Which of our blogs got BURNED? What is "Making Things with Starstuff"? Wanna see and excerpt from the next book? Check here!
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Notes from Loki's World

Imagine What You Might Find during Read an Ebook Week


Pet is GONE!

Well, sort of. Most of my gallery traffic was coming from Pinterest and the blog attracted Ukrainian hackers on a daily basis. Since I've never been comfortable blogging as a serious, grownup human, anyway, and always just wanted to post pictures, I deleted it. BOOM! GONE! Just like that. Threw it in the May Day bonfire. In its place is a clone of the simple, mobile-friendly splash page I just finished for Loki's website,

From now on this newsletter is the place to get Art for Geeks news, as well as Loki's news and Making Things with Starstuff. If you just want an email when I upload five pieces of fine art for sale or license to Pixels/FAA, I have a mailing list at I haven't used it yet but I can't turn off the option so that's probably what I'll do with it.

What's Making Things with Starstuff?

My son's new blog, Making Things with Starstuff, is for Toddler geeks. It's science experiments, activities, pop-culture and crafts for little kids. I'm not Mommy-blogging so there won't be any articles on our family life (not that there's anything wrong with people who do that), and I'm not trying to get sponsors so the photos aren't going to be very well staged (not that there's anything wrong with people who do that).

No comments are allowed on Loki's Blog or Sagan's Blog, so barring any hacking both sites are/will be family-friendly to most. I can't say the same for social media sites I can't control like Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Licensing Site and Self-Pub Discount

Much of my portfolio is becoming available for Rights Managed commercial license from my gallery's new licensing area at, but see Loki's Blog for info on the Royalty-Free self-publishing discount. 350 Planets, optical illusions and 50 Happy Cats are all available for license for cover backgrounds or illustrations.

See you next time!
Loki and Pet

Oh, before you go, here's an excerpt from Where No Cat Has Gone Before:


Loki and Fraidy scurried past some dark but open rooms with force-field generators, the kitchen, and something resembling a giant bathroom before they saw a sign for the gym and the bridge.

As they were about to pass the gym doorway, a pig waddled out, touching up her lipstick. She looked them over. They looked her over.

"Huh," she said.

"Hi, " Loki said, "I'm, um, Loki. And this is...."

"I'm Aphrodite," she interrupted, "How did you get in here?"

"Magic beans," Loki said. The pig stared at them again.

"Interesting," Aphrodite said, finally.

"I thought so."

She sighed. "I suppose you're looking for some balloons or something?"

"Uh, yeah."

"A red one!" Fraidy said.

"They're all in the gym. That way, next to the bridge," she said, waddling past them.

"Aren't you supposed to try to stop us?"

"I don't get paid enough for that. But if Orco sees you, I didn't," she said, heading for the kitchen, "I'm on my way to lunch."

"Thanks!" Fraidy said.

"Whatever," sighed the pig, waving her hoof....


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