Baloney Detection Kit: Wherein Loki surprises Gen by going out to do the grocery shopping.
Orange Cat Blues

"Baloney Detection Kit" Orange Cat Blues Comic Strip

Baloney Detection Kit

Wherein Loki helps by purchasing the groceries.

Loki (to Gen) : Good morning! I already gotted da groceries! Don't worry, I readed da labels. Is all healthy!

Labels read: Sugar: Fat free!, No carbs! Bucket o' Lard, 99% free of bacterial pesticide genes corn, gluten-free salt.

Loki: No need to thanks me now! I'll be enjoying my HFCS-free chicken in da garage wif my new invisible dragon.

More labels: Local mudpies: full of essential minerals, Organic poison ivy.

Gen: I need to get that kid a baloney detection kit.

The Backstory

I took May off for my annual mental reboot (and Mother's Day, gardening, studio cleanout, visit from parents, son's birthday, doctor appointments....). Among other goals, I stopped drinking soda and started looking around for what else I could fix. At the market, I picked up a box of sugarcubes for my tea and noticed it said they were "fat free".

What difference does that make? Everyone should know by now sugar turns to fat faster than fat does. But we don't, do we?

I felt insulted. I'm having tea now without sugar and I got a comic strip out of it, so I can't complain. So there, sugar company, your weasel words had the opposite effect on at least one person. It's too bad you're killing so many other people with them.

On another note, for some reason I didn't have Loki speaking LOLspk in the first draft of this one! I don't know why that happened, some subliminal thing, maybe. Should I switch to English or keep the babytalk/LOLspk? Let Loki know on Twitter.

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What's this about an invisible dragon and a baloney detection kit?

Read more about critical thinking and invisible dragons in Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark by Carl Sagan.

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