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It has been a fun 2 months since The Lifester - a coaching business, website and community - was born. As strange as that may sound, it really does feel like my baby. It wouldn’t exist unless I nurtured it in my imagination, unless I breathed life into it, unless I gave it my very own DNA. While fifty percent of it is very me, the other half of it is made up of others who have lent it their time, creativity, advice, vision, guidance, support, acceptance and even their critique. I’m taking this moment, in our very special first ever email to thank each and every one of you for breathing LIFE into this project as much as I have. It would be impossible, on a personal level, without you. So, thank you.

What exactly have we been up to in 2 months?

Well, the whole concept was thought up in the beginning of January. Then the process of starting up a business began to take form.  

My right hand woman, partner in crime and dear friend Blair Kay and I have accomplished a helluva lot of things in this short time. Some of these accomplishments are:
  • Buying and registering our domain name and securing hosting through Siteground – which we totally recommend by the way
  • Setting up the site on Wordpress with the help of our webmaster Joshika.
  • Creating the structure of the website from deciding which sections to have and which subsections, what services and products to offer and so much more.
  • Creating a kickass Facebook page that paints the picture of our progress and shares inspiration.
  • Changing my Twitter name from @thestylester to @rituashrafi because of this article from someone I’ve adopted as a long-distance/we haven’t met yet/but who I love.
  • Planning a photoshoot that included a bit of shopping, styling, Pinteresting inspirations and rehearsing. See the behind the scenes here
  • Setting up a YouTube channel with a proper background and everything! 
  • Shooting and editing our first video for the youtube channel which meant learning iMovies and all about the legalities of using music with creative commons licenses. A special thanks to Peter Rossiter for lending his expertise on planning this! 
  • Planning the first launch party in Canada including picking a date, a venue, a menu – designing an invite, sending it out, securing RSVPs and writing and rehearsing a lil’ launch speech (watch the video on our YouTube channel). Check out the photos from the party here.
  • Raising $300 in funds from donations from guests who attended the party, which is 60% of our goal of $500! Please help us to hit our target! We are still accepting donations here.
  • And finally, managing to take a full week communication-free vacation in Cuba with zero access to the Internet! With extreme working comes the need of extreme vacationing. 
We are on a roll but for The Lifester to really be a success, we need your help in the form of sharing your experiences and knowledge, by posting things on our Facebook page like links, quotes, or it can be leaving a comment on our blog posts or even writing a blog post for the site. If you have anything to share, please share it because I guarantee that someone is desperately waiting to find the exact thing that you are probably hesitating to share.

Hope to see you and hear your voice in our community!
Thank you, again.
With love,
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