Power Posing: Wherein six Super Animals demonstrate Power Poses.
Orange Cat Blues

"Power Posing" Orange Cat Blues Comic Strip

Power Posing

Studies show posing like a superhero raises your confidence, but you may want to consider your role model carefully.

The Backstory

I watched a TED Talk by Amy Cuddy last year which outlined a study she and a colleague did on how "Power Posing" increased testosterone (confidence and risk-taking) and decreased cortisol (stress). This made sense to me as a student of Happiness because for some time science has known smiling makes you happier.

What jarred me into satire, however, is that the media have dubbed one of the poses the "Wonder Woman". She's the only female superhero I can think of who poses in a power pose, and only in the 1970's on TV. Everyone else either has detachable rib cages and hips or they look like they're doing the pee-pee dance my son does when he doesn't want to stop playing to use the potty. Go ahead and compare the Women of Marvel Heroes merchandise to the Men of Marvel.

So, aside from a vintage promo still of Lynda Carter, women will generally need to model their power poses on male characters, athletes, celebrities, politicians and businessmen to get the same benefit from Power Posing.

It's ridiculous, but there it is.

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