TMI Rabbit: Wherein we find out why the White Rabbit is always late.
Orange Cat Blues

"TMI Rabbit" Orange Cat Blues Comic Strip

TMI Rabbit

Wherein we find out why the White Rabbit is always late.

7 AM Posts photo of offsprings' litter-training progress on Facebook.
7:20 Uses EZ Pass to skip the tolls.
7:23 Gets gas discount with loyalty card.
7:30 Becomes Mayor of Moarbucks on Foursquare.
7:34 Posts Van Gogh-style cronut photo on Instagram.
7:35 Sends picture of first bite of a cronut to group on Snapchat.
7:37 Receives notification of automatic payment for unused gym membership.
7:45 Pins DIY infographic on how to make fake cronuts out of Peelsbury dough on Pinterest.
7:48 Reblogs LOLcat's reaction to finale of Kitten Nightmares on Tumblr.
8 AM Tweets: "The government has been tracking us online?! Oh, my ears and whiskers! Outrageous!"
8:05 Asks if anyone on Google+ knows how to get on a waiting list to buy Google Glass.

The Backstory

Not my usual style, but I needed something related to the Mad Tea Party for this messy thing about PRISM. TMI is txtspk for Too Much Information.

(We're all mad here.)

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