September, 2014
Dear <<First Name>>,

September brings the Autumnal Equinox to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, and along with it, a shifting energy will move through our consciousness. It is one of the two days of the year where day and night are of equal length. This can be viewed as a balance between the Masculine of the Daylight with the Feminine of the Night and the balance between the Masculine and Feminine within ourselves. After the 22nd, Autumn will be upon us and with each new day, the darkness of Night will expand offering us the nurturing energy of the Feminine. The growing Night gives us a time to reflect, to move within, in order to explore the Divine Wisdom that rests within us just waiting to be tapped into.

Furthermore, t
he Fall Season is a time of gathering. It is a time of reaping the benefits of the seeds that we have sown. We can harvest not only our crops, but our inspirations, leading to our abundance on all fronts, from physical, mental/emotional to Spiritual Abundance. That being said, allow yourselves the manifestation of all that you have intended over the last months of Spring and Summer. We are the creators of our destiny and this is the time when our creative force pulls together into our perceptive reality.  

...And so it is!

Sending Love, Light, Joy and Prosperity to all,


The Abundance Consciousness

When we think of abundance, we usually focus on money, but abundance encapsulates much more than this one form. Like everything else, abundance is energy. Since each of us creates our reality, when we focus on its opposite, or lack consciousness, we will receive from the Universe exactly what we are creating—more lack. When we focus on the abundance that surrounds us at every turn, we can then begin to see our world through the eyes of our innate Abundance Consciousness.  

At this point, you may be thinking, "Yea, yea...easier said than done!" I know. I have been there myself. I tried thinking positively about money. I repeated every affirmation under the sun in order to increase my finances
—all to no avail.

When it came to money, I didn't truly believe that my thoughts would actually create more money, so they didn't. In other words, it is the feeling behind the words that actually creates your reality. I clung so tightly to my lack consciousness that my belief in this reality continued creating more poverty. Who wants that?



What's Happening This Month:

The following are offered by appointment—both in person and on Skype:

*Private & Group
Shamanic Journey Sessions

*Intuition Workshop

*Private & Group Meditation & Nature Walks

*All levels of Reiki Classes

*Komyo Reiki
(this is a 2-day workshop for Reiki Masters only)

*Lightarian Reiki
(advanced training for Reiki Masters only)

*Booster Attunements

*Distant Healing Session

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Quote of the Month:
"Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into."
-Dr. Wayne Dyer

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