June, 2013
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Loving Your Inner Child

A few weeks ago, my father sent me some things in the mail.  One of which was a picture of myself when I was thirteen years old.  I took one look at my eighth grade class photo and nearly died from embarrassment.  I have loathed that picture for the last thirty-four years.   My first reaction was to rip it into shreds, but something inside me kept me from doing so.  Instead, I placed it next to my laptop with the intention of shredding it later.

For the following two days, I picked up the image of my former self over and over as I was drawn to stare it, only to put it down again with the intention of tearing it up into teensy weensy pieces at some point in the future.  After repeating this same pattern for what seemed like 897 times, I decided to look within and figure out what this was all about.

I sat upright in yogic position, propping the pillows behind me so that my back would be comfortable.  I closed my eyes and asked the Universe what I was here to learn from all this dilly-dallying I was doing.  I mean really—how many times was I going to be picking up this picture?  It was during the journey space where I was guided to place the image center stage on my altar, adjacent to my heart painting that I already had there.  I saw an image in my mind’s eye of my photo sitting on top of something square, making it appear to be its own mini-altar and I was next told to put my pink heart-shaped rose quartz crystal in front of the image.  Lastly, the Universe conveyed rather matter-of-factly to send that child who once was me, Love so that I could in turn feel it now in the present.

What fascinated me most was that this all seemed like heart-felt information, but I felt absolutely nothing.  Quite often during the journey space, I have an emotional response, but for this session I had no emotional attachment one way or the other.  However, I know full well that it is a whole lot better to do what Source is guiding me to do, so I did just that.

I gathered all my materials, including a rectangular yellow calcite that I had just purchased and placed the kid me on top of it, with the rose quartz anchoring the front of the image.  I then took the liberty of being creative and added an amethyst below the pink stone and in front of that I added a beautiful pink and silver metallic butterfly that I have.  I figured the butterfly was a metaphor for my own transformation and the amethyst represented the Divine Self within. 

As many of you may realize, rose quartz has the highest vibration of Love energy.  As I gazed at my creation and realized that this heart-shaped crystal sat directly in front of my former self’s heart chakra everything started to change.  What happened, you might ask?

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20% OFF

Every June 1st (that's today) I have the pleasure of reveling in yet another year of life on this planet as me! Yippee!  To celebrate, I am offering 20% off all Reiki Classes as well as the Intuition Development Class for the entire month of June.  Why not?  It's my birthday after all and I want to share it with YOU!  
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What's Happening This Month:

The Shamanic Journey Circle
2nd Friday of the Month
Open to all levels
3rd Friday of the Month
Open to Intermediate & Advanced Levels
6pm - 8ish

Every Saturday morning
Meditation and Nature Walk Class

The Last Tuesday of the Month
Just for Ladies: Awakening the Divine Feminine
6pm - 8ish

The following are offered by appointment--both in person and on Skype:

*Intuitive Guidance
*Intuition Workshop
*Guided Meditation Class
*Private Shamanic Journeying Class
*Private Meditation & Nature Walk Class
*All levels of Reiki Classes
*Komyo Reiki
(this is a 2-day workshop for Reiki Masters only)
*Distant Healing Session

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Quote of the Month:

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

-The Buddha

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