Newsletter June 2020
In this issue:   New Normal  - Build Back Better-  Climate Action Website -Green Drinks- Exmouth Eco Hub - Schools Tree Planting- Active Travel Opportunities - Sustainable(ish) Pop Up Festival - Exmouth Wildlife Group 
So much has changed in the last couple of months as well all find our way into the "New Normal" , and try to work out how to make it better than the old status quo. 
Like many, the TrEx Umbrella group have been affected by   illness, isolation, home schooling , working from home and losing work.  Like many, we have  been on a vertical learning curve with new technology and the more traditional skills of of gardening and DIY.  Our hearts go out to all those affected by the pandemic. 
The TrEx Umbrella group have been working on the First Steps Climate Action website and the Exmouth Eco Hub.  We are working with the Town Council on applications for the new Active Travel grants.  We have attended online conferences and started virtual Green Drinks.  Read on to find out how you can join us , even in these strange times. .

The Build Back Better UK campaign, temporarily based at Green New Deal UK is supported by a variety of green NGO's, social justice campaigns, health workers and international development organisations.  
"Let’s not go back to normal. It’s time for a new deal that protects public services, tackles inequality in our communities, provides secure well-paid jobs and creates a shockproof economy which can fight the climate crisis."
There are 5 demands:
  1. Secure the health of everyone into the UK now and in the future – that’s not just health care but enough good food, housing, enough energy to heat it, job security and clean air.
  2. Protect and invest in our public services – including paid and unpaid social care, schools and colleges, rescue services, early years care and local authorities
  3. A Green New Deal, decarbonising our economy in a way that tackles inequality and creates thousands of new decent jobs in transformative green industries.
  4. Invest in people. Rather than bailing out banks and corporations, ensure that people and communities are better off and have more say in their future
  5. Build solidarity and community across borders. Our future depends on prosperity and safety in poorer countries many of which are only beginning their fight against Covid-19. We should aim to end global injustices, conflict and environmental degradation, share technology and finance where needed
Join at and follow and share @BuildBackBetterUK on Fb @BuildBckBetter on Twitter.

Name that Website ! 

One thing we've seen from Covid is that every website has the space for a  banner headline saying "What we're doing  in the current Emergency" .    Post-Covid , let's see that  space featuring "Here's what we can do about the Climate Emergency" .   

Later this year Transition Exmouth will be launching the " first steps to climate action " website .  
- but is that what we are going to call it ?  What do you think ? 

A sustainable future involves eco-friendly actions and strong local economies in resilient communities.   The website  will give steps people can  take towards a zero carbon lifestyle, along with links to local businesses and groups who can help. 
The site will start with  first steps which people can take quickly  , such as switching to renewable energy and  ways to avoid food waste,  and also inlude links to national and international organisations for people who want to find out more. 
Exmouth Town Council  are funding the initial site and will be sharing it,  and we now have interest from EDDC and DCC  Councillors too, so this is a fantastic way of reaching the whole community , even people who don't necessarily "identify" as "green" .

If you have any ideas for a good name , or would like to be part of the focus group which will review the website before it goes live,   please let us know


Like so much else , Green Drinks has moved over to Zoom. 
Pete Youngman of East Devon AONB will kindly be talking to us about ‘Building a home for Greater Horseshoe Bats’ on Thursday June 4th . 

The talk will cover this rare species in an East Devon and Devon context, their habitat needs,  and building an ‘ideal’ roost.
Pete will be taking questions afterwards

Please email us if you'd like to join the meeting, and we will send you a link and details of how to join in
The government have given local councils a month in which to apply for active transport grants . Although these are for temporary measures, they represent a great opportunity to see what Exmouth could look and feel  like as an Active Travel Town. 
The TrEx transport group are working with the Town Council on proposals for securing funding . Suggestions so far include making the Seafront, Summer Lane and Withycombe Village Road car-free - or at least expanding the cycle lanes in these areas.  

If you have suggestions for Active Travel in Exmouth , please contact Cllr Tim Dumper 

Exmouth 'Active Travel Day'  was to be held on April 18th,    but was cancelled because of Covid 19. Transition Exmouth very much hopes to run this event later in the year.  A new date will be arranged as soon as possible.

Transport has long been the problem sector when it comes to tackling climate breakdown. It’s now the biggest polluting sector of our economy. And incredibly, emissions from transport have barely changed since 1990!

The Covid-19 crisis has meant many more people are walking and cycling. And the government is now providing funding for local councils to support this shift to active travel, which can include reallocating road space.

You can read more about the huge potential of active travel to replace car journeys in FoE's research report from 2019.



Exmouth Eco Hub

The Eco Hub group have started meeting on Zoom.  They have put together a draft  proposal for what an Eco Hub could do , and are now talking to  other groups and organisations who would be interested in sharing premises and shaping the future.  
Please  email if you’re interested in being part of the development team, or if you'd like to suggest a group we should approach
photo credit :
Young Exmouth Guardians of the Trees: 
Plan for School Children's Tree Planting Scheme 

At last November’s Tree Celebration Day in Phear Park a significant number of people showed enthusiasm for the idea of encouraging local schools to take part in planting trees by establishing their own tree nurseries and taking responsibility for growing trees in the community. This is a really exciting project and it will be great to see youngsters developing their skills and looking after the trees they have planted. What a wonderful opportunity for them to take responsibility in tackling Climate Change!
Due to the Coronavirus the start of this project has had to be delayed but it is still very much alive and running.
TrEx's Jane Habermehl will be working with Littleham Primary School with the generous help of Graham Bell, (a great expert in tree growing,) Marpool Primary School and St Joseph’s R.C. Primary School.  She is hoping we can get stuck into this project fairly soon and would love to hear from anyone who would like to get involved.
Classroom support for outdoor education, i.e. bug hunts, tree trails etc. and hands on help in setting up the tree nursery, helping with planting trees and seedlings.
However small the amount of time you can give it will all be very welcome; some of it on a regular weekly basis and some occasional. Of course because we are working with school children volunteers will have to be vetted by the school and have DBS security check certificates.
If you are interested in helping at all please contact me;      or phone  07525433456
                        Many thanks,
Recent post : Advice for Mummy Blackbird
Exmouth Wildlife Group
love to hear about any wildlife that you see in gardens, green spaces and around the town. Send photos, observations, thoughts and ideas to or upload to our Facebook Group  
Exmouth Wildlife Group campaigns to protect Exmouth's urban green spaces and wildlife and is affiliated to Transition Exmouth.
One year on - Climate Emergency declared 10th June 2019
How is Exmouth Town Facing up ?

Following Parliament’s declaration of a Climate Emergency
on May 1st  2019, on the 10th June, Exmouth Town Council passed its own resolution. The Council’s goal for Exmouth is to be carbon neutral by 2030 at the latest.
Transition Exmouth’s ‘Our Exmouth, Our Planet'
event held in November was an overwhelming success in attendance and community engagement. It was key in our pursuit of gaining further influence in the Town Council’s Climate Change strategy. TREX are delighted to be working alongside and supported by the council.
A Climate and Ecological Emergency Working Party
within the Council was created, the appointment of an external auditor to calculate the Town Council’s carbon footprint was agreed and the ten action points received from ‘Our Exmouth, Our Planet’ community consultation event were agreed and endorsed, all by December
Lobbying and Debate
Also, Exmouth Town Council allocated an initial budget of £2,500 to Climate Change initiatives to be delivered via partnership with Transition Exmouth; and agreed that coordination with, and lobbying of, other bodies, including Government, County and District Councils and others, as appropriate, be formally recognised as a legitimate and effective way of the Council conducting business in this vital, urgent area.
Further debate about the nature of the working party was to be held earlier this year.
What has been achieved so far?

Plastic reduction working party was already in place and the council adopted the newly drafted Single-Use Plastic Policy to support the Town working towards becoming a single-use plastic-free town. The installation of four water fountains around the town is also under way (to reduce the number of plastic bottles needing to be used.) and progress was also made with on-street recycling and waste collection

Website: (see article above): We are really excited about this project and hope that the website will be up and running later this summer. .
Wild Exmouth in Association with EDDC have been busy planting trees and plans are being made to extend wildlife projects with Exmouth Wildlife and Exmouth Tree Project.
The Energy advice workshop could have been better attended but the content and planning of it was excellent.
Eco-Hub Work is continuing in forming our concepts and ideas about the proposed Eco-Hub.
The Active Transport Day has been postponed due to the Lock Down (see article above for the new opportunities arising from recent government funding) 
The Schools and adults environmental days have not been planned as yet but we feel confident that they will be after our return……?.
What is missing? The ten point plan was intended as intial steps which could be swiftly taken , of course it has been somewhat held up by the pandemic.  We will look forward to hearing ETC's report on each step in due course, and working with them on developing plans for the future.  Many of the housing, transport, energy and infrastructure needs of a Zero Carbon future will involve collaboration at County level and lobbying of M.P.s and large corporate bodies.
It is easy to feel overwhelmed with the facts as they are flashed at us through the media but we mustn’t forget the power of the positive in community which was demonstrated through the Covid Pandemic.
How has Covid 19 changed the picture?
There is much evidence, scientifically and anecdotally that suggests that a return to what we all thought was ‘normal’ is not possible or in many people’s minds not acceptable. This from the point of view of our future health, possibilities of recurring Pandemics, for the health of the planet, because we are aware of Climate Change but also perhaps more aware that we can have a positive impact on it and for the sake of humanity and our care for each other.
When we return: Can we resolve together to help to make that difference on all fronts?
Exmouth Town Council adopt Our Exmouth Our Planet's
10 Point Climate Action Starter Plan
Here's the 10-point initial action plan:
1. ETC to partner with Transition Exmouth on the Climate Action lottery bid to create an Eco / Community Hub in Exmouth town centre (more about this below). 
2. ETC to plant trees & wildflowers for pollinators on all “unowned” patches of land,  stop all use of pesticides and herbicides and use only organic fertilisers on council property.
3. ETC to create a website in partnership with Transition Exmouth giving information on how people can tackle climate change as individuals - and link to this in the footer of all ETC emails, and on all ETC publications.
4. ETC to switch to a renewable energy supplier in all Council buildings, and lobby EDDC and DCC to do the same.  
5.  ETC to support the Transition Exmouth events programme from 2020, starting with an Energy Advice Clinic  (more about this below)
6. ETC to create a Bike Pool for use with the Bikeability programme in Exmouth primary schools, so that every child has access to a suitable bike. Bikes to be reclaimed and refurbished (explore partnership with Rideon, who repair bikes for re-use in Exeter).
7. ETC to run Environmental Days for all schools and adults to expand on their excellent first conference in 2019.
8. Drinking water fountains throughout town – railway station, Strand and along the beach. 
9. ETC to commit to use only Organic, Fairtrade products in all Council hospitality and catering.
10. ETC to work with Transition Exmouth and local bike shops to provide subsidised electric bike hire to enable Exmouthians to try ebikes for themselves.

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Membership is free for students and people on a low income
Subscription rates of £5, £10 and £50 a year are available
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Donations can be paid via:
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TrEx's Events Officer Catherine Causeley led a workshop on Repair Cafes at the Sustainable-ish festival.   Talks ranged over subjects from as  darning to global finance .     If you missed this feast of can-do positivity,  do go and check out the replays.    Organiser Jen Gale told us , "I've had so many people tell me that the festival has been the motivation that they needed to 'get back on the horse' and that they've been inspired to dust themselves off and start making one more change." 
With all the doubt around public gatherings this year, the Sustainable-ish Festival was a great example of what can be achieved from within our own front rooms and kitchens. 

Cllr Paul Arnott has been officially elected as the new Leader of East Devon District Council.
Here is the link to the Extraordinary Council meeting which reconvened on 29th May.

Three critical new roles have been created by the new Administration. 
Portfolio Holder for Climate Action is to be Cllr Marianne Rixson assisted by Cllr Denise Bickley.
Portfolio Holder for Coast, Country and The Environment will be Geoff Jung assisted by Cllr Eleanor Rylance. 
The third is PH for Corporate Services and Covid 19 Response and Recovery Cllr Jess Bailey 
Cllr Megan Armstrong  remains Portfolio Holder for  Sustainable Housing.
We look forward to working with the new administration.  

Exmouth Town Council Grants
for Local Organisations

Grants – New Round of Grant Aid Available to Local Organisations

2020-21 Grant Applications are now OPEN.

Exmouth Town Council operates a grant funding scheme to local community groups and organisations which are delivering projects and initiatives of direct benefit to the residents of Exmouth.
There is £10,000 available annually and grants of up to £1,500 are normally considered at meetings of the Council’s Finance Committee in May, August, November and February each year.

During the current coronavirus crisis, the Council is happy to consider grant applications on an urgent-needs basis from any local community group or organisation which is working to assist the community. They will consider financial support for any community organisation which is working to support the delivery of frontline services to those facing isolation or hardship.

Applications Forms and details of criteria can be downloaded from the Town Council’s website here:

If you require any further information, please contact the Town Clerk, Lisa Bowman, by email at

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