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EVO and Remote 3D Printing with Apex

Adding functionality to Apex is a top priority at Airwolf 3D, and the new list of features and advancements within the EVO touchscreen interface and Apex allow even easier operation and more advanced functionality. Airwolf 3D is adding remote printing to the latest version of Apex in order to simplify the printing process and make it even easier to get your machine up and running.  See our comprehensive video tutorial here.

EVO 3D Printer Z Calibration / Dual Nozzle Leveling

Airwolf 3D is releasing many advanced features within the latest update of the Matrix touchscreen found on the EVO Additive Manufacturing Centers. Update version 1.65 features remote printing capabilities, easy X/Y nozzle offset calibration, Z offset and Z dual nozzle calibration. You can follow along with the video guide here.

EVO 3D Printer X/Y Axis Offset Calibration

Print settings and material choice are very important, but one factor is often overlooked — x and y axis offset — or the distance between the two nozzles in the X and Y direction. If this is not setup properly, dual prints could show gaps or material bleed from one nozzle to the other.  Watch this step-by-step video here.

National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day on August 19th recognizes the pioneers of human flight.  The physics of flight and propulsion play key roles in who became pioneers. George Cayley used aerodynamics while designing fixed-wing aircraft. His designs would later inspire Orville and Wilbur Wright.  To commemorate National Aviation Day we are bringing your attention to another pioneer - Jetpack Aviation. Small enough to fit in the trunk of a car, their JetPack is capable of carrying its pilot thousands of feet above the ground. Early testing of JetPack Aviation’s JB-10 indicate that it can achieve flights over 10,000 feet in altitude, at speeds greater than 100 mph, and with an endurance of 10 minutes.


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