We were most fortunate to have undefeated professional boxer Mohammed Feroze Abedeen set up a meet and great with 2X World Champion Amir Khan at KOMBAT ARTS!

Amir was an awesome guest and took time to discuss his charity, training, answer a few questions, sign some autographs and take a few picturess with the fans.

We look forward to his return to KOMBAT in 2017.

Henri Hooft Workshop 2016 | Muay Thai Mississauga | KOMBAT ARTS

Henri Hooft Workshop 2016

Henri Hooft was in town on Dec 10 and we were fortunate to have him for a small workshop with our instructors and fighters.

Henri is a really nice guy and has a ton of knowledge training professional fighters in the UFC and Glory.  If you get a chance, please train with him.  Thank you Kerry Marine for setting this up.

Here Henri is being gracious enough to spar with some of the guys after the workshop.

 Intro Sparring Workshop for Boxers and Muay Thai Beginners


Want to learn how to spar safely? Check out this FREE Intro to Sparring Workshop! January 14, 2017 12 PM to 1:30 PM. Boxing and Muay Thai.

Recommended for Intermediate to Advance students, who want to try sparring.

Headgear, mouthpiece, hand wraps, 14/16 oz gloves, groin cup, shin pads (for Muay Thai) are mandatory.

Register here.

6 Stories of People Who Used Martial Arts to Save Their Lives


Practicing martial arts has numerous benefits, both for health and fitness and for self-defense. Watching martial arts movies, boxing matches, and MMA fights is a lot different than having to defend yourself on the street, where the most unexpected violence can occur. Fortunately, practicing martial arts trains your reflexes and enhances your situational awareness, allowing you to respond quickly to aggressive situations.

No matter what type of self-defense you prepare yourself with, you’ll be more capable of handling yourself if you train in martial arts consistently. Numerous stories are out there in which real-life people used their martial arts training to protect themselves; here are six who just might have saved their lives. Read more.


 Drillers are Killers E-Book


My students would come in to train by themselves or with a friend, and they would need some direction on how to train.  I would observe them running around the gym, wasting time on what they should work on.  It was really hard for me to find the extra time to spend with all of my students and give them drills to work on. It is a scrapbook of drills that was meant for our students at the Kombat Arts with all sorts of drills from Boxing, Muay Thai and Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do.  There are also a lot of conditioning drills that you will thoroughly enjoy.  All of these drills have been used in our academy. Get your copy here.

 Kombat Arts Welcome Guide


It is finally completed!  Are you a member of KOMBAT ARTS?  Then check out the new Welcome Guide.  Great stuff, for the newbies and the veterans.

Here is what you will find:

How do you stay connected with us?

What programs do we offer?

What events should you be on the look out for?

What gear do you need for the classes?

And a lot more stuff….

Click here for your copy

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