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Migraines & Heart Openings...

Hello Lovelies,

I always write about what is relevant in my life and this last month has been an interesting one for me. You see, in my lifetime I have had maybe ten headaches. However, when I get them, they are migraines. The first time I had one, I was in college trying to get ready for final exams. Between four tests and four papers that were due, I had a lot going on and my migraine stayed with me for the entire last month of school. I had to cover an eye just so that I could focus on what the professor was lecturing about during class. Needless to say, it wasn’t fun.

Over the years, I have discovered that the primary cause for my bouts with migraines is actually because my back, neck and shoulders are in need of attention. This is known as referred pain, where the source of the pain is actually different than where it is felt. Normally, I can get a deep-tissue massage to release the knots that have built up and the headache goes away. In spite of my usual remedy, however, when the migraine returned several weeks ago, a massage or two simply wasn’t enough. This time it was back in full force and I had the nausea and the discomfort to go right along with it.

The good news is that I am a lot older and hopefully a little bit wiser than I was in my college days and now when I have pain, I certainly feel it, but I also look at it from an observational standpoint. “OK, here is pain,” I state in my mind rather matter-of-factly and then I add, “Now, what do I need to learn from this experience?” Hence, that is what I set out to do—learn more about myself.

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Sending Love and Light your way,


Quote of the Month:

“Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain."

–Robert Gary Lee

The Inviting Change Series:

In this series of four classes, we learn specific tools to help shift our consciousness. By releasing old energy that no longer serves us, we find that we can then embrace this journey through life, and see that there is so much beauty that surrounds us at any given moment. And as our gift, our first class From Fear to Grace is being offered for FREE! Come join us for these magical four evenings.

Every Wednesday evening in April
6pm PST/9pm EST
Or if you cannot make it, listen to the recording at your own convenience.

For more information, please visit:

*To learn more about Karen Hager,
please visit her site at

Just for Ladies:

I have GREAT news! After its long hiatus, I am re-launching the monthly Just for Ladies: Awakening the Divine Feminine Group! In this group, we explore our Feminine aspect. While every session will be slightly different depending on what is coming through Spirit, we will work through various exercises that may include individual & planetary energy healing, breath work, connecting with Goddess symbolism, sharing with one another, chanting, various intuition development exercises, and so on. As we practice, we will begin to rediscover what is rightfully ours by birth— our powerfully nurturing, intuitive, emotional Selves!

Come join the fun!
Held on the last Tuesday of every month.
6pm - 8pm

       For more information, please visit

What's Happening This Month:

Friday, April 12th
The Monthly Shamanic Journey Circle
6pm - 8ish

Tuesday, April 30th
Just for Ladies: Awakening the Divine Feminine
6pm - 8ish

The following are offered by appointment:

Intuitive Guidance
Explore your own Intuition Workshop
Guided Meditation Class
Meditation and Nature Class
Private Shamanic Journeying Class
All levels of Reiki Classes
Komyo Reiki
(this is a 2-day workshop for
Reiki Masters only)
Distant Healing Session

For more information on all my classes, please visit

A Higher Perspective:

Were you able to catch my conversation about seeing things from a Higher Perspective with Karen Hager on her Out of the Fog Radio show? If not, the recording has been posted and you can listen to it in your own perfect timing. Please note the page says "click here to listen" but that link was for the live show. The podcast is on the upper right-hand corner underneath the social networking links.

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