Newsletter April 2020
In this issue:  Community Helpers - Climate Action Website - Exmouth Eco Hub -  Home Gardening for wildlife - Planning Inquiry - Plogging - Joanna Toole Foundation - Local Home Deliveries - Rhubarb&Runner Beans - Positive News - Youth 4 Climate - Energy Clinic - Active Travel - Sustainable(ish) 
Coronavirus survivor Exmouth town crier Roger Bourgein  rang his bell ‘for those that saved my life’ when he joined the country in applauding the NHS.
Coronavirus is suddenly at the forefront of all our attention. Our thoughts are with everyone affected - and we know that is everyone in the world. Transition Chair Nicky Nicholls and Exmouth Friends in Need's co-ordinator Claire Austin are among those recovering from the virus, we send everyone touched by this all our best wishes.   Like many others, several of the TrEx umbrella group are now homeschooling as well as working from home, and we are all adjusting to the "new normal". We are all worrying about our older and more vulnerable family members, and feeling grateful to our health and emergency services, and those keeping us supplied. 
Among all the fear and worry, the virus is proving that humanity is capable of  making massive changes rapidly. We hope that this willingness to act will eventually extend to the climate crisis. Community action groups are springing up, community resilience is building as we face this unprecedented situation.  

As we grapple with staying home, finding new ways to comfort those we love and support those most impacted – we’re also creating space to dream up new ways of being, thinking, and healing.

Watch and share this poetic video now

The Exmouth Mutual Aid Covid-19 Support Group
is now recruiting the large number of volunteers that will be required to ensure that everyone gets the assistance they need.
 There are several ways to help. You could join a Neighbourhood Groups to help with errands. You would not be committed to any specific times, you will be able to volunteer whenever you are available.
You could also provide help even when you cannot leave your own home, by joining the phone / email / facebook monitoring rota, or joining our core team of coordinators and Neighbourhood Leads.
Please complete the volunteer sign-up form as soon as possible.

Please  invite others in Exmouth to join the group and complete the sign-up form! Let’s all pull together to help each other during this crisis.
An amazing Facebook group where people lend a hand , donate food , time , driving, baking and much much more . Supporting local families and vulnerable people.   Claire the wonderful EFIN co-ordinator is suffering from coronavirus herself at present so any new helpers would be more than welcome.

Climate Action Website

With all our events cancelled, we are  concentrating  on the new  climate action website, featuring  advice and links to businesses and local groups working on every aspect of and sustainability .
Ideas please for links to include !

Much of the content for the website comes from the Our Exmouth Our Planet Networking meeting held in November .  We are now seeking quotes from web designers and developing our ideas.
We plan to have the Climate Action website ready to launch this summer.   It will be regularly updated, with new advice,  businesses and groups being added. 

At this stage, we envisage a straightforward looking site which will appeal to everyone , not only those who would automatically identify themselves as "environmentalists" . 
The topics covered will be Food, Transport, Energy, Home , Nature, Community.  
Each of the topics  will be covered in the same format, with four headings : 
1. What can I do today?
2. What can I do longer term?
3. Who's working on this Locally?
4. Who's working on this  Nationally / Globally?

We initially saw this as an Exmouth-based website, but of course points 1,2 and 4 are of far wider relevance.  
Point 3:   "Who's working on this Locally?"   could initially go to a map or list where an area can be selected, from a pinpointed village upwards.  We are talking to other Transition groups, EDDC and DCC to see if  they are considering a website such as this. Perhaps we will be able to exchange information or pool resources on this vital project. 
Exmouth  Town Council have already promised to feature the new site in all their online communications , so we have a brilliant opportunity here to spread the best information.
And we're glad to have a lockdown project ...

Exmouth Eco Hub

Our recent application for Lottery funding for the Hub was not successful this time,
so we working on developing our plans to make a better defined project. 
 The sub group meeting planned for April has been cancelled,  we are getting up to speed with Zoom. 
Please  email if you’re interested in being part of the development team.

Clean Street Exmouth, a group within Transition Exmouth, has a suggestion: for your one of your 1-hour walks or runs why not try Plogging?
The planning application  was turned down by EDDC in December on environmental grounds.   As expected, there has been an appeal , and submissions are being invited from the public . Objections from several Transition members  have been based around the fact that these generators run on  fossil fuel (natural gas / methane from the national grid), produce CO2 and have a huge associated carbon footprint.  We need to be developing clean alternatives rapidly. 
Are there any energy experts and/or people with planning application experience reading this newsletter?  We'd really like to hear your views regarding the proposed, "Installation of a synchronous gas-powered standby generation facility" at Liverton Business Park.  The general public can still make representations on the Planning Inspectorate's appeal portal up until 21st April: anyone can comment. - case APP/U1105/W/20/3247638  

The Liverton Power Plant is the first locally to come forward for Appeal and it will be a “Test Case” which will influence other applications in the future.

Urgent action is needed by individuals to achieve an Inquiry into the Appeal.

The most important thing to do as soon as possible is as follows:

Write to the Planning Inspectorate to deal with the appeal by way of an “Inquiry”. It is very important to ask for an “Inquiry” and not a “hearing”, which is very different.

Please email:

Subject line: Procedure Consideration: APP/U1105/20/3247638 
It is important to use that reference  number.
At this stage it is important to show the substantial local interest.

It is vital that you use your own words to explain briefly why you want an Inquiry and if you are a resident of Exmouth or have another local interest.


Lunchies Exmouth – 01395 272877 (Meals arrive fresh & hot)
Ducky Delish – 01626 859064 or 07896 258403 
(Meals arrive fresh & chilled for you to warm up yourself)
Wiltshire Farm Foods – 0800 677 3100 
(Meals arrive frozen for you to cook)
Oakhouse Foods – 0333 370 6700 
(Meals arrive frozen for you to cook)

The Book Rest Café – 07501 015731 / 07887 532824

The Bayleaf Café - 01395 277757
Deli on the Strand - 01395 279977
Moores Pasties – 01395 265448
Devoncourt Hotel – 01395 270222 or 01395 272277
Krispies Fish & Chips – 01395 262386 or 01395 01395 278823
The Grapevine Brewhouse – 01395 222208

Callands Budgens – 01395 275042
Greendale Farm Shop – 01395 232836
The Farm Shop Exmouth - 07470 983575
Darts Farm – 01392 878228 (for elderly & vulnerable only)
Porky Downs (Butchers) - 01395 272376
Mother Earth - 01395 489509

Homeworx 07969 118182


Just Purr-fect Dog Day Care - 01395 487030 (dog walking)
Poppys Paws Pet Supplies - 01395 260563

Anyone else for this list ? let us know please

Wild Exmouth have plenty of ideas for making the most of our outdoor spaces - even a window box can be a haven for wildlife.  You can  share photos of how you are helping and connecting with wildlife in your gardens, patios and outdoor spaces and make your pledge so we can put you on the map! Whether you’re building a bug mansion, making a hole in your fence for hedgehogs, or putting water out for the birds, every little action helps to take us a step closer to a Nature Friendly Exmouth.
DWT are helping people to stay engaged with nature at home with lots of activities. Download the bee ID guide here, check their website  and for more ideas.  
The easiest way to help our hungry bees - don't cut your lawn! Let the dandelions grow, easrly flowers are vital as bees come out of hibernation
The Tree Council is announcing details of the grants it is making available for tree planting next season.  This includes the Tree Futures Grants Scheme which will offer grants to schools for well-planned tree planting. 
Expressions of interest for a Tree Orchards Fund  can be lodged now.  tps://
Exmouth Wildlife Group would love to hear about any wildlife that you see in gardens, green spaces and around the town. Send photos, observations, thoughts and ideas to or upload to our Facebook Group  
Exmouth Wildlife Group campaigns to protect Exmouth's urban green spaces and wildlife and is affiliated to Transition Exmouth.

 The Charity Commissioners were asked to expedite The Joanna Toole Foundation's application so that registration could be completed by 7th March, which would have been Jo's 37th birthday - and they did so. JTF is  now registered in England as 1188031. Now the hard work starts.
The Foundation will continue Joanna’s work on animal welfare concentrating on the marine environment .
The launch of the 2020 round of the Joanna Toole Annual Ghost Gear Solutions Award will be 8th June, World Oceans Day. 
There were  great plans for a Westminster Hall that day,  with participation from other ocean-oriented oganisations. The main theme would be lobbying for 30% of the oceans to be marine protected Areas (MPAs) a movement in which the British government has been much to the fore and the USA recently undermining! Contacts in DEFRA were talking to Ministers about it being Government sponsored but this is on hold for now.

More information from

 Gift subscriptions to Positive News magazine at half price
are available using the code: giftpostivenews. . 
Or you can sign up to get Positive News direct to your inbox,
for free.
A great antidote to doom and gloom !
   15,000 people turn out for the Youth Strike 4 Climate
Bristol 28th February

15,000 people turned out for the Bristol Youth Strike 4 Climate (BYS4C) event, including  Exmouth's Jess Nicholls, the  Fridays for Future  organiser who addressed Our Exmouth Our Planet meeting last November. 
You can see Jess's interview on Channel 4 News here:

Greta Thunberg addressed the gathering.  "Our leaders behave like children so it falls to us to be the adults in the room. They are failing us but we will not back down ...Basically, nothing is being done to halt this crisis despite all the beautiful words and promises from our elected officials.

So what did you do during this crucial time? I will not be silenced when the world is on fire."

Picture of the crowds in Bristol by Greta Thunberg; Photo of Jess Nicholls being interviewed by Nicky Nicholls 
Rhubarb and Runner Beans 
The Rubbish Talk: A Journey Towards Zero Waste Living
is now available on Patreon . Sarah Allen talks about how her family reduced their rubbish to 1 wheelie bin every 6 months using the 7R's approach (Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Rot, Recycle, Return). 
Her blog on parenting and eco-friendly living is always a good read
Exmouth 'Active Travel Day'  was to be held on April 18th,    but was cancelled because of Covid 19. Transition Exmouth very much hopes to run this event later in the year.  A new date will be arranged as soon as possible.

Energy Advice Drop-in Report

The first event in the Transition Exmouth / Exmouth Town Council partnership, the   energy advice drop-in ran with Gill Wyatt from Exeter Community Energy's Healthy Homes for Wellbeing project who helped people investigate the best  energy tariffs.  
If you missed the event,  you can check that you're getting the best deal on your electricity and gas, along with information about how environmentally friendly each supplier is,  here
Find out more about ECOE here

Gareth from 4 seasons  covered domestic renewable energy solutions. 

We would like to thank our speakers, and the volunteers who helped us run the event . We are looking forward to being able to carry on with the events series planned . 


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Donations pay for the costs of running events such as hiring halls, films, speakers, annual public liability insurance ,web site fees , printing,  a stall at the Exmouth Festival and other events,  etc.

Membership is free for students and people on a low income
Subscription rates of £5, £10 and £50 a year are available
You choose what you can afford, and how to pay.

Donations can be paid via:
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Cheque to Transition Exmouth , c/oThe Manse, Summer Lane, Exmouth EX8 5BD

Member organisations can be featured on our website,
which is currently being revamped.

Transition Exmouth is a voluntary organisation, new members are always welcome. 
Voluntary help is as valuable as money –
none of our work would be possible without the time members put in.


Jen Gale's Sustainble(ish) Website 

Here's a flavour from her latest newsletter...
As much as it might look like other people have 'got this', remember that we're only seeing their shiny curated social media feeds. We're only seeing the timetable they made for home schooling, not the arguments that ensued. We're only seeing their wonderful craft creations, not the fact that it's the only thing that's keeping them sane. We're only seeing the beautiful rainbow pictures their kids have created, not the paint smeared kitchen table and floor. 
No one has it figured out yet.
One of the things I'm struggling to figure out (one of the many..!) is where my voice sits amongst all this. The world has been turned upside down, and it's so hard to know to say around 'eco-stuff' right now. 
What should I be sharing?
With a very immediate and present threat do people really want to be hearing about another threat?
Are the things I might usually be talking about still relevant?
Does anyone have the headspace, time or energy for changing things up right now?
Or is now exactly the right time to be thinking about how we can do things to help the planet?
Stay safe, stay well, stay sane(ish).
Sending lots of love.

We hope you've enjoyed this Newsletter .
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