March, 2015
Dear <<First Name>>,

The Spring Equinox is approaching the Northern Hemisphere in a few weeks and that means that life is beginning to rebirth itself again. The cherry blossoms around town are already in full bloom, while the leaves on the exposed trees of the colder months are just beginning to make themselves known to us for the upcoming season. Soon we shall see the pitter-pattering of tiny animals being born from many species.  In fact, just a few weeks ago, I bared witness to some young finches taking their first flight. One after the other, they all managed to soar from the nest that is in my patio overhang. It was a wondrous site to behold.

That being said, Springtime can be viewed as a metaphor for the rebirthing of ourselves. We, too, are about to take flight into new and better versions of our previous selves. This is the time of year when lighter clothes are being brought out from their long winter nap, which means it is time for us to lighten up, as well. Keeping that in mind, the Equinox of March is the half way point between winter and summer and on the 20th, both day and night will be of equal length. This symbolizes the balance between the masculine and the feminine energies that we all have. This is an opportunity to be both contemplative from our Feminine sides and action-oriented from our Masculine sides. Balance is the key.

So, remember to check in with yourself. Do you need to sit quietly or do you need to get up off the couch in order to do something.  A little of both will go a long way. 

In Gratitude to you,


Stepping Outside the Box



Over the course of about a year, I had been captivated by a particular pair of earrings.  I repeatedly picked them up to gaze at them.  They were pretty and I liked them, but I inevitably would put them down once again. I told myself that they weren't really "me." After thirty years of keeping my lobes a dangle-earring-only zone, I didn't feel it was a good idea to step outside the box to try something new. Nevertheless, these small earrings captured my attention and I couldn't seem to get them out of my mind... 


Tuesday, March 17th is our next group session.
So, come join the fun! 

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What's Happening This Month:

The following are offered by appointment—both in person and on Skype:

**Affordable Reiki Sessions

**Ladies Reiki-Energetic Healing Circle

**Private & Group
Shamanic Journey Sessions

**Intuition Workshop

**Private & Group Meditation & Nature Walks

**All levels of Usui Reiki

**Komyo Reiki

(this is a 2-day workshop for Reiki Masters only)

**Lightarian Reiki
(advanced training for Reiki Masters only) 

**Booster Attunements

**Distant Healing Sessions


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Quote of the Month:
“Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box.” 

―Deepak Chopra

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