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Centre Holds Character and Virtue in the Professions Conference
9th June 2016
On 2nd - 4th June 2016, the Jubilee Centre held the Character and Virtue in the Professions Conference on campus at the University of Birmingham. The three-day event brought together scholars and practitioners from across the professions to speak about the role of character and virtue in both training and practice of professions such as nursing, medicine, teaching, business and the military. The international conference was attended by delegates from around the world, and included key note speeches from Prof. Sarah Banks (Durham), Prof. Geoff Moore (Durham), Prof. Justin Oakley (Monash), Prof. Ann Gallagher (Surrey) and Prof. Nancy Sherman (Georgetown).
Schools Celebrate Schools Gratitude Day
2nd June 2016
The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues celebrated Schools Gratitude Day on 20th May 2016, with almost 80 schools across the UK and internationally taking part in a range of activities. The purpose of the Day was to further emphasise the concept of gratitude through activities run and inspired by the Teacher's Pack produced by the Centre, containing activities and ideas for exploring gratitude in schools.
Professor David Carr Delivers Keynote at University of Lodz, Poland
8th June 2016
On 28th May 2016, Prof. David Carr presented a keynote paper at a conference on Ethical Education at the University of Lodz in Poland. The audience was largely ethics teachers and moral educationalists from various European countries including Poland, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. David's paper, entitled 'Towards the Education of Moral Character and Virtue', defended an Aristotelian approach to moral education and the ethics of teaching, and drew on recent work in the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues.
Jubilee Centre #iwill Pledge
8th June 2016
Since 2013, the Jubilee Centre has supported the #iwill campaign, which aims to make involvement in social action part of life for 10-20 year-olds across the UK. The Centre is proud of its partnership with the campaign and was delighted to celebrate this year's Share Your Pledge Day on 8th June. Find out more about the Centre's #iwill Pledge here.
Centre Welcomes Blaine Fowers as Distinguished Visiting Professor
23rd May 2016
During the week of 16th May 2016, the Jubilee Centre was delighted to welcome Blaine Fowers as a Distinguished Visiting Professor for 2016. During his visit Blaine, who is Professor of Counseling Psychology at the University of Miami, was able to meet with the Centre's researchers to discuss projects and delivered a seminar titled 'How Can Humans Flourish as Dependent, Vulnerable Creatures? The Necessity of Virtue' as part of the Centre's bi-weekly seminar series. The paper is available to view here. Blaine has also written for the Centre's Insight Series; the paper titled 'The Accidental Virtue Scholar' is available to view here.
New Insight Series Paper: Is Grit the Magic Elixir of Good Character?
8th June 2016
This paper presents reflections by Prof. James Arthur, Prof. Kristján Kristjánsson and Prof. Steve Thoma on the new book by Angela Duckworth 'Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance'. The paper focusses in particular on the misconceptions of the relationship between character and grit. Read the paper here.
Taking 'Thanks' for Granted: New Report Published
1st June 2016
Centre Research Fellows Dr. Liz Gulliford and Dr. Blaire Morgan secured small grant funding from the Society for Educational Studies (SES) to replicate three key studies from the Attitude for Gratitude project with an Australian sample. The study compared how Australians and Britons understand gratitude and the factors which influence the way in which gratitude is conceived and experienced in Australia. You can view the report here.
Deputy Director Publishes on Flourishing in Education
24th May 2016
Deputy Director of the Jubilee Centre, Prof. Kristján Kristjánsson, has published a paper titled 'Recent Work on Flourishing as the Aim of Education: A Critical Review' in the British Journal of Educational Studies. The paper is available to view here.
Dr. David Walker Publishes Chapter on Military Research Methods
30th May 2016
Dr. David Walker has published a chapter titled 'Putting 'Insider-ness' to Work: Researching Identity Narratives of Career Soldiers about to Leave the Army' in The Routledge Companion to Military Research Methods. View the publisher's page here.
Read the Latest Virtue Insight Posts
13th May 2016
View the latest blog posts from the Centre here.
Partners News
Lord Rabbi Sacks Receives Templeton Prize 2016
27th May 2016 - John Templeton Foundation
On Thursday 26th May 2016, Lord Rabbi Jonathan Sacks was presented with the Templeton Prize at a ceremony at Central Hall Westminster, London. In his acceptance speech, Lord Sacks said that being awarded the Prize had 'left me moved, humbled, thankful, and deeply motivated'. The full speech is available to read here.
Floreat Education Launches Character Programme Website
26th May 2016 - Floreat Education
Floreat Education has launched its Floreat Character Programme. The site, funded by the Department for Education, supports both the 'taught' and 'caught' approaches to developing pupils' character in school and is separated into three key areas: culture and training materials, a Virtue Literacy programme, and Service Learning. The Jubilee Centre has acted as a strategic adviser to Floreat Education, and Floreat has used the Centre's resources, including the Framework for Character Education in Schools to inform its work. View the new site here.
Character Education and Virtues: Something we can learn from the Jubilee Centre
14th June 2016 - International Positive Education Network (IPEN)
In this blog, Mohammed Baddar, the Jordan IPEN Global Representative, writes about the critical importance of character education with reference to the work of the Jubilee Centre, and in particular its teaching resources and Framework for Character Education in Schools.
Professor Marvin Berkowitz Visits University of Navarra
15th June 2016 - Center for Character and Citizenship
The Center for Character and Citizenship's Co-Director, Prof. Marvin Berkowitz, recently visited the University of Navarra (Pamplona, Spain) for a one day workshop to advise on the 'Researching and promoting character education in Latin American secondary schools' project. During his visit, Prof. Berkowitz delivered an invited lecture on 'Epiphanies for Educators'. Prof. James Arthur and Dr. Tom Harrison from the Jubilee Centre were also in attendance.
Kern Family Foundation Seeks Character Program Director
2nd June 2016 - The Kern Family Foundation
The Kern Family Foundation is looking for a Character and K12 Education Programme Director to lead on the creation, implementation, assessment, and evaluation of strategies for the programme. Find more details here.
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