The Real Story: Wherein Loki reenacts what really happened on Mount Doom.
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"The Real Story" Orange Cat Blues Comic Strip

The Real Story

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King of Eagles: Greetings, Frodo! I’m here to fly you back to Rivendell!

Loki (as Frodo): Wait! You could have flown here the whole time?

King of Eagles: Of course! You’re the winner of Survivor: Middle Earth.

Loki (as Frodo): WHAT?!

Loki (as Frodo): So, my life is just someone’s idea of entertainment?

King of Eagles: All will be explained shortly–

Loki (as Frodo): I don’t believe this! I spent six months walking to Mordor in my bare feet!

King of Eagles: I just need you to sign this release form giving us full broadcast rights.

Loki (as Frodo): Are you out of your mind? What if I refuse?

King of Eagles: Then we’ll autotune the outtakes into a crappy music video.

Loki (as Frodo): SWEET!

The Backstory

If you've seen or read the Lord of the Rings, this should explain itself. If you haven't, just chalk it up to how geeks get caught up in logic and plot holes, or how much the cartoonist hates unscripted TV given how good it can be when someone plots it out 5 years ahead of time.

This poster/greeting card is only available at Fine Art America. Zazzle's humorless computerized filter system is unable to tell the difference between parody and intellectual theft, and their human representative thought my cat looked too much like Frodo. I don't have enough clout to raise a public relations stink so I'm moving on.

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