March, 2017
Dear <<First Name>>,

Spring is in the air. It's just a few weeks away. The flowers are blossoming and so are we. The social climate around the world has given us an opportunity to look within to see what exactly is going on out there. More to the point, what exactly is going on in there. It has been a wild ride, but it all has purpose. All of it. The good, the bad and the ugly. It's all here for a beautiful reason. It's up to us to unwrap the present so that we may see the gift inside. 

For this month's e-Newsletter, I have written an article about a personal paradigm shift and a piece of fiction that goes along with this same idea. I invite you to check them out and share them if you are so inclined.

With much gratitude, I send you much Love and Light,

"All you need is Love."

― John Lennon 

"Loving Our Enemies"

Whether one is religious or not, we have all heard the words from the Bible, "Love your enemy." The New Testament has been preaching this sentiment for a couple of millennia now. That's a very long time. Yet, we haven't really seemed to learn the lesson. I know for myself, the nano-second after I heard that Donald Trump was going to plunge into the world of politics and make a bid for the White House, I jumped off the proverbial precipice into a free fall of seemingly never ending despair. Sure, I have disagreed with politicians before, but never in my wildest dreams, did I consider becoming an expatriate, because of the person sitting in the so-called leader-of-the-free-world chair. Not even once! That all changed on Election Night. Early on, somewhere deep down inside, I had a feeling that this guy was actually going to make it to the highest chair, in the highest office of our country. Much to my chagrin, I was right. Needless to say, it made me sick inside.


Fiction Fun...

We The People

I’m a protector. Not by trade. I don’t get paid or anything. It’s more like my DNA has a code embedded within every cell that automatically tells my brain to jump in when someone needs help. It’s true. That’s the way I was built. Some people are driven to be culinary masters, others have a calling to be prolific composers, or master artisans. They couldn’t do anything else, because those aspects of themselves were planted into their beings long before they were born. That great chef was always going to be a chef. It’s a part of him. And when needed, I am driven to lend a hand.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not Wonder Woman or Super Girl. I don’t jump into a phone booth to change into super-hero attire. My days of wearing skin-tight cat suits are long over. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t want my fifty year old bulges to pop out in every direction. I’m just your average run of the mill 5’6, long-blonde haired woman, who happens to don stylish urbanite clothing—and who from time to time helps those who can’t help themselves...


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