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May 13th Salon's Guest is Architect Michael Green

Architect Michael Green

I'm pleased to announce the May Raincoast Creative Salon guest - innovative architect Michael Green, TEDtalk presenter in February 2013 and advocate of wooden skyscrapers.

"I'm personally interested in real diversity, looking specifically at projects that have social conscience to them and an environmental perspective".

We'll meet for drinks and appys and then listen to architect Michael Green present and discuss an interesting riddle: why are buildings made of wood only a few stories high when trees found in nature are remarkable for their height? 

Of course there'll be a creative angle to this as well. You KNOW we can't get together without creating something! And you might very well guess that it will involve wood.

Email me for the EventBrite link. As with all the Salon evenings, space is limited!

The Big Web Show Podcast

Do you listen to podcasts? I recently listened to the Big Web Show interview with Tina Roth Eisenberg of Swiss Miss and Creative Mornings fame. I was lucky to hear Tina speak in person last August at ALTNYC. Always inspiring. 

Here are three quotes from that interview that have stuck with me:

"Surround yourself with smart, passionate, driven people".

"Face to face conversations are different".

"Real connections are not made behind a screen".

Some of the reasons behind the genesis of Raincoast Creative Salon.

(By the way, if you don't yet attend Creative Mornings, do it! Designer Mark Busse does an amazing job of stickhandling them each month. And it's a wonderful group of attendees - I ALWAYS meet someone new and interesting and creative). 

What IS Raincoast Creative Salon?

A series of small creative gatherings introducing you to cool artists and interesting people in a social and informative setting.
Think musical performances, dance, play-readings, magic, lectures - whatever I find that I KNOW will inspire, challenge, and entertain.

Calling all creatives!

Are you a smart, creative maker and/or lover of artsy things and good design? A positive go-getter who makes things happen?

Enjoy good conversation and banter about all sorts of topics?

Need a jolt of energy from local graphic designers, writers, photographers, artists and other creatives?

Then Raincoast Creative Salon is for you. 
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April Salon cocktail
Rosa of Flutter Flutter

The April 9th Salon

Gabriel - the Artful Desperado
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