January, 2014
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Let There Be Light

Over the holidays, I took a sojourn to my home town of San Francisco. I hadn't been there in a couple of years and I felt drawn to explore Ocean Beach. Several times it beckoned me as I found myself traversing the beach, both in mid-morning as well as in the afternoon. However, it was my morning trek at dawn that sparked my attention the most. As night began turning into daytime, even before the sun rose above the skyline, it announced itself that it was coming, by gently sending out light above the horizon, making it easy for me to see. The moon was still shining above too, and I felt connected to this "in-between" time.

As I made my way across the beach, I spent time grounding with Mother Earth, connecting with both the grains of sand below me and deeper still with the core of the Earth itself. Paying attention to the ground, I couldn't help but notice all the footsteps that were there before me. I compared my own lighter steps with the marks left by a man. His feet were so much larger than my own and his step was very deep. Initially, I thought he might have a hard walk, but then I realized that when I ran, my footprints were much the same. He had been jogging on the beach before I got there...




If you are already a Reiki Master, but wish to further develop your skills, then Lightarian Reiki may just be what you are looking for. With the guidance of the Ascended Master Buddha, this version of Reiki taps into the broader spectrum of Reiki energies, offering six new bands of energetic vibration. It opens new doors of Awakening and expands our healing awareness and abilities, as well. Six levels of Lightarian are available in a four-session period for those of us who wish to deepen our connection.

Must be a Usui based Reiki Master


One must either must be a Karuna Reiki Master OR a Buddhic Boost Attunement is available to increase your vibration, readying you for the Lightarian levels.

For more information, please visit my site at - Lightarian Reiki.


What's Happening This Month:

The following are offered by appointment—both in person and on Skype:

*Intuitive Guidance

*Intuition Workshop

*Guided Meditation Class

*Private Shamanic Journeying Class

*Private Meditation & Nature Walk Class

*All levels of Reiki Classes

*Komyo Reiki
(this is a 2-day workshop for Reiki Masters only)

*Lightarian Reiki
(advanced training for Reiki Masters only)

*Distant Healing Session

For more information on all my classes, please visit

Quote of the Month:

"Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the Light.”
-Norman B. Rice

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