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How do you feel about climate change ?
And what do you do with these feelings?
Exmouth Green Drinks Thursday 4th March 2021 7.30pm

Click here for a zoom link to Green Drinks

March Green Drinks is on a topic close to all our hearts.  Sarah Kersey will be leading a talk on coping with climate related grief, loss, eco anxiety and building personal resilience and hope in action.
Sarah says, "I'm an individual with my own personal experience of climate related grief, loss and eco anxiety and through my own processing of this I am taking action in a number of ways. My expertise is certainly not in psychology, I wouldn't want to give anyone that impression! My expertise / experience is in community development and volunteer management." Sarah's talk will be about how we can build our own resilience, support each other, care for the welfare for new volunteers within the environmental movement and support the wider community via Good Grief Network and Climate Cafés  facilitation.

Transition Exmouth have been awarded £3442 from the Transition Bounce Forward Fund and the National Lottery to set up a library of things.
We recently held our first meeting with volunteers - over 20 people arrived in the zoom room, which was fantastic !  We now have working groups covering Setting Up, Cataloguing, Promotion, Partnership, Admin, Maintenance  and Running the LoT.  We are always looking for more volunteers, so if you would like to get involved then please do contact us.  

We now have premises ! Thanks to a partnership with the Methodist Church, a garage at Littlemead Church will be available by mid-April .   We will  then start cleaning and decorating, making it ship-shape for our use. In the meantime we are also looking for donations for the library,  so if you have garden chairs, camping equipment, sports, DIY or kitchen items that you no longer need but are in good condition, then please get in touch. All items considered, and we have temporary storage until the grand opening of LoT.   
If you are interested in becoming a LoT member, let us know

The What Next Transition Summit 

3rd - 20th March 2-21

The free Summit is going to be jam packed with inspiring provocations, networking, skillsharing and more. We have all been living through such difficult times recently, that we hope it will be a time and space where you can come and connect with like-minded people and feel less alone in the struggles and work that you are doing right now. 

Take a look at the timetable and sign up to attend events as they are announced!
Transition UK  have announced a lot of inspiring new speakers and workshops, including Kate Raworth, Mia Birdsong and Andrew Simms and sessions on using technology for good, reimagining food systems, creating livelihoods in the green economy and exploring how environmentalism and social justice intersect. 

Bring your friends!

This event is about collaboration, so please do tell friends and share what's happening. Every event will be free to attend. If you have any problems signing up please email

We'll also be sharing news on Twitter and Facebook, and sharing recordings on YouTube.


There will be a zoom meeting on Tuesday Mar 2, 2021 @19:00. Please come along if you would like to know more about the project or - better still! - would like to be involved.

We plan to be working with Totally Locally  on the ecargo bike project. 
If you'd like to be involved in the Cargo Bike Delivery project , please contact us 

Many thanks to the Transition Network and the National Lottery for providing  the seed funding for our projects , and so many more !

The Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill (CEE Bill)

will be debated in Parliament in May. Meanwhile we can remind MPs that we have to go further and faster to achieve what was set out in the 2015 Paris Climate Accord.  Support for the bill is being debated at Town, District and county levels so have a chat with your councillor too !  Details are on the CEE Bill Alliance website and on youtube


Please respond by 15TH March

East Devon District Council have started the process to write a new Local Plan that will run until 2040.
They have a consultation that closes on March 15th, 2021. 
THIS IS OUR BIG CHANCE to get important climate change and biodiversity measures written into the new plan!

This local plan is the most important document in a district council's forward thinking,  and also their go to document for planning decisions.

Here is the link to the Issues and Options document, and the Online Questionnaire 

 If you'd like a sheet of answer prompts that can be copied and pasted OR altered to suit personal views please contact Exmouth Wildlife Group
Exmouth Town Council,  is responding to the Local Plan Consultation. ETC discussions are all via Zoom, open to the public on request as an observer - email Councillors tell us environmental matters will be emphasised strongly in the Council's response. Town and Country Planning is something that over the years has been heavily ruled by the law, and so changes to Planning Law will be needed to respond really effectively to the emergency around us. 

Transition Exmouth's Newsletters and Events are all Free -
but producing them isn't !

Donations pay for the costs of web site fees, running events (we hope!), annual public liability insurance, printing, etc.

Membership is free for students and people on a low income
Subscription rates of £5, £10 and £50 a year are available
You choose what you can afford, and how to pay.

Donations can be paid via:
Bank transfer to Transition Exmouth, co-op bank 08-92-99, a/c 65332739  
The Paypal or Card button on our website 

Cash at Green Drinks 
Cheque to Transition Exmouth , c/oThe Manse, Summer Lane, Exmouth EX8 5BD

Member organisations can be featured on our website,which is currently being revamped.  They can also be featured on the new OurPlaceOurPlanet website

Transition Exmouth is a voluntary organisation, new members are always welcome. 
Voluntary help is as valuable as money –
none of our work would be possible without the time members put in.

Just One Tree will plant and nurture a tree for you from £1
The Latest Blog on OPOP is absolutely TREE-Mendous :
read it here 

Have you been inspired by to take a  step towards a more climate friendly lifestyle? Please tell us about it for an upcoming Blog ! 

This is Lisa Bowman (Town Clerk)'s page in Clerk magazine - which goes to all Town Clerks nationally.
We have already had enquiries from 6 other towns , interested in setting up OurPlaceOurPlanet with their own local links !
Food Waste Action Week 
Monday 1 to Sunday 7 March 2021
Food is a precious resource; it is only by working together that we can prevent it being needlessly wasted and protect the planet. That's why we encourage everyone to do something to mark Food Waste Action Week
The UK’s first ever Food Waste Action Week will run from Monday 1 to Sunday 7 March 2021, and will bring together citizens and organisations from retail, manufacturing, local government, hospitality and across industry to demonstrate the impact of wasted food on people, on business, and on the planet.


18th March 2021, 4.30 – 5.30

Energy cafe – helping you to save money and stay warm

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive an email about how to join the meeting.

ECEO have also teamed up with Evolve for a webinar 18th March at 13.00.

Webinar Series with Exeter Community Energy

Cally's Music as Communication Group  

Transition member Cally is interested in setting up a Music as Communication Group , initially outdoors,  once we are allowed to meet up again. 
Cally is guaging interest and looking for a venue, in the longer term. 
  1. It  will be a group to aid communication, meeting in person and open to anyone who wants to improve the way they feel through music
  2. It will be about enjoying music in the moment   i.e. no need to work towards anything
  3. Nobody will be excluded from joining the group and attending, the only expectation will be mutual respect.
Contact Cally for more information 
Mike Rosser reports on his new hobby: Trying with other volunteers to prevent Himalayan Balsalm from invading meadows, hedge groves and streams.

It reproduces rapidly, smothers other plants and dies back to leave bare soil. Its seed pods explode releasing hundreds of seeds, which are often carried down streams or rivers to spread the plants. 

It is quite easy to pull up and to remove the seed pods. If you you see them, while out walking and can get to it, pull it up, remove the flowers and seed pods before it spreads.

Post-lockdown, there are teams  tackling this problem  based in East Devon. They have successfully eliminated the plant from many areas but there are more....

It can be quite satisfying helping to clear an area and the other volunteers seem welcoming and friendly!
Please let Mike know if you are interested in joining a Balsalm Bashing Team


Local February Action in Exmouth drawing attention to  SWITCHIT
A website where you can check what harm your money may be doing as it sits
meekly in your bank account or pension fund. 

A global climate crisis is underway with extreme weather and rising sea levels threatening the lives of billions of people. Yet local authorities continue to invest around £10 billion in the fossil fuel industry.

Friends of the Earth  have released new data on how much local authority pension funds are investing in companies like Shell and BP.
Find out how much Devon invests in fossil fuels
Halting the extraction and expansion of fossil fuels is a matter of survival for us all. Our local leaders have a responsibility to act now by divesting  their pension funds and ending their financial support for the companies driving the climate crisis.
At its most ambitious, divestment is not just a demand for taking money out of fossil fuels, but also for reinvesting it in socially and environmentally beneficial projects with stable returns.
Some councils have shown it’s possible to use pensions for good by investing in wind farms, solar power co-operatives and social housing projects – all in their local communities. And six councils have already committed to divest fully.
But most are still lagging behind. So once you’ve checked out how your local authority invests its pension fund, please contact your councilors to ask them to support divestment.
Small grants are available for training to help wildlife or nature projects in Exmouth  Grants of up to £150 will help Exmouth residents meet the costs of specialist training courses to help them develop and deliver action for wildlife in Exmouth.
East Devon District Council, through its Wild Exmouth project, is administering this new grant fund 
Applications will be assessed on a six-weekly basis, with the final date in April 2021.

If you have an idea for a project and would like help or advice to get started, please contact Wild Exmouth or on 07812 652 336.

Follow the project @WildExmouth

David Buller reviews Communicating Climate Change: It's a dry and heavy read but worthwhile digging into as it's an in-depth analysis of the issues involved in achieving low-carbon lifestyle changes in a population. The biggest takeaway for me is the fact that for most of us living in a developed country engaging with and influencing the top 10% of income earners will achieve by far the most in terms of bringing about carbon emissions reductions. Climate change and remediation is very much a social inequality issue, and this fact underpins the severe global injustices of climate change that are evident, with the poorest countries with very low carbon footprints bearing the brunt of the impacts of carbon dioxide emissions from us in the wealthy world. Here's a link to it if you want to read it online:

Click below for a short video from the same organisation  It advocates  both system change (top > down policy (political) changes) AND individual (bottom > up) lifestyle change in order for us to achieve the necessary emissions reductions in the time frame that we have left.

Lifestyle change and system change are two sides of the same coin - UNEP Emissions Gap report


‘Enormous’ increase in UK plastic waste exports to Turkey and Malaysia – Greenpeace (
 There is something really wrong when our waste is classed as being recycled when it is actually sent overseas to countries such as Malaysia and Turkey where we know they don’t have the infrastructure and it will be burnt on the roadside or dumped in the forest. Women and children in these countries then attempt to make a living sifting through piles of UK waste. Waste disposal companies have been fined thousands for sending hazardous waste overseas, labelled as paper for recycling, when actually it was hospital wasteThere is no recycling process suitable for half of our waste and this is where the manufacture of products needs to change.


Free, independent and impartial advice on a wide array of topics relating to sustainability and sustainable living: renewable energy, green building and renovation, water and sewage treatment, organic growing, and more.

Free Information Service - Centre for Alternative Technology (
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