Wherein Loki rides an elephant. Plus free Egyptian lessons!
Orange Cat Blues
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Wherein Loki has a confrontation with his teacher.


Back to School Continues...

COLORING PAGES! Download educational Loki cartoons for coloring. Free. Yup. Free! Start with the short "e" in Elephant.

"M" is for "Cat"

Learn to read and write Ancient Egyptian starting with how to write "mioo", or "cat". Technically geared toward 7 to 9-year-olds, but if you're curious and have a coffee break coming go ahead and give it a try. Besides, how much older will you be in a year if you don't learn Egyptian? Again, free. Whether I continue depends on interest, so tell your friends and teachers you know. Lessons are available on Tumblr, Pinterest, Flickr and the blog.

Real comics are coming back soon, and the Etsy shop should start getting back up to speed next week. Etsy now allows variations so I can offer cheaper options but it's going to take a LOOOONG time to edit everything!

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Art for Geeks Roundup

Introducing Water Studies, Lost Art and Star Maps.

Last week's blogs:
Virgo Sun
Libra Sun
This is how the stars would look facing Earth’s sun from Alpha Librae in the constellation Libra.
Water Studies
Oxygen Molecule
Oxygen molecule chemistry art
Sweetest Tongue Has Sharpest Tooth
Isis and Child
Isis and Child from an original papyrus painting.
Abstract Water Studies
Redshift Wormhole Trip
An optical illusion painting that appears to move.
To Asgard: 350 Planets No. 5
Three Kings' Day
Number 6 in the 350 Planets series.

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