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Peter Shelbo in front of TourWest America bus

Environmental Portraits

Peter Shelbo, president of TourWest America, wanted to show off the comfortable interior of one of the tour company's newest buses. We moved the bus to a tree-lined street to get an attractive view out of the windows. It was also a great location to photograph Peter with the bus.
Owner of TourWest in front of a bus
New branding and web site was being created for Megan Hunter, who specializes in helping businesses work with high conflict employees. I made several images of Megan "at work" consulting with executives and making a presentation. All the images were made on the same day, with Megan different outfits for each situation. The presentation above was made in an empty meeting room with the slide added to the screen later. I also photographed the colorful balls which help tell her story on Life Unhooked.

Ballet Dancers by building with "new home" banner

For a book on setting up an Internet book-selling business, the author posed by an example of economical warehouse facilities.

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