Happy New Year 2021
Library of Things & E-Cargobike Delivery Grant Success
Market Stall opportunity and Veganuary...

Find out LoTs more at Green Drinks on Zoom 
Thursday 7th January 7.30pm
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Our thoughts are with everyone who, like us, is juggling covid restrictions and infections,
lockdown, home schooling and care of vulnerable people.
Our wishes go out for for a healthier happier 2021 ... and we do have a little good news to start the year ...
Zoom Meeting Thursday 7th January 7.30pm

Transition Exmouth have been awarded £3440 from the Transition Bounce Forward Fund and the National Lottery to set up a library of things. Not heard of a Library of things? It’s a library where you can hire or borrow a range of items. They tend to be domestic scale devices so we are not in competition with a normal hire shop, we wont be renting out industrial floor sanders, big table saws or any other dangerous and frankly scary bits of specialist kit. The idea behind a LoTs is that many of these items are only used infrequently or for a short time. They take up a lot of space being stored in our sheds and garages plus are expensive to buy in the first place  but this is also about encouraging a sharing economy and being mindful about how we use resources. The average drill spends most of uts life on a shelf. During lockdown there was considerable local sharing and the library of things plans on building upon and formalising this process.
The items that we anticipate loaning will including items such as Carpet cleaners, jam making pans, garden chairs, gazebos. One of the next steps is to see what the community will use. Luckily there are other LoTs around the country and we will build links with them to find out what items are most requested. One of the great things about a LoTs is that people will be able to access things very cheaply, which they might not usually be able to afford.
The plans are still at an early stage but at this time we are looking for volunteers, so if you would like to get involved then please contact us. We are also looking for donation for the library so if you have garden chairs, camping equipment, DIY items that you no longer need but are in good condition, then please get in touch. All items considered.
Find out more at Green Drinks this Thursday 7th January 7.30pm 
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Transition Exmouth are pleased to announce they have won funding from The National Lottery Community Fund, distributed by the Transition Network, to hire an eCargobike to allow a local, low cost and environmentally friendly delivery service for Exmouth. The project (planning for which begins in January) will help promote local shops, services and products, help save the high street and make shopping locally accessible to residents who are unable to go to the shops or who just enjoy the convenience of home delivery. The eCargobike will also benefit existing community projects, such as Exmouth Friends in Needs and the Community Larder, who also make local deliveries. The funding will go towards hiring an eCargobike, along with adhoc items such as safety equipment and insurance, to pilot the delivery project for 2 months. If successful, investment in a longer-term solution will be sought.  Further information will be made available as the project progresses.
We plan to be working with Totally Locally  on the ecargo bike project. 
If you'd like to be involved in the Cargo Bike Delivery project , please contact us 

Many thanks to the Transition Network and the National Lottery for providing  the seed funding for our projects , and so many more !

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New year's resolutions are not really a thing in this house, I always feel that they are setting you up for failure. The plan is to lose 10lbs, run a marathon or completely change your career around, invariably these things rarely happen and it leads to a sense of failure, at least in my case anyway.
I have spent the last couple of years trying to reduce our environmental impact as a family and have done many big and small things such as stopping flying (hasn’t everyone in 2020!), switching to a green energy supplier and reducing our cars from 2 to 1.
This January we decided to do Veganuary. We are not vegetarians usually but have been reducing the amount of meat and diary we typically eat. My son is lactose intolerant so we don’t eat big amounts of dairy, 2 of us don’t eat eggs and none of us eat fish, so I am hoping the change wont be too great, I must say we do all love a bacon sandwich. I am lucky that my kids love vegetables and are pretty open to trying most things.
So we started on the 1st the kids had their usual of porridge but this time made with oat milk, I had black coffee. For lunch we had vegetable fried rice and dinner was a chickpea and squash curry with roasted cauliflower and nan bread on the side. All delicious.
The challenge we have found so far is trying to find things for a packed lunch, my son would gladly eat peanut butter to replace his usual ham in wraps but the school is nut free, so we are taking a different approach to lunches and they will be having hot soups, bread and fruit.
We spent a lot of time talking about what was vegan and what wasn’t, somethings were easy to get your head around as a 6 year old, things that did cause questions were peanut butter as it has butter in the name, bless him!  Prawns were another thing that caused discussion as my son had never seen them in a field and only in frozen packets he didn’t understand that they were an animals.
The swiftness of such a big change has been hard for me, there are lots of things that we like that are easily made vegan or are vegan already but getting myself out of the meat and 2 veg mindset was hard for me. This week I am making some of our family favourites using alternatives such as sausage and mash using vegan sausages and plant based burgers.
Most of the world is vegetarian or vegan for religious or cultural reasons. We love Chinese and Asian food and my husband will share the load of trying new recipes with me, he generally cooks at the weekend and will adapt some family favourites.
According to some going vegan is the best way to reduce your carbon footprint, I am not entirely convinced as I do believe low input non intensive farming has a role in rewilding but I do agree that as a country we generally eat far too much meat and that the processed low cost meat is the worst kind. I intend to stick to locally grown foods and have a veg box. Some vegan friendly products are not very eco friendly such as almond milk and avocados so I will be limiting them.
This will be a challenge but I will update you on how I am getting on. Are you taking part in Veganuary? Or do you have a tried and tested recipe to share, we would love to hear about it , please let us know ! 

By Catherine Causeley
Exmouth Market Stall Opportunity for Community Groups 

The coronavirus pandemic had left the Indoor Market with empty stalls and, until the retail industry stabilises, these spaces will be offered as a way for creative groups to show off what they do.
The Market is currently closed, but plans to reopen at the end of January, if lockdown conditions allow. 

Transition Exmouth  have taken on one of the stalls , where we'll be promoting steps people can take to reduce their carbon footprint (such as shopping locally!) We are looking for other community group partners now , to share the stall .  
If you're interested in using the stall, on either a regular or pop up basis . please contact us . 

Manager Jerry Miller has extended the offer after a ‘desperate time’ during lockdown.

He said: “We had nine empty stalls - I thought it would be great to offer them rent free to the community, until a time that the retail sector stabilises.

“The stalls were full before Christmas, it was lovely to see these showcasing some of the creativity in our area. Painters, sculptors, the craft sectors and community groups can now using the space, for display or sales.

“I believe this is a great opportunity for them to show off their talents to a wider audience - it also benefits the market to have the empty space used productively.”
You can see photos for the market stalls before Christmas as part of the TrEx advent calendar series on Facebook 

If you're interested in using the stall, on either a regular or pop up basis . please contact us
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New Year's Resolutions 

And finally :  Just to say a massive THANK YOU to Catherine our Membership Secretary,  and the brains and dynamo behind our Shop Local Advent Calendar on our Facebook page  . We are meeting so many new people through this campaign , fantastic work CC !
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