July, 2014
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July is here.  It is the first full month of summer, which means it is time for activity and fun!  This seventh month of the year also celebrates the American Independence Day, Canada Day and  on the 14th, France celebrates her Bastille Day.  These three holidays can be viewed from a metaphorical perspective. They all symbolize FREEDOM. That being said, we can draw upon this idea to create a sense of Freedom in our hearts, our minds and our Souls. It is only in the egoic mind where we forget that our True Essence is in fact Free.  We are Free to accomplish whatever goals we have set for ourselves in this lifetime. Perhaps we are meant to build model cars, or maybe we are called to be an inspirational speaker.  We might wish to spend time in the garden or instead we may feel the need to dance on the beach. It doesn't matter what drives us. It only matters that we act on this internal call from our Spirit. As long as we are fulfilling whatever makes our Soul sing, we are on track for actually feeling our innate gift of Freedom.  So, go out and celebrate your life, because you are beautiful and in the most perfect sense you are Divine.

Sending Love, Light, Joy and Prosperity to all,

Mandala representing the Heart Chakra

Nurturing the Heart Chakra

The last several weeks has shown me some dramatic happenings. This so-called chaos isn't actually in my life, but rather it is surrounding it. Nevertheless, I have allowed it to affect me as though I were going through the situation myself. As I observe the events unfolding, I initially had shut down into myself, which then led to my anger coming out. Needless to say, it hasn't been much fun. However, after my cycle of emotional responses ran its course, I sat back and looked at why  brought this information to myself.  As the creator of my reality, everything I perceive is somehow a mirror for me. It is simply up to me to stop, take a breath, and look at the reasons behind this creation.

That being said, the calm voice that comes through during meditation never ceases to amaze me. In this space, I can find the answers that I am seeking.  As I opened the door to my Higher Self to come through, I was informed that it was my Heart Chakra that needed attention. The Heart Chakra is the energetic space in the center of the chest that is in charge of our loving energy.  Not simply the love for our partner or for our family, but the Divine Love for all that is in the Universe. Admittedly, my Heart Chakra in this lifetime has been more like a tightly wound ball of yarn, where the center is shielded from layer upon layer that has blocked the intensity of its True Nature. It took little convincing for me to acknowledge that this space in my Being was most assuredly what I needed to work on...


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"Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place."
-Zora Neale Hurston

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