May, 2016
Dear <<First Name>>,

Have you ever felt like things are about to shift? Like you are on a precipice, about to jump into a new reality? I have had this feeling for about a week now. Granted, I have been moving in and out of fear. When I jump through the gates of ego, it feels as though I am at an all-stop. But when I move back to the place of Spirit, I feel that I am ON ON ON. Full-steam ahead! It's so strong. And the thing is, I can't imagine what this means. Nevertheless, I am guided to trust that it is happening. And I suppose that's the name of the game. Trust. Having faith that we're all on this road of shifting paradigms and of total transformation. When we are completely open to it, without the voice of ego showing its fearful head, that is when the magic of the universe unfolds.

...and so it is.

Sending Love, Light & Whole Bucket Load of Abundance your way,


"The New Normal"

This month's inspiration is a little different than usual. I am actually attaching a piece of fiction that I wrote. It's called The Tale of a Pencil. This fable is short and sweet and is laced in metaphor. It's about being who we are meant to be and not following the voice of the crowd. 

Speaking from experience, for about forty years, I used to say in my mind, "All I ever want to be is normal." Imagine having that affirmation floating in your head—and for four decades, no less. Yikes! For years, I was telling myself that I was not good enough. And I believed it too.

The truth of the matter is we were never meant to be so-called normal. Not a single one of us. We were meant to be extraordinary! We were put here on planet Earth, for whatever time frame we have, to be the best possible version of ourselves and to live at our highest potential. I just didn't know that yet. 

...But now I do.

So take a walk with me down my road to the "new" normal. The life of being weirdly wonderful.


I am currently in the EAST BAY AREA of SAN FRANCISCO, but I may not be here for much longer. So, if you are local to me, I am happy to have an in-person appointment with you, or if you are anywhere else in the world, we can get together for a session on Skype—all from the convenience of your own home!

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon!
Looking for some fiction? Check out my new blog FICTION FUN & MORE...This month I have posted the first story in a series called, The Angel in My Room. Please feel free to check it out. And feel free to email me your feedback. 

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“It may be normal, darling; but I'd rather be natural.” 
-Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's

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