The Star Thrower: Wherein Loki teaches about making a difference.
Orange Cat Blues

"The Star Thrower" Orange Cat Blues Comic Strip

The Star Thrower

Loki stands on the beach tossing starfish into the ocean. Another cat stops jogging to watch, then asks: What are you doing, kid?

Loki: Saving da starfishies.

Grownup Cat: You’re wasting your time, there must be thousands of starfish! You could spend all day on this beach and it wouldn’t make a difference!

Loki (holding up a starfish): I bet it makes a difference to dis one!

Loki goes back to tossing the starfish back in the ocean. The Grownup Cat joins him, and a dog walking on the beach approaches….

The Backstory

Homage to an essay by philosophical anthropologist Loren Eiseley. I posted a version of this last week to (hopefully) inspire people to Help Miss Lillian get back on her Feet. The auction is over, but you can still help by sending a gift via You Caring. She has made tireless efforts to help animals in need on the internet for years, so your help would most certainly be paid forward many times over.


Following a massive redesign by Zazzle, one of the places Orange Cat Blues and Art for Geeks have a combined shop, I've redesigned the Orange Cat Blues and Art for Geeks blogs. I used last week's Power Posing poster as a basis for the comic strip in the shop banner since it reflects geekery, cats and social issues. I went with a silly old Ensign Fraidy comic strip with Lil Cthulhu at the Art for Geek's website on a background of papyrus just for something different.

I loved how the starfish comic turned out so much that I used it as a basis for the whole theme at Orange Cat Blues. The combination of innocence and poignancy is just what I want for Loki's website, especially considering the book I'm trying to get out by October. And it was time to remove the Rainbow Bridge header.

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Art for Geeks and Orange Cat Blues are now available on Instagram. I'm not sure how much you'll be able to read on those tiny images but I thought I'd play with it!


"Moon" by Pet Serrano

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Cat Reading

The Star Thrower: This volume includes selections that span Eiseley’s entire writing career and provide a sampling of the author as naturalist, poet, scientist, and humanist.

“Loren Eiseley’s work changed my life” (Ray Bradbury).
Introduction by W. H. Auden.
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