Rebooting: Wherein Loki and Pet give updates on how the website reboots are going.
Orange Cat Blues
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Reboot Rolling Along

I periodically delete my blogs and reboot them. This year I razed everything and started from scratch to make things more mobile-friendly. I also decided to organize my files on a spreadsheet, thinking I must have about 300 or so and maybe 50 that weren’t posted. I found out this week after deleting duplicates, bad ideas, rejected iterations and small files created for sharing, I have 1037. (Read More....)

Here's what Loki thinks about it

As yoo prolly know, dis yeer Primate doing reboot of mai blog and hurs, and Etsy shop, and Zazzle shop, and Gallery, etc. (I not putting all da links in) —>

Just dids a massive sort of old art files to do proper backup of high-resolution only. Backup dere nao has several copies of efurrything in different sizes and effurywhere frum sketches to rejected versions. (Read More....)

So anyway:

This is why my ramp up is taking so long. I completely misjudged how many files I had to sort so it's taken half a year instead of a month to get to a point where I can even see the end! But i decided it's OK to share embarrassing unfinished work so here is an old sketch:

Wassamatta? Can't Sleep?

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Tumblr Update!

Tumblrs for Orange Cat Blues, Art for Geeks, and Loki's Reblogs have been updated (and in some cases created) with a consistent theme and large, mobile-friendly type.


Twitter Account not yet Authorized


"Sun" oil painting


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Secret Subscriber News for the future:

I'll be deleting the weird, unpopular, OLD things that show up as "popular" in my Zazzle shop. o_O
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