Annual Report 2020
INVITATION to Transition Exmouth AGM 
In this issue:   It's all about US!
In these strange times we can't have an AGM in person, so we are dedicating this newsletter to our Annual Report, introducing candidates for the Umbrella Group 2021 and finding out what YOU'd like to get involved with in 2021 ... all that plus Tidelines, Plover Rovers, Vegan Market and Meadow Makers on ...  

The  launch went brilliantly! On 22nd October , we were delighted to welcome over 60 people  by zoom  including councillors,  some of the local businesses and groups featured on the site,  Transition Exmouth members and participants in  the OurExmouthOurPlanet meeting in Nov 2019 , where the idea for this Steps to Climate Action website arose . 
We'd like to thank everyone who came along.

The Town Council are linking to the site from their homepage , and Ocean were the first business in town to share it too.  Many more are following.  We've already also had enquiries from five other places about adapting the site for their own towns, we are really looking forward to the next phase.

 Transition Chair Nicky Nicholls and Exmouth Mayor Steve Gazzard  along with his consort Diane jointly opened the launch by "switching on" the website using a repurposed switch for the Christmas lights.

Here is a link to a recording of the launch  if you missed it first time around   The  Passcode for the recording is  YiK9!=Ei

 This website is a work in progress - you can give suggestions and feedback on every page.   See you soon at   - tell us what your Next Step will be !


Transition Exmouth AGM 2020
Taking TrEx forward
Nicky Nicholls - Catherine & Roger Causely - Carol Jay - Liz Oram
AGM 2020 : Taking Transition Exmouth forward
Thursday 10th December,  730 to 830pm by Zoom
 Register here for a zoom link to the AGM
Transition Exmouth's 2020 AGM will be held online  on Thursday 10th December,  7.30 to 830pm by Zoom.
TrEx is co-ordinated by the Umbrella group over the year , and there's also lots of opportunity for other people to get involved with specific projects and events .
If you'd like to join in, do get in touch.
Please Register here if you would like to join the AGM, and we'll send you a link to the Zoom meeting. 
Even though there are exactly the same number of people standing as there are places on the Umbrella, we'd love to have your vote of confidence and hear your ideas for 2021.
There are twelve places on the Umbrella Group 2020-21, here's an introduction to the candidates:

1. Nicky Nicholls is standing for re-election as Chair :   
" I've been an activist since writing to Margaret Thatcher about protecting the Amazon rainforest when I was 7", says Nicky, "she never replied!"  Nicky's first job was in international development, running events and festivals and promoting the Jubilee 2000 ("drop the debt"), fairtrade and Trade Justice campaigns. "Martin and I moved to Exmouth in 2003 and I took up the role of running the Exmouth Festival - which I loved! 2 children, 3 houses, 5 years with the Town Council and 5 years at the Children's Centre later, I found my paid work moving further away from the causes of global justice which I am so passionate about. Reinvigorated by my daughter organising School Strikes for the Climate I took the opportunity to step up a gear.  I was elected Chair of Transition Exmouth in 2019. Despite the challenges of Covid we have had a fantastic year. I'm excited to keep up the hard work into 2021."

I'd like to help Nicky set up an Exmouth Eco Hub  

2. Catherine Causley  is standing as Treasurer, sharing the role with her husband Roger. 
Catherine says , "I am a committed environmentalist and am in the midst of a huge renovation project in my own property to make it as energy efficient as possible.
I am originally from Somerset and moved to Devon 12 years ago, firstly to Exeter and then to Exmouth 5 years ago.
I studied environmental protection at University and then worked as an environmental business adviser. After a break to have my children I started working at Devon county council as the Reuse project officer. This mainly involves working with community groups and the general public, and developing the Recycle Devon website. 
I am sure the way to make a difference when it comes to climate change is to engage the community and working Transition Exmouth has been a great challenge and joy. I am convinced that  community action backed up by top down leadership is the way to tackle the climate Emergency." 
I'd like to help Catherine with a Library of Things  
I'd like to help Catherine promote waste reduction  

Roger Causeley 
Roger works at the University in the accounts department and is a whizz with spreadsheets.  "I am keen to be more involved with environmental activities but due to the time constraints of having young children, Catherine and I need to share this position." 
Roger says "I want to be more involved in community activities and I'm increasingly aware of the impact that climate change will have on our environment,  and the effect this will have on our  children.  I'd like to put my skills to good use and help this amazing community group."  Roger is a friendly easy to get on with person who loves DIY, gardening, walking our beautiful coastline and cooking chinese food. 
  I'd like to help Roger with the Accounts  
  I'd like to help Roger with Fundraising  

3. Carol Jay is standing for re-election as Secretary:  Carol's previous environmental credentials include being Devon Local Agenda 21 Co-ordinator and a Friends of the Earth local Group Chair. Carol was Secretary of the Recycling in Ottery group when it was set up back in 1992. "At that time the Council refused to believe that people would separate their waste," Carol remembers, "Community groups showed the way forward, and now we take kerbside collections for granted. I'm looking forward to the day when we take all the planet-friendly lifestyle choices on for granted ! "
I'd like to help Carol with Blogs on 
I'd like to help Carol with the Newsletter  

4. Liz Oram is standing for election to the TrEx umbrella group for the first time.
"I’ve been on the  Town Team for several years and had organised the ‘Big Spring Clean Up’  with the Chamber of Commerce  in March 2020 , that was sadly cancelled due to Covid-19.   This was designed to make Exmouth Greener and Cleaner and the take-up and support for the event was superb so I’m really looking forward to organising it for 2021.    However due to the tight restrictions this year and the workload of Exmouth Holidays (my day job!) I haven’t been so active so I’m looking forward to getting back to the ‘new normal’ and doing what we can, together, to make Exmouth even better." 
Liz previously ran a Love Local website of local products which featured in the Queen’s official 90th Birthday book alongside 100 other UK companies.   It was an amazing experience but, due to the ‘perfect storm’ in Liz’s life it got put on the backburner but with the hope, one day, that Liz will restart it again.    Liz has a passion and an understanding of supporting local businesses and wants to be part of a community that builds on this.    Liz is a total believer in working together we can make a difference
I'd like to help Liz liaise with Councils and the Chamber of Commerce  
I'd like to help Liz with Local Links on  

5. David Buller is a retired chemical engineer who has been actively involved with TE & other community organisations in Exmouth (ECA, Open Door & the Community Larder ) since moving into the area in 2012. He holds a deep-rooted concern about the escalating disruptive impacts of climate change and loss of biodiversity in all parts of the world, and as a member of TrEx's Umbrella will seek to encourage Exmouth residents, community groups and local businesses to work together for a more sustainable, low carbon impact and environmentally conscious community.
David is keen to set up an Eco Hub in Exmouth.
I'd like to help David's work with ECA, Open Door and Community Larder  
I'd like to help David develop plans for an Eco Hub  

6. Adrian Toole  first lived in Exmouth in about 1990 and has stayed connected ever since. "My two daughters spent their early lives here going to Withycombe Raleigh C of E Primary and of course 'the Comp'. At that time I was running a paper recycling business in Tiverton.

I spent a lot of time working abroad, later settling into conventional employment in Hertfordshire where I was heavily involved the Friends or the Earth, the Green Party, and similar local activism.

On returning to live permanently in Exmouth in about 2006, I became involved in Transition Town Exmouth, as it was then, joining the Umbrella and eventually becoming Chair, a post I relinquished last year. Two highlights were our carnival float in 2009 and more recently the Our Place our Planet initiative!

I was very pleased that last year our Troika of Nicky, Catherine, and Carol took on most of the duties of Transition Exmouth, but I am still happy to continue on the Umbrella.

These days I find myself occupied full-time with running the Joanna Toole Foundation, a charity set up to continue the work of my daughter Joanna who died last year.

I'd like to help Adrian's work with the Joanna Toole Foundation  

 Register here for a zoom link to the AGM

Above: David  at home - Angela  with friend - Simon  socially distancing  - Jan  in her Happy Place 
7. Jan Gannaway tells us , "I trained in London as a clinical psychologist, then worked in Maidstone and Harlow hospitals, spent a year travelling in Africa and  settled in East Anglia working in a Norwich hospital. After moving to Somerset with two young children, I worked part-time as lab technician, welder and gardener and later trained as a primary school teacher, teaching in Bridgwater and then leading Milverton School's transformation to Green Flag Eco-School status.

On retirement, I chose to live in Exmouth a few years ago.

In the 90's, realising we faced a climate crisis, I became a volunteer with Sustrans believing cycling should be promoted as a climate-friendly alternative to local car journeys. I now attend the Exmouth Transport Partnership and the Public Rights of Way committee, looking for opportunities to encourage Active Travel.   Active Travel Exmouth 

I have raised awareness of swift and hedgehog conservation locally and co-founded Exmouth Wildlife Group to protect our urban wildlife and green spaces in Exmouth.  Exmouth Wildlife Group

As a volunteer with Devon Wildlife Trust, I survey dormice across East Devon, process marine strandings and investigate the diet of otters on the River Otter. 

I'd like to help Jan to promote Active Travel  
I'd like to help Jan with Exmouth Wildlife Group  

8. Simon Pardoe :
Simon joined Transition Exmouth in 2013, shortly after relocating here from ‘up north’.  He runs the monthly Exmouth Green Drinks, officially listed in 2014 as part of the Green Drinks International network:  Along with Adrian and others, he has helped promote and organise the “29 Minutes” sessions. He also set-up Transition Exmouth’s Facebook Page and Twitter account - and could do with some help with that. 

Being slightly obsessed with trees, Simon set-up Exmouth Tree Project in 2018 and then “accidentally” became the Tree Warden for Exmouth (via EDDC / Tree Council), but in a town the size of Exmouth, he thinks we should have at least one Tree Warden per ward (please get in touch about that too):   

Amongst other things, Simon is also involved with Exmouth Wildlife Group and the Plastic Free Exmouth community steering group.  Previous vocations have included: guitarist; snowboard salesman; website manager; and a misguided attempt at primary school teaching!  

Simon has a wonderful sense of humour, but hates nothing more than writing about himself in the third person ;-)

I'd like to help Simon with Social Media   
I'd like to help Simon with Exmouth Tree Project   

9.Jane Habermehl
I am a retired teacher, mother and grandmother. As an associate teacher/trainer with Devon Development Education  I have been involved in facilitating training in Anti Racism, Persona Doll training, Global education and my own multi-cultural storytelling tent. I have always had a keen interest in education and within the debate and ongoing activism to address Climate Change I am concerned that children need to find an empowering role. In association with Exmouth Tree Project Wild Exmouth and with my teaching hat on I am developing a programme of tree planting for primary schools in Exmouth. There are plenty of ways in which TREX can reach out to schools.and plenty of opportunities for volunteers to help me in this role. 

I formed Centowcow , a charity which supports training and education for children and young people in rural KwaZulu-Natal which now has a large focus on education for sustainability and which has proved a fascinating learning journey which melds my interests in sustainability, education and diversity.

I am also a member of Extinction Rebellion and feel I can bring the underlying issues and debates behind the urgency of the organisation to TREX for debate and local action. 

I'd like to help Jane's educational work 
I'd like to help Jane with XR campaigning 

10. Tim Dumper
I grew up in Exmouth till the age of 16, so did most of my schooling here, and to complete the circle, I returned 16 years ago, so I have seen the town at two distinct periods - some improvements, and some things not so good! In between, I have literally been around the world working -  in training and personnel,  transport and government. My work overseas was in developing countries (Swaziland, Yemen and Kiribati in the Pacific), working to develop skills and management expertise. In Britain, I have worked in railways, docks, and latterly in local government, spending 11 years with North Devon District Council in Barnstaple. Since early retirement, I have been able to give time to political work, another life passion, standing twice as Lib Dem Parliamentary candidate for East Devon. I have been an Exmouth Town Councillor since 2011, and within that role pushed for more environmental action. I put forward the motion in Council to declare a Climate Emergency, and now chair the Council's working party encouraging action locally, a major achievement being to bring in Transition Exmouth as a Partner.

I have always had a keen interest in nature and the environment, spending a lot of time bird-watching in Phear Park, on the estuary and on the seafront. As a student, I did a course in Earth Sciences, which frightened the life out of me (this was 1967!) about sea level rise etc."

I'd like to help Tim with the Transport Partnership 
I'd like to help Tim influence Local Authorities 

11. Angela Mynard is standing for election to the TrEx umbrella group for the first time. Being a research scientist and project manager by trade, Angela is naturally comfortable with technology, organisation and other behind-the-scenes leg work. In her spare time, Angela helps her husband with his new framing business and is writing a children's book. Angela also loves sea swimming, running, walks and a good view with a pint! She currently makes respectable efforts to recycle, eat and shop responsibly and locally. Angela got involved with Ellie's Fund as a Street Champion, and met the inspirational Cath who recommended Transition Exmouth. Angela signed up  in October and is chomping at the bit to do her part for the project and community.  " In particular, I'd like to help improve facilities and awareness on how to look after our ocean, beach and beautiful countryside.", she says. " I also hope to help improve awareness of the Transition Exmouth and the wonderful new Our People Our Planet website."

I'd like to help Angela with caring for the ocean and beach  
I'd like to help Angela with revamping the Transition Exmouth website  

12. Mike Rosser is standing as Membership Secretary
"I was training as a Landscape Architect over 50 years ago. Became interested in Ecology but didn't complete the course. Pursued a career in social work. Joined the Ecology party in the 80s. The Ecology party became the Green Party. Since retiring I have been an active town councillor, sat on the planning meeting, attempted to get some drinking water refill stations installed (work in progress) attempted to focus on Exmouth becoming more pedestrian and cycle friendly and I am now hoping to work with others to develop a tree planting strategy for the town. I enjoy walking and cycling. I also garden, dance – learning to tango!, sail,  and have joined a Balsam bashing team (pulling up Himalayan Balsam). Oh and I sometimes bake a cake!

I'd like to help Mike pulling up Himalayan Balsam  
I'd like to help Mike increase Transition Exmouth membership  

 Register here for a zoom link to the AGM

Tim Dumper - Jane Habermehl - Mike Rosser - Adrian Toole
Transition Exmouth Annual Report 2019-2020

On the 13th September 2019 it looked like Transition Exmouth was drawing to a close and would be wound up at the AGM on the next day.  But that day Nicky, Catherine and Carol met for the first time and agreed that it would be a massive shame to let that happen.  All three of us agreed to stand for Transition Exmouth officer roles at the AGM. We were duly elected  - along with the majority of the team who had done such amazing work for over a decade. 
No-one had felt able to shoulder the huge role which Adrian had recently played, but we felt as a team we could take his work forward. Thus began the next phase of this group dedicated to supporting the people of Exmouth to lead more sustainable lives.
Top of the agenda for the new team was to gather together like-minded people across the town and to hear their ideas for moving Exmouth forward towards a more sustainable, carbon zero future.  “Our Exmouth Our Planet” took place in November 2019 – we were thrilled that over 90 people (representing 40 different groups) came along, and the ideas flowed.
From the notes gathered at the OEOP event we were able to contribute a huge amount to the Devon Climate Emergency Response Group’s community consultation.
We also used the information from OEOP to create a 10-point action plan* which we proposed the Town Council adopt as a response to their declaration of a Climate Emergency. This was duly adopted in December 2019.
Transition Exmouth plays a key role on the Town Council Working Party on the Climate and Ecological Emergencies.
Since January we have pressed on with supporting the Town Council in actioning the 10 point plan – the highlight of this being the writing, commissioning, creating and launching of a brand new joint website,
Other highlights of our year include:
  • A revamped monthly Newsletter
  • Attending the exciting new vegan market at Ocean and meeting lots of new and interested residents
  • Apple-picking for ourselves and for Exmouth Friends in Need
  • Fridays for Future & XR demos
  • Being a part of the Community Organisations Liaison Panel with the Town Council.
  • Green Drinks every month see (for list of speakers and venues this year).
  • Wild Exmouth Pond Work and packing wildflower seeds
  • Interviews on ExeAir and articles in the Exmouth Journal
  • Joining the Exmouth Tree Team for the wonderful Tree Day in Phear Park
  • Taking part in the ongoing vision for Queen's Drive
  • Tree planting at St John’s Road, the cycle path extension and Point in View
  • Hosting an energy Advice clinic for Exmouth residents
  • Planning an exciting Active Travel Day in The Strand (on hold for now – but ready to go when restrictions are lifted)
  • Jan’s fantastic new website encouraging active travel in the town:
  • Discussions and tentative first steps towards an eco-hub for Exmouth (including a lottery bid)
  • Joining in with beach cleans and establishing mermaid walks on the beach
  • Working with Plastic Free Exmouth and Beach Clean Exmouth for joint funding from Environment Agency
  • Taking first steps towards establishing a “Library of Things” in Exmouth
  • Plus of course all the other amazing groups and work which are members are a part of, all of which have run numerous events which we have highlighted in our newsletters
Any report of 2020 can’t pass by without a mention of how adept we have all become on Zoom! We meet regularly on Zoom as an Umbrella group and in the summer, we managed a face to face socially distanced meet up in a meadow when restrictions allowed us.
If we can do all of this in a pandemic year, we’re pretty excited about what might be possible when Covid19 is behind up.  Onwards and upwards!!
Nicky Nicholls
Chair, Transition Exmouth
November 2020
*10 Point Action Plan 
1. Exmouth Town Council (ETC) to partner with Transition Exmouth on a bid to the Lottery Climate Action Fund to create an Eco / Community Hub for Exmouth in the town centre. 
2. ETC to plant trees on all “unowned” patches of land, plant wildflowers for pollinators and stop all use of pesticides and herbicides on council property and use only organic fertilisers.
3. ETC to create a website in partnership with Transition Exmouth giving information on how people can tackle climate change as individuals - and link to this in the footer of all ETC emails, and on all ETC publications.
4. ETC to switch to a renewable energy supplier in all Council buildings, and lobby EDDC and DCC to do the same.  
5.  ETC to support the Transition Exmouth events programme (to run from April to September 2020), starting with an Energy Advice Clinic in the Town Hall.
6. ETC to create a Bike Pool for use with the Bikeability programme in Exmouth primary schools, so that every child has access to a suitable bike. Bikes to be reclaimed and refurbished (explore partnership with Rideon, who repair bikes for re-use in Exeter).
7. ETC to run Environmental Days for all schools and adults to expand on their excellent first conference in 2019.
8. Drinking water fountains throughout town – railway station, Strand and 2 along beach. 
9. ETC to commit to use only Organic, Fairtrade products in all Council hospitality and catering.
10. ETC to work with Transition Exmouth and local bike shops to provide subsidised electric bike hire


The Exe Estuary Box is a fun, creative set of activities that invites participation, sharing and reflection about the estuary. Its designed for you to do in the comfort of your home - on your own, with a carer, with family or friends.
Tidelines is a local project run by estuary residents working with communities around the Exe Estuary and the University of Exeter.  Tidelines supports creativity, community participation, research and action in response to the changing environment at a time where we face major climate and ecological challenges.
The Exe Box contains five activities exploring what the Exe estuary means to us as an estuary community. It is FREE and open to all ages and abilities.  Tidelines will share the work in a public display and event in Spring 2021. So get started now! You may know of community groups, local organisations, individuals, friends or family members who would also enjoy a box. We are also keen to get the box to people who are isolated or elderly and may not be out and about as much as usual. To get hold of a box and find out more email: call: 07890244012 or pick up from the porch of 42 Park Road, Exmouth.  Boxes can be dropped off at Exmouth or Topsham Library or posted back. More info at and all the info you need to take part is in the box.
 Thursday 3rd December 7.30pm

Molly Turner of Plover Rovers will be telling us about 'Talking the Coast'. 
Between April and October 2021 they will be delivering informative talks and educational events in at least 180 coastal cities/town and many smaller coastal villages around the English coastline.

The project is national-scale, but has a strong local approach at its heart.

Talks are at the core of Plover Rovers and theye are currently recruiting members of the scientific community as 'walker-talkers' . Do join us to find out more . 

Please contact us if you'd like to be added to the Green Drinks list . 
We'll send zoom invitations just before the event. 

Exmouth Vegan Market are excited to be running a Virtual Christmas  Market on Facebook for the entire weekend!
From 7pm, Friday 4th December 2020 to 7pm, Sunday 6th of December 2020.

Browse some of your favourite vegan stalls and order their wonderful vegan goods from the comfort of your home.  

And if you are new to veganism or plant-based living, there'll be lots of choices for Christmas shopping
, and even Christmas dinners and treats! to cater for all family members. PLUS you'll be supporting local businesses! For details on how to join us:- Facebook Event -

Facebook Page - Exmouth Vegan Market

Please help to create meadow makers across Devon!

Creating or restoring wildflower-rich 'meadows' directly benefits bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects while helping to provide food or shelter to a range of wildlife from barn owls to bats. This is a growing element of Devon Wildlife Trust's work for Devon's wildlife.

More and more supporters are getting in touch asking for advice on how to create wildflower meadows. People's enthusiasm has inspired a new idea: Devon's Meadow Makers, a DWT hub for sharing knowledge, expertise and access to equipment and wildflower seed so new meadows can be created across Devon.

They need your help to turn this idea into reality. A new crowdfunder campaign launches today: can you help to raise the £6,000 needed to bring the Meadow Makers concept to life?

When you support this crowdfunder with a pledge of £8 or more you can choose from a range of wildflower seed mixes to start your own meadow - there's something to lookforward to as winter closes in.


Transition Exmouth's Newsletters and Events are all Free -
but producing them isn't !

Donations pay for the costs of running events such as hiring halls, films, speakers, annual public liability insurance ,web site fees , printing,  a stall at the Exmouth Festival and other events,  etc.

Membership is free for students and people on a low income
Subscription rates of £5, £10 and £50 a year are available
You choose what you can afford, and how to pay.

Donations can be paid via:
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Cash at Green Drinks 
Cheque to Transition Exmouth , c/oThe Manse, Summer Lane, Exmouth EX8 5BD

Member organisations can be featured on our website,which is currently being revamped.  They can also be featured on the new OurPlaceOurPlanet website (see article above) 

Transition Exmouth is a voluntary organisation, new members are always welcome. 
Voluntary help is as valuable as money –
none of our work would be possible without the time members put in.

We hope you've enjoyed this Newsletter .
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